Sunday, September 17, 2006

brew tour busted...

this weekend 6 of my boston area friends came to visit to go on the brewery tour. when everyone arrived we met out at mulligans. cath made us bring our own beers.. :) we closed the bar and had a good time doing it.

we woke up wicked early and ate and got money, and met the pattersons in the parking lot. that was when the organizers of the trip told us that the bus we were supposed to be taking had broken down the night before and there was no bus. a bunch of people were still heading out to the saranac brewery for the tour, but skipping the ommegang festival. me and the passat crew were a part of that group. the pattersons and trish and stan stayed in the 'cuse and watched the SU game.

i'm really glad we did the tour. it was pretty informational and definitely fun. we had a little photoshoot afterwards.

game night was a huge success for the ladies. not to mention very fun. the men were so close, and under represented. brunch at stellas was also fantastic, per usual.

more photosi took more photos. they are right here.