Friday, September 22, 2006

i smell like chlorine

today i tested out my new swim suit. its very nice, i like! cath and i are supposed to walk out the door at 6am for the Y. i slept till 5 after. :) hee hee, i was so glad cath agreed to have a "swim day" rather then our usual cardio day. i lost my toe ring in the pool, but the kind lifeguard helped me out and i was able to swim down to the bottom of the pool and get it. phew!!

sarah and jr come to visit this weekend. i see some art show going and bridesmaid dress trying on in our future, and maybe some kohl's shopping and i heard old navy is having a sale too. woooooot!

i am planning to see my first UFC fight this weekend with the beers and the fischers minus b*ll. i hope its bloody!!

i've been working mad hours at night while i watch my shows.. i should have a phat paycheck next week.

survivor was funny last night, that billy thinks hes in love with that girl. wtf! i hope jeff brings it up next time he sees that girl.