Monday, March 23, 2009

some things...

so this weekend i was quite ill.. i was a slave to the bathroom from saturday evening through monday. :( i don't wish it on anyone. i hope that noone i came in contact with comes down with it.

friday night i went to caths for some cola beef and i shot a couple videos of is acting up right now, otherwise i'd put them in this post..

S&JH used friday night as an opportunity to catch up on greys anatomy.. very boring. i went home early.

saturday i was pretty productive during the day... then that evening batman and i went to the chicken and dumplings dinner that SH had orchestrated at cath's. it went well, we ate at the dining room table like it was thanksgiving. S&JH went to bed early that evening.. they were an all around good time this weekend. ;)

sunday i was hurting big time.. but batman said he would swap out my parents snow tires for their regular tires... yesterday was crazy cold.. it probablly wasn't a good move to be outside for so long assisting. lucky for me batman has good nurturing instincts.. he took care of all the cooking, cleaning and waiting on my duties when we got home.. and i repaid him by keeping him awake all night long running to the bathroom and coughing/choking all night long. :( he's so patient.

here are the pics from the weekend.