Tuesday, May 30, 2006

omg, i just got back from the gym

holy crap. i know i am blogging excessively today, but i have to write about this.

so before we go to the gym i ask cath if she wears some sort of shoes... she kinda shrugs, "no. i don't." so i didn't bring anything.. after we are done with class we are ptting on our towells next to the rinsing shower and i see on the floor some sort of redness. so i peak around the corner further, someone got their period while who knows where. she was rinsing the blood out of her bathing suit/crotch into the walkway drain right in front of the locker room. i almost threw up. we walked by her and i told cath i am wearing shoes from now on. then the lady blows by us into the locker room and leaves bloody footsteps all the way into the locker room.

so disgusting. cath laughs at my disgust and says, "i probablly wouldn't have noticed if you weren't with me". good god.

going swimming..

i am about to go to swim aerobics with cath. it starts at 730. i am pretty excited.

i am having minor problms with this router.. it dropped me twice already.. and apparently i have a wireless b card in my laptop. unless there is a way to change your settings on your card. i could have sworn it was a g card.. grrrrr..

after swimming i am ging to focus on my upstairs Home Improvement projects, and fixing up my room.

i'm gonna make mike drill a hole in my floor tomorrow for the cable. :) so exciting. this place will be so nice i'll never leave. :)

so many things to do..

i bought a new wireless router today. wooo who! its a belkin Pre-N router.. and it appears that blogger.com works just fine with it.. phew!! i even set it up to be secure. if i am feeling ambitious later i might try to set up the firewall.

while i was out running errands, i also stopped at home depot to get supplies to fix up the little broken things all over this house. tomorrow mike and i will fix the sink faucet. i think that pretty much since the sink was installed it has been loose. mike seems to think that we will have to shut off the water, disconnect the pipes and then lift the sink out of the counter. i'm willing to do whatever it takes. getting species all over the dishes when you wash your hands from the bathroom is bad enough, but then to have a faucet that almost falls off when you use it is unacceptable..

last night cath and i changed rooms. its so nice now. we are not totally done yet. cath still needs to get her clothes out of my closet, and i need to run some cable from the basement up to my room.

thank god ryan brought my air conditioner up to my bedroom before they left yesterday. i needed it last night.

i wish it wasn't that hot here. i want to take all the crap out of the shed so i can set up my shelf in there and mike and i can plan how to build a loft for my mattress..

so many things to do so little time...

Monday, May 29, 2006

i almost forgot...

i got some dark video of the dance off...

listen closely in the beginning for cath to notice the dimes on the floor.

Sunday, May 28, 2006

from now on...

well, we made it home. i didn't stop at all, it took me only 4 hours and 15 minutes. :) damn i'm good.

i have this next week off of work, sorta. i have so many things to do!!

on friday after work, a bunch of people met me out at the bar. it was incredible. i am so appreciative to everyone that came out. it was really special. i'm lucky to know such great people. :)

here are a few pictures from the night..

my bitches. :)

the graduating class of may '06.

LK gettin' a little frisky

finally, some normal faces!

awww. i wonder if TE knew this was my last name. :)

BG, servin' it to maurice.

i couldn't help but think the whole ride home that things just feel right, right now. the transition out of the apartment was seamless, LK and i are still on speaking terms. i'm leaving boston at a high point, it's been a choice, not a necessity. a new job fell into my lap, as well as a few part time opportunities. things are just easier then i expected.

the skyline from the charles on our ducktour sunday morning.

here are more pics from this weekend.

Friday, May 26, 2006

last day of work.

today is my last day of work. :( *sad*

i just had breakfest with a bunch of people at dennys. it was nice, no bloody marys though. :(

we are getting out of work at 1pm today because of the holiday... not sure when my parents are going to get here. but if i start drinking when initially intended i might not make it to see emilys arrival.. :) i'll have to pace myself.

last night i went one last time to margaritas with hek and her friend. i'm going to miss everyone so much! :(

oh, i've been meaning to report that my check engine light went off. bonus.. but every time i turn my wheel even the slightest bit left it sounds like scissors... somethings wrong...

probablly the biggest news to report though was i was offered the position at the tv station.. i am in negotiations. :) i won't have to work at target!!! or giving out bj's on the corner!!! (but i might still just for fun)

Monday, May 22, 2006


wow.. this past weekend was JB's bachelorette party. it was such a good time. such a great group of people, the wedding is going to rock!

JB looked stunning as well. here is a pic from one of the cleavage photo shoots.

doesn't she look like beyonce?

this is my final week in boston... the reality is starting to set in. i had my last CS meeting this morning. :( i can't describe how much i am going to miss my coworkers. i have a feeling the week is going to get sadder and sadder as it goes by, i hope i can keep it together... i've started to get sad each time i get in the car. i hope it passes once i get home, maybe i should double up on my anti-depressants. :)

on a happy note, EH sent me a touching jesus loves me card. she is so in touch with her spirituality. :)

the house is just about as empty as it was when we moved in. LK moved out on saturday, i am spending my last few minutes by myself. :(

i went to the liquor store on my way home for more boxes and just perused their NY wine section. they had the bully swill meat market red that my new roommate cath gave away... it's really buttery and smooth, not bad at all.

Friday, May 19, 2006

working from home. my new home.

here is the tree that is in the front lawn at my parents house. it was blooming last time i was home. soooo gorgeous.

i just went to lunch with mike and now i am proofing the tape job he did of "closer". god i love this movie...

todays interview went well. they almost choked at my mention of my current salary. he told me the on air news reporters make less then that. good god. :(

woooot! clive owen just showed up in the movie.

Thursday, May 18, 2006

one down one to go.

my tour of tv stations in the area continues tomorrow.

today went well, and they asked for references. i'm taking that as a good sign.

afterwards i had a mani and pedi. omg, not going there again. i think the tops of my feet are bruised. she kept asking me if it felt good, she must have seen the grimace on my face. it felt like she was rubbing stones into my bones. horrible. the hand massage on the other hand was nice. i'm guessing that the french tips will last about 18 more minutes. they will prob be totally gone by sat night. :(

my new roommates and i went to carabbas tonight for dinner. pretty decent place. i asked for a martini and the waitress remarked when she looked at my id that i looked "really" young. hee hee..

i got my Y id today too. i had to lie. there are 3 yoga classes that look attendable. there is also a swim-aerobics class every night, mon-thur. wooot!

i put my stuff in the basement and its so organized that you wouldn't even know its in there. god i'm good.

i have been slacking off with watching CSI most of this season. tonight cath made me watch the season finale. holy crap the end was good. AP, i hope you watched it.

45 minutes...

my interview is in 45 minutes. wooot!

i got up wicked early this morning to unpack my car and arrange it all in the basement. then i went shopping and bought a couple new outfits at kohls. i used to hate that store, but they kind of have everything you could ever need...

then i watched lost. next week. 2 hour finale. shiiiiiiiit.

i tried to get a mani and pedi but the nail place was packed. wtf! maybe i'll go after my interview.

the weather is sooo nice here... it's crazy!!

seems like there is going to be a good turnout at tavern on the hill. i'm glad.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006


well. front lower ball joints are shot and i need something else like pins or something and an alignment.. parts and labor, 480.25. phew! at least a $50 savings. now the sad part is i am going to need to split that amount over three credit cards to be able to afford it.. moving home to pay down these cards couldn't come at a better time!

i hope the rain lets up by 5 so i can pack up my car in dry weather.. our house is getting emptier and emptier by the day. LK is selling the dishwasher tonight. so exciting! and then after this weekend the green couch will go!! woooooot! jk wants my black chair, and i'm starting to feel a strong attachment to my crappy futon. i've spent sooo much time on it, (as have many other people) and i kind of think i might try to take it with me. i think it would look good in my parents living room...

i'm thinking that after my last day of work (friday, may 26th) that i will try to persuade the people to continue the party at the "tavern on the hill" (the old hannahs).. i think the consensus will be to go to the burren, but i kind of hate that place. there is parking and cheaper beer at TOH. plus it'll be easier for my parents and em and ryan to meet us there. i encourage everyone else that reads this to come as well. i will probably head there after work (7pm) so come, if not to see me off, to hang out with cathy and mike! :)

Monday, May 15, 2006

car troubles

lucky me.... this morning on my drive to work my speedometer started going crazy and moving all over the dial, then it landed on 0 mph, i was keeping up with traffic, so i knew i was going about 80. i figured that it was the rain, and maybe i was hydroplaning and that it would be fine when my car dried out. then the check engine light came on. ugh. i have to drive to syracuse on wednesday, perfect timing.

i guess worst case i could rent a car. :(

so crappy.

Friday, May 12, 2006

mission accomplished.

so, mo-jo was eliminated (yay), cirie and danielle tied, and its a clif hanger, and the most interesting fact of all.... brenda chenowith is australian!!! from australia. i had absolutely no clue for 5 years. so impressed. i really loved 6 feet under, i'm sad its all over. the last episode was good, i liked that final song.

i think i should go to bed.

rainy weekend.

i kind of love the rain. it was exciting to walk to my car this morning and have it misting in my face. last night i sold my end tables. now all i have left to get rid of is a tire, my dance dance revolution, my black chair and then after the 20th my futon.

i'm soo looking forward to catching up on my tv shows tonight. i have at least 4 hours worth of stuff to watch this weekend.

i'm gonna stop by the liquor store tonight too and get some boxes...

Thursday, May 11, 2006


i watched LOST this morning.. phew! i love ABC, its free on their website. thank god itunes are slow to update their store, i would have bought the show from apple, but i was able to find it for free on abc.. woooooooot!

i hope at my next job that i am still able to listen to adam carolla every morning. i am getting really attached to him.

LK left me a box full of crap to sell at work. people have bought $8 worth of stuff..

if someone wants some episodes of friends, then i think LK could make a killing, she's got like 20 disks of that fantastic show.

sadly noone wants to buy her "the rock" water bottle. :)

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

lost disaster....

so i accepted an invitation to go and watch LOST at someone elses house. i got there at around 845. they have dvr, so they usually tape shows for about 15 minutes, then start watching so that they can fast forward thru the commercials. :) well. first, we are watching the game and realize about 7 minutes in that the dvr has a conflict and is not taping anything.. ugh, well, usually the beginning is just a recap anyway.. no biggie. then... eko and locke are watching the orientation video and the dvr shuts off. apparently it only taped 40 minutes. grrrrrr.... so i am trying to wait till 12 so i can watch it for free on abc. it looks like in may and june the day after the episode airs you can watch the entire episode for free... i'll have to try that.

i missed the end of amazing race too. but i taped it so i will catch it tomorrow. i did look online though and see that chris daughtry was kicked off idol. what what what!

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

ding dong...

the purple dresser is gone!! woo whooo! i am so glad! a girl named aiofe bought it. i'll give someone some mail art if they can phonetically spell how you pronounce that!

speaking of mail art, i am pretty far along with my 4th piece of mail art. its going to be a good one! i also updated my mail art blog with the first one i sent to JI.

i also sold my coffee table the other day, and i think JK might take my black chair. i am glad cause i want that to go to a good home, its precious...

i have a 2nd interview in the 'cuse next thursday. another marathon driving session! yippee! at least i'll be able to bring home more stuff and do my laundry for free.

tomorrow is a new LOST. its getting sooo good. that michael is an other now i think.

i met with keith today. we are going to meet on friday too. i got another ticket today on church street. so that makes $70 worth of tickets in one week from the city of cambridge. i should total up how much i've paid them this year. i have probably bought myself a parking space in that town!

Sunday, May 07, 2006


the decordova is the coolest museum i've been to in MA, i'm kind of sad that i just found it now. :) i highly encourage everyone to go visit it! and in the month of may if you have a bank of america bank card or credit card you can go for free.

this was one of my favorite...

too bad this spectcular bird was $36. :(

here are the rest of the decordova pics.

i just watched 3 episodes of six feet under. i knew nate was dying this season, but i thought it would be at the end of the season. i think i have a whole 'nother disk after this one.. i just cried for 1.5 hours straight, 4 tissues worth. crying that much tells me it wasn't just the tv show..

yesterday was lk's last day of work. i'm kind of thinking that since we won't be working together anymore that i might go days and days without seeing her.. (i am cry) i also have a feeling that the next three weeks are going to FLY by..

maybe its because i've been crying and i'm in a depressed kind of mood, but it's starting to hit me that i am leaving. i'm leaving, and there is a good chance that i might not see a whole lot of people ever again.

monday night is girl dinner. i am making stuffed cabbage rolls and baked tomatoes.

last night after pep's party JN and i went to taco bell. i knew that it wasn't the best idea i've ever had, but we were hungry. so naturally, i ordered the spicy chicken burrito. as i was eating it my nose was running it was so spicy, and it was 130AM. i expected to be sleeping upright on the couch all night... well, thanks to the little purple pill, absolutely no repercussions... i am so infatuated with prilosec.

tomorrow is SOS. jk and i are going. i'm looking forward to it. :) i hope this wave of sadness passes, i don't want to be breaking down in public.

i heard this quote today and i like it...

how does anyone get over anything?
by remembering love...slowly you fall back in love with whatever really mattered to you.
and maybe you find a way to make sense of what you lost.

Thursday, May 04, 2006

lost...teaches you don't drink and drive...

or you will be killed off the show.. i still hate that henry gayle.

its absolutely gorgeous here today. hopefully this weather will follow me back to boston tonight and the weather will be great for the party.

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

i remember part 2

i remember...

...kerris boyfriend coming to visit and buying a whole goat at haymarket and cooking it in our oven.

...kerri getting fired from a bunch of temp jobs before landing the one on exeter st where she eventually met her husband.

...giving myself a time limit of thanksgiving to meet friends.

...meeting kerris friend lee and his friend brian at our apartment on sanger street before we went out to a bar. i remember brian saying something insulting about a native american book i was reading.

...going out the 4 of us many times to the hong kong and me forgetting my license at least twice.

...not meeting lees girlfriend for a looooong time.

...going to annas wedding with lee because brian turned me down, and having one of the best times i've had at a wedding.

...lee arguing with the bartender about who owns the beer that was left over in the keg when the wedding ended.

...going to montreal because the expos were going to be disbanded and brian wanted to see a game in olympic stadium.

...olymipic stadium had the best hotdogs i've ever had at a stadium.

...throwing condoms full of water off the balcony in the cute hotel we had in montreal.

...i remember going back to the hotel room and interrupting brian getting it on with a canadian girl and the going out and wandering the streets and running into lee, and the 2 of us going into a strip club. that was the only place i could get a labatt blue. molson was the crappy beer of choice up there apparently.

...brian riding around a lot in brians hundai accent and picking up on how not to be afraid to drive in boston.

...brian teaching me about how the highways are like a wheel with spokes in boston. 495, 95, 90, 93...

...brian encouraging me to reciprocate dheerajs advances because "he's indian... and they know the kama sutra".

...remember having a new years eve party on sanger street and kissing larz on the front porch and feeling enraged and excited all at the same time that he bit me..

...2 years in a row of wfnx's best music poll. cowboy mouth, elliott smith, drinking way too much, stopping at mcdonalds and falling down after peeing at the loading dock of the stop and shop.

...noticing a blonde haired punk looking guy waiting for the bus on my way to the bus stop, and talking my roommates into changing their morning commuting schedules with me so that we could take the same bus as said blonde-y.

..the day the city of somerville tore up the sidewalk at the corner of main and dexter st and gillian, kerri and i talked to jeoff for the first time.

...when kerri would spend the night at jeoffs apt. and once she took my car for some reason.

...the night lee stopped by (drunk) and met jeoff for the first time. i was watching the simpsons with jeoff in the sunroom and remember fearing that lee was being mean to our new friend jeoff.

to be continued...

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

the 'i remember' game

i'm noticing that i remember most clearly the "firsts"...

i remember cathy crying in harvard square in may 98 when she was to take he train back to natick, and i was to go and stay with alecia in somerville.

staying with lori and alecia at their house when missy was out of town praying that i would find a place before "missy" came home. i had to be out of their house on sunday because missy would "freak out" if i was there any longer. i lived in fear of missy.

i remember getting the call from gillian asking me to be her roommate at the 11th hour after crying through hope floats in the theater that afternoon.

i remember talking to lori at night and her saying that she smelled gas... then calling lori after work the next day and her not being there, so i walked over to her house and she was still not there, but she could have been dead, so i climbed through the front window only to find she wasn't there.

i remember having big long talks with alecia and her mom about my debt problem on the front steps of their school street apartment while eating falafels from moodys falafel palace.

i remember going with alecia and her mom to the fourth of july on the esplanade in july of 98. i offered to buy a sprite from a family and they said no. we walked from the esplanade to porter square that night.

i remember kerri and i walking to davis square night after night to go to the joshua tree (the JT).

i remember filing above the MIT bookstore and going down there on my lunch break and picking out new books to read on the train.

i remember going out for drinks after work above the bookstore at 'characters'.

i remember laughing with elizabeth about peoples names as we filed away their third party medical forms.

i remember making my mom and dad meet me at the joshua tree and then bringing home barry and the two of us sleeping on the futon in the sunroom while my parents slept in my bedroom.

i remember stealing away to fax my resume to a bunch of places on the DL form the job above the bookstore.

i remember going to the interview at KB. a girl named heather picked me up from the stonybrook t-stop. there were cats at the interview.

i remember having a job offer later the same day i interviewed.

i remember going on a spirit of boston party for the filing job and wearing my HUGE leg jeans and my wooden platform shoes and walking from south station to the world trade center and after that night losing feeling in my feet from having my shoes tied too tight and thinking i had diabetes. and having to call cath in colorado to make sure i didn't...

more to come...

yay! he's back!

the sox got mirabelli back!!

the best part of last nights game was the dollar bills that the bleacher fans were throwing on the field for damon!

Monday, May 01, 2006

so productive this weekend

i accomplished quite a few things this weekend.

i had another "dinner" possibly 2 "dinners". one was in the oh-so far amesbury. it is a cute little town though, HEK, you and your boys should check it out. its right next to portsmouth. then on saturday the second one was at grasshopper. yummmmm. the hot and sour soup was so hot my nose was running and my mouth was en fuego.. i took a bunch of pictures of boston from my desired vantage points. my intention is to get one nice enough to blow up and frame... i saw the david hockney exhibit at the mfa. holy crap how could i have not heard of this guy before? i see what KT said when she said his stuff and my stuff was similar. i was pretty enthralled by his stuff. his concentration was portraits, so of course i loved it!

i also saw "inside man". it was pretty good. not so much for the story, mostly for the clive owen. i think he has become my new celebrity crush... out with colin farrell, in with clive owen.

after the movie we went to cold stone creamery for ice cream. has anyone else been there? it's out of this world amazing.. they take a base of whatever flavor ice cream you want, then they mix in whatever you want with scoopers right in front of you on the counter... i had oatmeal cookie dough ice cream mixed with fresh banana, caramel and almonds. omg. so worth the drive down to the landmark center... :) the really good news is there is one across from the target i will be working at in fayetteville. :)

sunday i spent a majority of the day packing. i can't tell you what joy packing brings me. i think its because i love the orderly-ness of boxes. when i pack a bunch of shit in boxes and arrange them neatly next to each other, and stack them, etc, it gives me a rush! i also love tie-wrapping things. tie-wraps were the best invention ever!! i also throw a lot of stuff out when i pack, which is like my 2nd favorite thing to do. i threw out all my homemade video tapes, a crappy vegetable steamer/rice cooker, a cracked george foreman grill, some old shoes and the crappy fondue set i stole from KT at the yankee swap this year. well. i donated it all, i didn't "throw it away". i'm going to bring my 'real' video tapes to work and try to sell them for a dollar a piece. next i need to contemplate getting rid of all my cds. EBH says she wants them, but that just the same as moving them again.. which is what i am trying to avoid. i haven't opened up any of my cds in 2 apartments now. i barely have a cd player. oh, the dilemmas...

tomorrow night some of us are going to play trivia. i think i might go every tuesday from now till i leave. i love trivia... i'll need to find some trivia enthusiasts in the 'cuse.

wednesday i take the first leg of the driving marathon to the interview in e. syracuse. at least i will be able to catch up on all the shows cath has been dvr'ing for me..and i can get my laundry done.

friday is sure to be a foggy night... i better charge my cameras battery so i can remember what happens... it's lk's last day of work, which means another party on friday from 4-6. then its peps party... hee hee.. i'm getting so excited!