Thursday, July 24, 2008

i put a call out to the universe. :)

for a while now i have felt very in flux.. to a point i still do.. but since i've really admitted to myself and the blog that i am confused and need some help i have been getting subtle cues from the universe.

first i stumbled upon the psychic podcast by steve and erin pavlina.. when i made a decision to give seeing a psychic a try, a local psychic just so happened to be at the station and offering discounted reading passes..

then i talked and emailed with some of my more spiritual blog readers and decided to give the "god" route a try..

i've been putting all kinds of requests out to the universe and am feeling like i am seeing some returns... it's all very quick, and exciting...

but i also went ahead and made that psychic appointment. it was today. she told me all sorts of things, here are the highlights..

the first thing she said was that in the next few days i would be much like a child banging on a piano.. i will have some news to deliver, but noone will want to hear it and i should use this advice as a warning, and try to think of a better way to deliver it..

she also sensed that i was in a tough transition period, and that it was hard, but i should stick it out and it will pay off in mid to late august. august also happens to be my half birthday. she said to avoid making decisions right now because they would be made in emotion, and decisions made in emotion are not generally sound.

she said she also sees change coming for me in october.

she sees job change first, followed by address change and then romance, romance maybe next year.

however she said there are 2 romances that might happen by the end of the year, and both men will be at a settling down point. (i'm skeptical of this...)

she thinks i should be able to have children well into my 40s, but she sees me having 2 children before i leave my 30s, one might not necessarily be mine, but my future husbands. she thinks they will be very close in age, but not twins. she thinks that once i do meet someone that marriage and children will come rather quickly, and i should get ahead of myself and put the cart before the horse.. (i wonder if she was suggesting that i might get pregnant first?)

she said i am an old soul and have many many soul mates out there, and soul mates are not just romantic.. family and good friends are usually soul mates.. she said i am also very motherly, a born leader and teacher. oh she also said that i would be very good at owning/taking care of pets.. (i almost laughed out loud at this..)

she said that the pain in my foot could be left over from previous lives, and many times, injuries are sent to us as a way to get our attention and that typically when we have learned the lesson that needs to be learned the pain goes away. she sited 2 past lives where i've injured my foot..

when i asked her if i will be moving back to MA she said that she doesn't see me back in MA. and she thinks i might be 2nd guessing leaving and thinking about returning because i'm in a painful transition and my time in MA was comfortable, and if i did move back there i would quickly be reminded why i wanted to leave in the first place. she did say however that i should not rule out moving and she was seeing more like NJ, or NC, somewhere coastal.

she said if i wanted to make a physical change that it would be well received, she sited hair color change and that would also compliment my transition into the new me.

she thinks by this time next year she will not recognize me if i came back to visit her, i will have changed into the new me.

she also wanted to know if i had any vacation plans for the near future because vacationing at times of transition help us expidite change..

so.. stay tuned. i'm on my way... lol :)