Monday, September 11, 2006

great time had by all...

so i made it to and from in 4 hours and 15 minutes each way.. its 306 miles door to door, no stopping. that is the best way to go.. none of that pee break crap. :)

Saturday we had girl dinner at jens spacious place, it was very nice, lots of beef and cheese. yum... the best part of the experience was HEK having her money sucked back into the ATM machine because she was chatting with LK for too long while the machine beeped at her.. i would have to guess something like that takes a good full 2 minutes.. nice.....

after dinner we headed over to tavern on the hill. words can't describe how fun it was. the best part of TOTH was that i only spent $10. but i had a $90 headache the next day.. :)

i took all kinds of pictures, bryan suggested we start taking "before and after" pictures. big hit.. huge laughs.. you'll see.

it was so nice to see everyone..

i had to sleep off my hangover the next day at LK's i didn't get on the road till about 5pm. :( but it was well worth it!!

here are the pictures. :)