Tuesday, September 26, 2006

but does you flush?

wooo who! finally, a night where i am done with work before 10pm!

my blog activity has been lacking lately mostly because i am making some cash at my side job, so i apologize. :)

i think i am a total idiot and misplaced/possibly threw away my receipt etc for the rebate on my new cell phone. :( i can't believe i did that, but i have searched high and low and have no idea where it could be..

speaking of cell phones. i cancelled my old phone, so if you have a MA number programmed into your phone for me (JB-P and KT) its wrong, and it won't work after the 22nd of October.

i have been extended an invitation to go see jackass2 tomorrow.. i think i might do it.

i just spoke on the phone to breeD. she's coming in on saturday, we are going to *meet up with* lisha sometime ths weekend...

i keep seeing previews for Lost while i watch dancing with the stars... oooooooo i am getting soooo excited for Lost next week.

i came up with a really kewl idea (i think) for the next mail art... jamie is in luck!!