Friday, September 29, 2006

i guess things do happen for a reason

it's 11:10PM friday night and i'm at work. problems... i didn't answer my phone when it rang cause i'm not on call. but i recognized the number and got sad, it was work. when the message popped up on my phone i checked the messages and sure enough i needed to go in. :( i guess there was a reason i couldn't secure an activity partner for this evening. i need to make some "good time" friends here in the 'cuse.

before i got the call i went to see jackass2. very very funny. my favorite line of the whole movie is, "was the dick hair necessary?" by far that was the best bit of the entire movie. i had to cover my face and not watch two of steve-o's bits. shark fishing and the leech skit. chris pontius gets hotter and hotter each year. bam margera is pretty hot as well.

a funny thing happened at the movies tonight. as you could imagine most of the audience are high schoolers, after all, who enjoys that kind of shit besides underage boys? looking back i should have expected this..

i get up to the ticket taking lady and have to set down my drink to find the ticket in and amongst my napkins and nachos (cause the bastards at shoppingtown didn't have any pretzels... its friday night for christs sake) i find it and hand it to the 90 year old woman. she looks at it like its stolen or something and then accusingly asks me how old i am. i am expecting her to say, theater 4 down on your right, so i'm a little flustered and say ugh, twenty.... i mean 30. then i laughed a little and she begrudgingly handed my ticket back. i bet she was wondering where my parent or guardian is. i think you need to be 18 to see a rated R movie. i realize i look young, but 17?? come on... maybe it was my legwarmers.