Wednesday, July 09, 2008

treading water....

sadly, i have that dreaded feeling like i am treading water again. :( i wish i knew what direction to go to in my life.. i thought that being "back home" was where i needed to be and that i would feel like i belonged when i got home.. and while it did feel okay at first, i am losing that feeling. :(

recently steve pavlina and his wife erin had a podcast about her line of work (psychic).. it's a very lengthy podcast (90minutes) and i am starting to think that maybe i would benefit from scheduling a reading with her. i am sure that there are skeptics among my readers, and that is fine.. i've never had a reading of any sorts and might even consider myself somewhat skeptical myself.

but i want to know if anyone has seen a psychic and if so, how did it work for you?

i also am thinking that if i do this, i will want to record the 30 minute session, does anyone have any ideas about how i could record a 30 min phone call?