Friday, September 29, 2006

i guess things do happen for a reason

it's 11:10PM friday night and i'm at work. problems... i didn't answer my phone when it rang cause i'm not on call. but i recognized the number and got sad, it was work. when the message popped up on my phone i checked the messages and sure enough i needed to go in. :( i guess there was a reason i couldn't secure an activity partner for this evening. i need to make some "good time" friends here in the 'cuse.

before i got the call i went to see jackass2. very very funny. my favorite line of the whole movie is, "was the dick hair necessary?" by far that was the best bit of the entire movie. i had to cover my face and not watch two of steve-o's bits. shark fishing and the leech skit. chris pontius gets hotter and hotter each year. bam margera is pretty hot as well.

a funny thing happened at the movies tonight. as you could imagine most of the audience are high schoolers, after all, who enjoys that kind of shit besides underage boys? looking back i should have expected this..

i get up to the ticket taking lady and have to set down my drink to find the ticket in and amongst my napkins and nachos (cause the bastards at shoppingtown didn't have any pretzels... its friday night for christs sake) i find it and hand it to the 90 year old woman. she looks at it like its stolen or something and then accusingly asks me how old i am. i am expecting her to say, theater 4 down on your right, so i'm a little flustered and say ugh, twenty.... i mean 30. then i laughed a little and she begrudgingly handed my ticket back. i bet she was wondering where my parent or guardian is. i think you need to be 18 to see a rated R movie. i realize i look young, but 17?? come on... maybe it was my legwarmers.

Thursday, September 28, 2006

i don't have plans for tomorrow night! yeah!!

i am finding myself with a full bank account and noone to spend money with tomorrow night. :( i've reached out to a few local friends and no luck so far. one is busy, another is blowing me off and the third probably has to work. there are so many movies on my list in theaters right now i just might have to go it alone.

i've been emailing with a couple of people from though, so maybe something will present itself in the nick of time.

i've been asking around about halloween and local parties, it's a little upsetting the lack of enthusiasm for the holiday that i am running into... someone that sits next to me even went so far as to say that "halloween is a kids holiday". what what what? i beg to differ.. i think there are plenty of good *adult* times to be had at halloween. :( i might have to make the trek to boston to partake in the fun to be had.... some of my most memorable nights are in an amongst halloween. ;)

today is Mrs JennyB-P's birthday... happy birthday hussy! i *think* she is thirty... dirty thirty!! wish her well if you see her!

Wednesday, September 27, 2006


cath and i were in such a good groove of going to the gym on MWF's, i knew going to bed last night we wouldn't be making it this morning cause cath went to bingo last night.

going to bingo isn't what you would imagine, its no small room with a spinning basket of numbers and 90 year old women daubing bingo cards at the local elks lodge. its a gigantic room thick with smoke and vicious gambling addicts spreading their boards all over their tables, setting up their good luck idols, spending hundreds of dollars a pop on each session, and chain smoking. the smoke and imminent lung cancer is unavoidable. the bingo culture is a curious bunch. some of cath's "bingo friends" travel from rochester (2+ hours away) daily to get their bingo fix. it's very hard for me to believe that these people win any money after you figure in the 100+ fees they are paying per session (2 sessions daily) the cigarettes, the gas and the food. sometimes these rochester people pick up their ex-prostitute friend along the way. its pretty sad going to bingo actually, and did i mention tough on the lungs?

so anyway... cath set off for bingo straight from work and i knew that our gym date was not happening. sure enough i woke up at 1am-ish when she was getting home.. when 530 rolled around cath didn't stir. i woke up again at 630 to her sneaking downstairs. tsk tsk.. too tired from gambling to go to the gym, where are the priorities?

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

but does you flush?

wooo who! finally, a night where i am done with work before 10pm!

my blog activity has been lacking lately mostly because i am making some cash at my side job, so i apologize. :)

i think i am a total idiot and misplaced/possibly threw away my receipt etc for the rebate on my new cell phone. :( i can't believe i did that, but i have searched high and low and have no idea where it could be..

speaking of cell phones. i cancelled my old phone, so if you have a MA number programmed into your phone for me (JB-P and KT) its wrong, and it won't work after the 22nd of October.

i have been extended an invitation to go see jackass2 tomorrow.. i think i might do it.

i just spoke on the phone to breeD. she's coming in on saturday, we are going to *meet up with* lisha sometime ths weekend...

i keep seeing previews for Lost while i watch dancing with the stars... oooooooo i am getting soooo excited for Lost next week.

i came up with a really kewl idea (i think) for the next mail art... jamie is in luck!!

Sunday, September 24, 2006

smoked out...

i've always hated people smoking. when sarah and jr come to visit it's like smokefest. it's unreal the amount of time and money those people put into killing themselves. it's so disgusting. i was even "lucky" enough to be ashed on multiple times while trying desperately to suck some fresh air from the outside in the back seat of the car. i've decided i'm not tolerating that shit anymore...

aside from trying desperately to breathe fresh air this past weekend i went to watch the UFC 63 at the beers' house. they have the largest TV i've ever seen. i can see why their house is always the tv watching destination. shan made this spectacular buffalo chicken dip. i think the best part was she food processed the chicken to make it wicked tiny..

we made the obligatory trip to kohls and target, i found some good stuff. but not what i set out this morning to get. :(

when sarah comes to visit, so do the animals. they are pretty cute, they got their halloween outfits, very cute.. ones a geisha and ones a fisherman.

while i listen to football in the other room i realize that i do not miss fantasy football one tiny bit this year. woooo who! and i know i won't miss paying the winner my $20 at the end of the season.

another thing about this weekend that makes me mad (besides the incessant smoking) is that i did not get called in. i gave up a bachelorette party because "i'm on call" and didn't even get called in. ugh. pisses me right off.

this next weekend i can look forward to having the house to myself and enjoying a visit from breeD.

my goal is to make my next piece of mailart this week. however... i am curious as to why the last recipient (bykfam) hasn't let me know he received the phat last one i made. perhaps it got lost..

Friday, September 22, 2006


if anyone wants to come to see some of my drawings hanging at "Essential Kneads" in Cicero, i will be stopping by there at 12 on Saturday. i am going to try to listen to the speaker they have on acupuncture. they are also offering massages for a dollar a minute.

their website with directions etc, is here.

i smell like chlorine

today i tested out my new swim suit. its very nice, i like! cath and i are supposed to walk out the door at 6am for the Y. i slept till 5 after. :) hee hee, i was so glad cath agreed to have a "swim day" rather then our usual cardio day. i lost my toe ring in the pool, but the kind lifeguard helped me out and i was able to swim down to the bottom of the pool and get it. phew!!

sarah and jr come to visit this weekend. i see some art show going and bridesmaid dress trying on in our future, and maybe some kohl's shopping and i heard old navy is having a sale too. woooooot!

i am planning to see my first UFC fight this weekend with the beers and the fischers minus b*ll. i hope its bloody!!

i've been working mad hours at night while i watch my shows.. i should have a phat paycheck next week.

survivor was funny last night, that billy thinks hes in love with that girl. wtf! i hope jeff brings it up next time he sees that girl.

Sunday, September 17, 2006

brew tour busted...

this weekend 6 of my boston area friends came to visit to go on the brewery tour. when everyone arrived we met out at mulligans. cath made us bring our own beers.. :) we closed the bar and had a good time doing it.

we woke up wicked early and ate and got money, and met the pattersons in the parking lot. that was when the organizers of the trip told us that the bus we were supposed to be taking had broken down the night before and there was no bus. a bunch of people were still heading out to the saranac brewery for the tour, but skipping the ommegang festival. me and the passat crew were a part of that group. the pattersons and trish and stan stayed in the 'cuse and watched the SU game.

i'm really glad we did the tour. it was pretty informational and definitely fun. we had a little photoshoot afterwards.

game night was a huge success for the ladies. not to mention very fun. the men were so close, and under represented. brunch at stellas was also fantastic, per usual.

more photosi took more photos. they are right here.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

upsetting trip to the doctor.

in an effort to be proactive and take advantage of my new health insurance i made an appointment to secure a new primary care physician here in da 'cuse. the receptionist asked me if wed the 14th was good. sure i said. when i went to put it in the calendar i realized that the 14th was a Thursday.. i meant to call back and confirm my appt, but never got around to it. so i show up at the office, i can't find my dr's name on the list. the hotdog cart lady asks me if i need help and points me down the hall towards to "womens place". the womens place is an oasis looking office. it has all kinds of comfortable looking sitting equipment, painting of serene water destinations on the walls...

so when i tell the receptionist that i am there to see my dr she says, oh, she's not here today... she looks up my appt and sure enough its for october not september. but... she can fit me in to see another doctor though.. so i make sure its for right now, it is.. so i sit down and fill out a clip board full of paperwork and wait. and wait, and wait. so after an hour of waiting and not being seen i decide to make a different appointment for another day. so mad!! i wasted an hour in their waiting room. grrrrrr.

right before i left work i got a call i didn't recognize and i felt compelled to answer it. lucky me it was my glasses!! i think i am going to wear them tomorrow. :)

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

phat new specs

i ordered a pair of glasses yesterday. they are bold. i should be able to get them in 7-10 business days. they are a little "jill caroll"-like. i might even wear them other then bedtime. since i didn't have anything to wear besides my contacts the dr didn't have to give me any pupil dilating drops. he also said that my eyes look fantastic for doing everything wrong (old type of lenses, storing them in just saline) in january i'll get my new prescription in the newer "breathable" lenses...

tonight is beer club. i am going to buy all 9 brewery tour tickets... i'll whip up a graphic for the tour this week. :)

yesterday all the things i ordered online last week arrived. (a memory card for my camera, and my contact lenses) wooo who, it was like christmas!

Monday, September 11, 2006

great time had by all...

so i made it to and from in 4 hours and 15 minutes each way.. its 306 miles door to door, no stopping. that is the best way to go.. none of that pee break crap. :)

Saturday we had girl dinner at jens spacious place, it was very nice, lots of beef and cheese. yum... the best part of the experience was HEK having her money sucked back into the ATM machine because she was chatting with LK for too long while the machine beeped at her.. i would have to guess something like that takes a good full 2 minutes.. nice.....

after dinner we headed over to tavern on the hill. words can't describe how fun it was. the best part of TOTH was that i only spent $10. but i had a $90 headache the next day.. :)

i took all kinds of pictures, bryan suggested we start taking "before and after" pictures. big hit.. huge laughs.. you'll see.

it was so nice to see everyone..

i had to sleep off my hangover the next day at LK's i didn't get on the road till about 5pm. :( but it was well worth it!!

here are the pictures. :)

stay tuned...

this weekend i went to boston and had a fantastic time i took something like 85 pictures, and i will be posting a link to the album here, so keep checking back, they are worth seeing...

Thursday, September 07, 2006

dance off....

this weekend i am going back to boston. we are having a mexican girl dinner, followed by a (hopefully) dance off at tavern on the hill. KT and bryan are visiting and word is BD and BG are going to dance off, and i kinda hope maurice will be there.

i've drafted up a little pic illustrating this..

i've made a copy of 6 episodes of Ali G for LK to watch, i know she doesn't have HBO...

i seem to be the only one updating this week. :) that's okay, cause i like to blog.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

dirty four eyes..

so when i went through my mail this weekend i discovered that i did indeed receive my health insurance card. i made 2 appointments today, one for the eye doctor, and one for the regular doctor. wooooot!

i will have an updated prescription pair of glasses next week hopefully! and i will be on my way to being off my paxil sometime next week as well!

today was a lot of touching base with my MA peeps. i am driving there after work on friday to join in the reindeer fun! saturday is girl dinner at jenny BP's cozy pad, followed by an intercontinental dance off at the old hannahs. (i might have to make a little animation illustrating this....)

i think my car knows that i am driving to MA this weekend. Yesterday on my way home my check engine light came on. Immediately i flashed back to the inspection i got in june where the monroe muffler techie told me that i had no oil in my car and needed rear brakes. i had just had an oil change earlier that week, so i ignored him. but when that light came on i panicked a little thinking that i had run my car out of oil again... so i decided that i needed a top off at the friendly valvoline on my way home. the kind boy ran his computer thing under my dash and told me that the check engine light was on because my speed sensor is going. oh phew!! i knew that!! that was the piece that i had ordered from the honda dealer in burlington before i moved home and never picked up.. it's warranteed, so when it really breaks, i'll fix it.. :)

cath and i had thai food for dinner tonight and then stopped at barnes and nobles. i love book stores, even though i don't make time to read. i got a hello kitty day planner, hella cute! i also picked up a workbook about releasing anger. that was one thing my therapist back in MA told me would make a big difference in my life, getting rid of anger... it's worth a try, esp since i have yet to find a therapist out here.

i just realized a conflict in my schedule. my art opening is sat, sept 23rd, and so is nicoles bachelorette party. :( and i'm on call that weekend.. :( don't know what to do....

Monday, September 04, 2006

fully vested

its safe to say i am fully vested in the show prison break. and i've managed to rope cath in. :) i am trying to figure out how to fit 8 hours worth of shows into 7 hours worth of time till the next episode shows on real TV.. good thing we have dvr.

the christening yesterday was fun. i saw my old HS friends. i plan to hang out with them more... one of them(mv) has two babies now.. geez... i couldn't even imagine that for myself right now. her family and in law-families are soo nice. the space we had the mini reception at was great too. it is called justins grill.

my other friend(oc) is a dr at st. joes. she just bought a house. i need to get over there to see it. her schedule is kind of unpredictable, so i might need to answer my phone to make plans. :)

Sunday, September 03, 2006

NYS Fair recap

so i worked at the fair.. it was fun. first i had to hand out tickets for people to win a chance in the "prize vault" it was one of those machines where you get inside and money and gift certificates etc blow up and around you and all that you can catch you can keep. i did that for an hour or so.. then i helped out throwing t-shirts to the crowd.. its amazing what people will do for a free t-shirt... i saw a man thrust his daughter that was no older then 2, up in the air to block a t-shirt that was being throw in his direction. another man leaped in the air knocking his daughter down, and then landed on top of her. people were rabid for these t-shirts..

i must have throw 3 or more t-shirts to my parents who were in the front row.. my mom actually turned her back at them once or twice.. oh cath!

the clintons were at the fair friday. it was my understanding they would be there for a luncheon. there was a big commotion when i started my shift at 330. mike and cath went to check it out.. apparently the clintons were still there! cath shook bills hand...

i brought my laptop with me in case i needed it while i was there, i didn't.. so then i was stuck carrying it around with me while we wandered around looking at the various crap tents...

we had had enough of the fair and were going to call it a day when we stumbled upon the golden ticket if you will. mike scoped it out while we waited in the long line.

this was what we waited for. a piece of columbus bakeries deep fried italian bread with a deep fried meatball with spaghetti inside made mostly from sausage. the bread was pretty good. i hate sausage, so i didn't care for the meatball. there was about the equivilent of 1 strand of cooked spaghetti inside it..

some of the other highlights we saw were the butter sculpture, the milk truck, and mike and cath posing in the newspaper cutouts clearly made for children. braeden was there and mike and cath recognized him right off the bat but "couldn't work the camera" and get a picture... ugh, so mad!!

yesterday i went to a wedding, em and ryan met my parents and i. it was nice. it rained like hell the whole time, but that's okay, it was indoors. i also started watching prison break. ooooooh, its a good show.. the two brothers are total hotties. i'm going to blockbuster today to get more of the 1st season.

i am also going to a christening followed by a dinner. i am looking forward to it. its one of my old high schools friends sons.. another old friend is supposed to be there as well.