Saturday, March 28, 2009

new kids on the block in syracuse

i'm glad i went to the NKOTB concert yesterday.. here are my thoughts in no particular order

  • i was disapointed that not many people were decked out in old new kids attire. at the same time, the people that brought OLD tour books with them. really?! did you expect to get them signed or something.

  • it was really the donnie, jordan, joe show.. danny and jonathan were just really crappy back up dancers.

  • i am not sure why they even gave jonathan a microphone. he might have said 2 sentences the whole concert.

  • donnie shouted out syracuse incessantly.. and brought up the sweet sixteen more than a few times.

  • i did like that they came out for their final encore wearing orange syracuse jerseys.

  • they sang "tonight" which i had forgotten was one of my favorites.. i downloaded it. :)

  • it really was comical how badly danny and jonathan were mailing it in.

  • there was an extended drawn out part where a few of them (not jon or danny) each did a couple of solo songs.

  • they did about 3-4 encores.. it seemed a little excessive. :)

  • it was funny to look around and see everyone drinking.. very different from when i went 16-17 years ago.

  • i was surprised to see as many men as i did there.. i'd say it was about 45:1 ratio of women to men.

  • there was a "in memoriam" section where they flashed a bunch of pics on the jumbotron. it was a crazy random bunch of photos.. like biggee and tu-pac, heath ledger, strangeness.

  • i felt kind of bad for them because the place was totally not sold out. you'll see in my pics how empty it was.

  • the parking lot attendant asked us who we liked more, donnie or joe? when we siad jordan, he said he was a DISTANT third place.

here are my pics..

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

long overdue ramblings...

i am looking back at the bloggo and realizing that i am way overdue for a state of the union rambling... here goes. i'll try to do this in chronological order.

new kids on the block
this thursday night KW and i are turning back the sands of time and going to see the new kids when they come to syracuse. i am a little bit afraid of the kind of fans we are going to see. i'll be sure to bring my camera... this is totally random, but i am pretty sure i have a passage in my diary from way back when where i planned out the outfit i would wear should i ever meet the new kids... too bad i don't still have those threads..

kodak gallery
has anyone else noticed that when you login to kodak gallery now-a-days they tell you that if you have more than 2 GBs worth of photos on file with them you need to spend a certain amount with them per year.. i have 5.6 GBs worth of photos.. and i just bought some pics so i have like 6 dollars to spend in the next 60 days or so. i think it's worth it..

PA trip
this weekend i am travelling to PA to see my sister and her family.. i'm also able to get the trailor out of my garage! yay!! i'm going to go to IKEA and buy some stuff... most importantly a horizontal bookshelf... some clocks, and maybe some window treatments. we're also going out to eat at The Melting Pot. finally my mouth has been watering since HEKd posted pics from the girls night the MA ladies had there eons ago. i also want to check out the raw food restaurant in lansdale that is across the street from my favorite pretzel place... i saw on their website today that the last friday and saturday of the month they hold special classes.. maybe i can check one out. EBH says that audrey loves raw food. so maybe auds and i will take a class. we're also going to check out a baby junk sale.. i need a pack and play for all the offspring my family (and friends) keep producing.

TAP into the MOST
my work is offering discounted tickets to TAP into the MOST. i was just telling KW that i really want to try to attend the next syracuse beer event as i feel like i've missed a bunch already this year, then this event floated into my inbox.. what kismet.. if anyone else local wants to go i think i can get you tix for $25... let me know.

mexico in less than 30 days
in approximately 3 weeks i will be showing off my new bathing suit in the riviera maya.. we arrive on monday at noon, and leave friday afternoon. and i have a feeling there will be 4 days of drinking in the pool in between. :) i am excited.. i had a blast last time i went to mexico, and i hope this resort is as cool as the last one was. i expect champagne or refreshing wine to be offered to me the second i step off the shuttle bus. i expect the wait staff and bartenders to flirt with us, i can't wait for the jicama to be crisp and slightly sweet, and i hope to be drunk every day. :) woo who! we have not planned any excursions, and i think that might be for the best. it will be cool to just relax.

flight of the conchords concert
immediately upon my return to boston from mexico i will need to drive like the wind from the airport to BU and meet jenny B for a flight of the conchords concert.. i watched their show on HBO from the beginning of the 1st season... and am sad that i don't have HBO now to watch the 2nd season. but it won't matter. i am sure they will kick ass. afterwards JBP, LK and i are going to get a hotel room in boston and party like it's 1999. :) my weekends surrounding my week in mexico are semi up for grabs. i have a couple of things (people) in mind that i want to make it a point to see.. so hopefully the stars will align properly and i will get to meet up with them.

relationship status
so.. i think i've crossed a bridge here and went ahead and updated my social networking relationship status to be "in a relationship". it's a threshold i haven't crossed in MANY years and it's new and exciting, but also scary.. hopefully things will continue to progress at a steady and incremental rate.

Monday, March 23, 2009

some things...

so this weekend i was quite ill.. i was a slave to the bathroom from saturday evening through monday. :( i don't wish it on anyone. i hope that noone i came in contact with comes down with it.

friday night i went to caths for some cola beef and i shot a couple videos of is acting up right now, otherwise i'd put them in this post..

S&JH used friday night as an opportunity to catch up on greys anatomy.. very boring. i went home early.

saturday i was pretty productive during the day... then that evening batman and i went to the chicken and dumplings dinner that SH had orchestrated at cath's. it went well, we ate at the dining room table like it was thanksgiving. S&JH went to bed early that evening.. they were an all around good time this weekend. ;)

sunday i was hurting big time.. but batman said he would swap out my parents snow tires for their regular tires... yesterday was crazy cold.. it probablly wasn't a good move to be outside for so long assisting. lucky for me batman has good nurturing instincts.. he took care of all the cooking, cleaning and waiting on my duties when we got home.. and i repaid him by keeping him awake all night long running to the bathroom and coughing/choking all night long. :( he's so patient.

here are the pics from the weekend.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

amazing race episode 5

too bad there wasn't a pic of phil in his underwear demostrating the underpants run.

amanda and kris - hope - paid
cara and jamie - emily - paid
brad and victoria -dan - paid
christie and jodi - ryan - paid
lakisha and jennifer - mike
linda and steve - cathy
margie and luke - cathy
mark michael - mike
mel and mike - rebecca - paid
tammy and victor - amanda - paid

ryan squeaked by this week. i think that his money is as good as gone though. i am still predicting that the deaf kid and his mom are going to win.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

blown out tire

so i was driving to batmans house yesterday and i hear a popping-ish sound and think, what did i just hit? then i think, did the wine i have in my trunk just explode? then my dashboard tire pressure light comes on and dings... then i realize that i am starting to get a flat tire.. i am less than 3 miles from batmans house, so i call him and tell him i am going to try to make it.. he said not to.. i don't like to admit defeat, so i kept driving.. luckily i made it all the way to his house. i thought i should prob stop and see what was really wrong with it, but i figured it would be worse for my rim to stop and then possibly start up again.. so i kept going. and guess what! nothing ill happened for it.. :)

but check out that gash.. what the french? how the hell did that happen? i guess i am getting my wish of putting my regular tires back on.. these snows were slowing me down anyway!

here is the description of my tires when i bougth them from CL... mike was right..

Run flat snow tires (set of 4), Dunlop Winter Sport M2 205/50'. Fits Mini Cooper S. Used 1 season, stored in plastic in basement.


this morning batman and i were going to take a sunday drive around cayuga lake.. i didn't realize it was going to turn into me drinking from 12-5. :) i was not too keen on drinking by myself at the wineries, but after the first one it became very easy. :) of course i couldn't help myself and now i have at least 8 bottles of wine and hosmer wine glass. ;)

p-head loved the visit with batmans dogs too.. she got along pretty well with them and the bat parents LOVED her.. i don't even think she had any accidents either. she has an open invitation to come back whenever she wants.

here are some more photos of the weekend.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

new dishasher

i have a new dishwasher people.. :) it works great.. but i found out that my dishwasher and shower share the same hot water. :( oh well, that is why the dishwasher has the 2-3-4 hour delay button. i'll have to use it.

the best part is that it has this little piece that filps down and hold my wine glasses in place. and you all know how important that is for me. :)

today was cleaning day.. i vacuumed, swiffered, got some cobwebs down from the ceiling, took out the trash, took p-head for a walk by the wfishers house. he really does live crazy close i didn't realize that when i take her on the "long" walk, it's just 2 short blocks from B&K.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

new dishwasher

tomorrow i'm having my new dishwasher installed (pics to come).. i'm excited cause i've been washing all my dishes by hand up until now as my current dishwasher. it's not too bad, because its mostly just me dirtying dishes, and i kind of like washing dishes by hand...

also tomorrow batman is making me dinner.. homemade mac and cheese. he loves to make dinner.. it's cute.

this past weekend in addition to going out to dinner KW and i met up with E&AH at the WTVH party.. it took us wayyy to long to find the bar, but we prevailed.. thanks tom tom.

amazing race 4

amanda and kris - hope - paid
cara and jamie - emily - paid
brad and victoria -dan - paid
christie and jodi - ryan - paid
lakisha and jennifer - mike
linda and steve - cathy
margie and luke - cathy
mark michael - mike
mel and mike - rebecca
tammy and victor - amanda - paid

the guy in the pic at the top of the page was so creepy. i love that the sweet trustworthy mom and her deaf son Uturn amanda and kris and it doesn't even cross amanda and kris's minds that it was them. :)

when doing research for this entry i found that when the teams get eliminated from the race they go to thailand... kinda like "pondarosa" for survivor. if you want to check it out the link is here..

Monday, March 09, 2009


things i can't wait to do once i get my new computer...
1. download itunes
2. make sure my ipod has the latest software
3. switch up my current songs...
4. download all my podcasts - adam carolla, bill simmons, NPRs Fresh Air, ricky gervais' latest
5. buy all the songs i've been earmarking as "need to buy" with my b-day itunes gift cards.

things i need to do in general...
1. visit the babies.. i saw the latest pics of auds and she looks to be growing like a weed. i assume teags is too, but i hardly see pics of her so i can't be sure.
2. get a pad of watercolor paper
3. print out some pics for framing (ireland, london, paris, mexico, friends & family), and get my cath pic printed on canvas.
4. go to ikea - need clocks, shelf, other cute accouterments
5. get new bathing suit for mexico
6. plan out my vacation schedule for the upcoming year

Sunday, March 08, 2009

The Black Olive, Syracuse

This review has been moved to my ALL NEW blog..

please update your bookmarks!

Friday, March 06, 2009

guess what's on my ipod...

i put my ipod on random and wrote out the first few words from 10 different songs... can you name that tune/artist?

1. tonight it's very clear, as we're both lying here,

2. her face is a map of the world, is a map of the world

3. six'o'clock already i was just in the middle of a dream

4. and the river shall open for the rightous, and the river shall open for the rightous,

5. girl you're looking fine tonight, and every guy has got you in his sight...

6. i wish i was a neutron bomb, for once i could go off

7. i am sitting in the morning at the diner on the corner

8. i know your eyes in the morning sun, i feel you touch me in the pouring rain

9. lets dance in style, lets dance for a while...

10. i remember when it started, saw you on the news, you were hating gays, i was eating food.

Thursday, March 05, 2009

french onion soup.

i had some leftover stale bread in my cupboard yesterday.. so batman and i decided to make french onion soup. it was goooood... the cheese on top was a mixture of mozzarella and guyrere..

LOST confused me so bad last night. i am going to need to rewatch..

Tuesday, March 03, 2009


yay.. KW and i are going to see the new kids. i feel weird being so excited about it.. but they were on jimmy kimmel last night and they sang one of their old songs and it brought me back... i'd be crazy not to go see them when they are in my town. shiiiiiiit.

this weekend i (well, mostly batman) installed and moved my smoke detectors.. so now i don't have one right outside my bathroom that goes off if i leave the door open more than the width of a roll of dimes. i don't know why i didn't do it sooner, it's heavenly...

i made sure that i went home at lunch to retrieve my recycle bin so that no one steals it again.. and i discovered that because i didn't crush down and dismantle my cardboard boxes the trash people left them, and put nasty orange stickers on them. *evil glare*

mike and cath were at the junk store today and they still had the lawnmower that mike had scoped out for me. they got it.. it can be bagged, or will mulch. woot! you can bet the farm that i will never bag! i just hope it's easy to start...

it has been crazy cold these last couple of days. i almost had to break out my down comforter last night. tonight i am turning my heat on for sure.

Monday, March 02, 2009

amazing race week 2 or 3...

sorry for the delay...

amanda and kris - hope - paid
cara and jamie - emily - paid
brad and victoria -dan - paid
christie and jodi - ryan - paid
lakisha and jennifer - mike
linda and steve - cathy
margie and luke - cathy
mark michael - mike
mel and mike - rebecca
tammy and victor - amanda

i think i indicated who has paid.. if that is incorrect, let me know and i will correct that..

i was so pleased to see that my gay family came in first yesterday! woot! maybe i do haev a chance.. but i am not feeling very hopeful when i keep hearing the dad whine about his groin pull..

that brother sister asian team could be so good, but that brother is kind of a dick.. they must of walked 37 miles up that mountain.. didn't he realize that when they weren't seeing ANY of the other teams they were going the wrong way. tsk tsk tsk.