Monday, July 21, 2008

quick random thoughts from the road

I know I just posted but I had to write once more. I am currently on a park and ride from Redmond, WA to the stadium and this bus has wifi. WTF! This is my kind of town! Now if it just had plugs and iPod chargers ( fat chance out here in microsoft country).

I must say I have never felt so much like the fattest girl alive than I do out here. These people are crazy fit. There is so much exercising going on its sickening. :) ive seen more than one person walking around with a backpack that has a hydration system. Just walking around town, like its normal. They have bike lanes that you can take all the way from Redmond to Seattle. That's at least 30 minutes by car!

:) but seriously, its great out here and just what my soul needed!