Wednesday, July 23, 2008

vacation recap

so i am back from my jaunt to the west coast. it was much needed and terribly relaxing and fun. the kellys are the most gracious hosts and their accommodations were top notch. my bedroom was en suite, and there were chocolates on my pillow!

i only took an outdoor photo of their new house because they are in the process of moving in and most everything is in boxes.

my experience with first class was pretty great. the trip west was at night, so i had a vodka cranberry and a glass of wine. i think anything more would have made me fall asleep. they came around with trays of snacks and we got a hot or cold meal, and hot towels, and our own bathroom..and of course bigger leather seats. that was really the best part.

on the way home i had a warm or cold breakfast, and i skipped the alcohol. looking back i should have had a bloody mary.

upon landing in philidelphia i was met by E&AH waiting to whisk me away to dinner during my 2+ hour layover, it was such a surprise.

i took so many photos they really tell the story..

here are the photos from the 2nd day.. we went on a boat tour of the harbor, back to pikes market, and out to dinner at the impromptu wine bar.

here are the photos from the 3rd day.. this was the ballpark mostly.

i am really surprised and delighted that with all the walking i did this weekend i am having very little ill effects from my heel. bonus!!!