Sunday, September 24, 2006

smoked out...

i've always hated people smoking. when sarah and jr come to visit it's like smokefest. it's unreal the amount of time and money those people put into killing themselves. it's so disgusting. i was even "lucky" enough to be ashed on multiple times while trying desperately to suck some fresh air from the outside in the back seat of the car. i've decided i'm not tolerating that shit anymore...

aside from trying desperately to breathe fresh air this past weekend i went to watch the UFC 63 at the beers' house. they have the largest TV i've ever seen. i can see why their house is always the tv watching destination. shan made this spectacular buffalo chicken dip. i think the best part was she food processed the chicken to make it wicked tiny..

we made the obligatory trip to kohls and target, i found some good stuff. but not what i set out this morning to get. :(

when sarah comes to visit, so do the animals. they are pretty cute, they got their halloween outfits, very cute.. ones a geisha and ones a fisherman.

while i listen to football in the other room i realize that i do not miss fantasy football one tiny bit this year. woooo who! and i know i won't miss paying the winner my $20 at the end of the season.

another thing about this weekend that makes me mad (besides the incessant smoking) is that i did not get called in. i gave up a bachelorette party because "i'm on call" and didn't even get called in. ugh. pisses me right off.

this next weekend i can look forward to having the house to myself and enjoying a visit from breeD.

my goal is to make my next piece of mailart this week. however... i am curious as to why the last recipient (bykfam) hasn't let me know he received the phat last one i made. perhaps it got lost..