Tuesday, March 03, 2009


yay.. KW and i are going to see the new kids. i feel weird being so excited about it.. but they were on jimmy kimmel last night and they sang one of their old songs and it brought me back... i'd be crazy not to go see them when they are in my town. shiiiiiiit.

this weekend i (well, mostly batman) installed and moved my smoke detectors.. so now i don't have one right outside my bathroom that goes off if i leave the door open more than the width of a roll of dimes. i don't know why i didn't do it sooner, it's heavenly...

i made sure that i went home at lunch to retrieve my recycle bin so that no one steals it again.. and i discovered that because i didn't crush down and dismantle my cardboard boxes the trash people left them, and put nasty orange stickers on them. *evil glare*

mike and cath were at the junk store today and they still had the lawnmower that mike had scoped out for me. they got it.. it can be bagged, or will mulch. woot! you can bet the farm that i will never bag! i just hope it's easy to start...

it has been crazy cold these last couple of days. i almost had to break out my down comforter last night. tonight i am turning my heat on for sure.