Friday, March 06, 2009

guess what's on my ipod...

i put my ipod on random and wrote out the first few words from 10 different songs... can you name that tune/artist?

1. tonight it's very clear, as we're both lying here,

2. her face is a map of the world, is a map of the world

3. six'o'clock already i was just in the middle of a dream

4. and the river shall open for the rightous, and the river shall open for the rightous,

5. girl you're looking fine tonight, and every guy has got you in his sight...

6. i wish i was a neutron bomb, for once i could go off

7. i am sitting in the morning at the diner on the corner

8. i know your eyes in the morning sun, i feel you touch me in the pouring rain

9. lets dance in style, lets dance for a while...

10. i remember when it started, saw you on the news, you were hating gays, i was eating food.