Wednesday, September 06, 2006

dirty four eyes..

so when i went through my mail this weekend i discovered that i did indeed receive my health insurance card. i made 2 appointments today, one for the eye doctor, and one for the regular doctor. wooooot!

i will have an updated prescription pair of glasses next week hopefully! and i will be on my way to being off my paxil sometime next week as well!

today was a lot of touching base with my MA peeps. i am driving there after work on friday to join in the reindeer fun! saturday is girl dinner at jenny BP's cozy pad, followed by an intercontinental dance off at the old hannahs. (i might have to make a little animation illustrating this....)

i think my car knows that i am driving to MA this weekend. Yesterday on my way home my check engine light came on. Immediately i flashed back to the inspection i got in june where the monroe muffler techie told me that i had no oil in my car and needed rear brakes. i had just had an oil change earlier that week, so i ignored him. but when that light came on i panicked a little thinking that i had run my car out of oil again... so i decided that i needed a top off at the friendly valvoline on my way home. the kind boy ran his computer thing under my dash and told me that the check engine light was on because my speed sensor is going. oh phew!! i knew that!! that was the piece that i had ordered from the honda dealer in burlington before i moved home and never picked up.. it's warranteed, so when it really breaks, i'll fix it.. :)

cath and i had thai food for dinner tonight and then stopped at barnes and nobles. i love book stores, even though i don't make time to read. i got a hello kitty day planner, hella cute! i also picked up a workbook about releasing anger. that was one thing my therapist back in MA told me would make a big difference in my life, getting rid of anger... it's worth a try, esp since i have yet to find a therapist out here.

i just realized a conflict in my schedule. my art opening is sat, sept 23rd, and so is nicoles bachelorette party. :( and i'm on call that weekend.. :( don't know what to do....