Sunday, September 03, 2006

NYS Fair recap

so i worked at the fair.. it was fun. first i had to hand out tickets for people to win a chance in the "prize vault" it was one of those machines where you get inside and money and gift certificates etc blow up and around you and all that you can catch you can keep. i did that for an hour or so.. then i helped out throwing t-shirts to the crowd.. its amazing what people will do for a free t-shirt... i saw a man thrust his daughter that was no older then 2, up in the air to block a t-shirt that was being throw in his direction. another man leaped in the air knocking his daughter down, and then landed on top of her. people were rabid for these t-shirts..

i must have throw 3 or more t-shirts to my parents who were in the front row.. my mom actually turned her back at them once or twice.. oh cath!

the clintons were at the fair friday. it was my understanding they would be there for a luncheon. there was a big commotion when i started my shift at 330. mike and cath went to check it out.. apparently the clintons were still there! cath shook bills hand...

i brought my laptop with me in case i needed it while i was there, i didn't.. so then i was stuck carrying it around with me while we wandered around looking at the various crap tents...

we had had enough of the fair and were going to call it a day when we stumbled upon the golden ticket if you will. mike scoped it out while we waited in the long line.

this was what we waited for. a piece of columbus bakeries deep fried italian bread with a deep fried meatball with spaghetti inside made mostly from sausage. the bread was pretty good. i hate sausage, so i didn't care for the meatball. there was about the equivilent of 1 strand of cooked spaghetti inside it..

some of the other highlights we saw were the butter sculpture, the milk truck, and mike and cath posing in the newspaper cutouts clearly made for children. braeden was there and mike and cath recognized him right off the bat but "couldn't work the camera" and get a picture... ugh, so mad!!

yesterday i went to a wedding, em and ryan met my parents and i. it was nice. it rained like hell the whole time, but that's okay, it was indoors. i also started watching prison break. ooooooh, its a good show.. the two brothers are total hotties. i'm going to blockbuster today to get more of the 1st season.

i am also going to a christening followed by a dinner. i am looking forward to it. its one of my old high schools friends sons.. another old friend is supposed to be there as well.