Sunday, March 15, 2009

blown out tire

so i was driving to batmans house yesterday and i hear a popping-ish sound and think, what did i just hit? then i think, did the wine i have in my trunk just explode? then my dashboard tire pressure light comes on and dings... then i realize that i am starting to get a flat tire.. i am less than 3 miles from batmans house, so i call him and tell him i am going to try to make it.. he said not to.. i don't like to admit defeat, so i kept driving.. luckily i made it all the way to his house. i thought i should prob stop and see what was really wrong with it, but i figured it would be worse for my rim to stop and then possibly start up again.. so i kept going. and guess what! nothing ill happened for it.. :)

but check out that gash.. what the french? how the hell did that happen? i guess i am getting my wish of putting my regular tires back on.. these snows were slowing me down anyway!

here is the description of my tires when i bougth them from CL... mike was right..

Run flat snow tires (set of 4), Dunlop Winter Sport M2 205/50'. Fits Mini Cooper S. Used 1 season, stored in plastic in basement.


this morning batman and i were going to take a sunday drive around cayuga lake.. i didn't realize it was going to turn into me drinking from 12-5. :) i was not too keen on drinking by myself at the wineries, but after the first one it became very easy. :) of course i couldn't help myself and now i have at least 8 bottles of wine and hosmer wine glass. ;)

p-head loved the visit with batmans dogs too.. she got along pretty well with them and the bat parents LOVED her.. i don't even think she had any accidents either. she has an open invitation to come back whenever she wants.

here are some more photos of the weekend.