Friday, August 31, 2007

the roommates were on tv...

today cath and mike went to the fair cause it's Native American Day (of course). they are huge fans of Bridge Street so they went early for the live taping of the show and were *lucky* enough to intro the show! Click here to see them...

cath and wfischer have been diligently crafting a letter to the DEC, camprounds and possibly the governor of NY about the harassment we experienced. the letter is good. i'll post it here when it's final.

this weekend we're going to have all kinds of visitors.. my sisters and their better halves and a friend from MA, fresh back from london... woo who! i'm looking forward to a great weekend!

Thursday, August 30, 2007

sooo smart!!

we came within 5 points of winning trivia solely last night.. we had the right answer too, but crossed it off for the wrong answer.. hella great times though.

KW pointing out our 2nd place finish. 225 for those of you that can't read that far away.

tsk tsk tsk KW. that is an awful shirt.

the winning team.

i got an email this morning.. looks like someone is up to his old tricks. :) lets make bets, i think he'll be done by halloween. anyone else have a guess? lol...

i'll have a midday report tomorrow, cause mike and cath are gonna be on tv.. :)

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

working at the fair...

yesterday i worked at the fair... it was a nice departure from the usual workday. i rode there in a company sanctioned limo bus, and honestly that was the best part, 'cept the ride over, it was packed with kids. :) but door to door limo service can't be beat.

the highlights of the day for me besides the transportation were:

  1. seeing one of the kids that competed in the karaoke contest be absolutely pissed that the audio wasn't loud enough on his version of the song, and then have it work perfectly for the next contestant. they all ended up getting tickets to go though.. everyone's a winner!
  2. hearing that a senior citizen that won "Linkin Park: Projekt Revolution tour" concert tickets asked "what do i do with these?" LOL...
  3. watching the crowd go nuts for free anything. if we were giving away AIDS, i bet people would stand in line for it if it were free.
  4. one woman came up to me and asked how she could become a VIP (you had to call in at a certain time the week before the show and win the tickets) and i told her that, she asks, ooooh, i work during the week. hello.. it was a tuesday morning? why wasn't she working then?
  5. riding a station golf cart was kinda of fun too. i only had to drive it 100 feet or so, but i almost hit a police officer on a bike, and an old man asked me for a ride.. get a wheelchair buddy!

i made it into a segment of the show accidently and against my will.. i was handing out 99cent coupons for Dunkin Donuts, the way people were acting you'd think i was handing out hundred dollar bills. :)

click the picture to see the clip. but don't blink or you might miss me.

after the show AC and i toured around a little bit and ate our free lunches from the dinosaur barbecue.

here are the kids that i rode the bus with that intro'd the show lining up to read.

here are some shots of the limo..

mike and cath are going to the fair on friday, i'm going to see if they can intro the show. :)

and KT and i are making a day of it on sunday, so expect all kinds of good stories from that!

here are the complete pics from the day.. not very exciting, i must admit...

Monday, August 27, 2007

morbid monday the ontime edition.

alright, slim pickings this week... but i did manage to scrounge up 4 semi decent ones...

this isn't your typical 90 year old woman and her gazillion cats story.. this one is a mother daughter team! too bad the cats didn't eat one of the alive or something...

keeping with the feline theme... this is one sick man...

this one isn't that bad at all... kinda funny.

by far this one is the worst.. i think it's because of the pictures. if you have visited at all in the last week you've probably seen this story. ugh...

rebecca autopsy out.

Friday, August 24, 2007

it's friday! yay!

i love fridays. i think it's mostly because it means i can sleep in tomorrow. even though sometimes i find myself waking earlier on weekends than i usually do. i have however, started turning off my alarm for weekends. i used to have it on and listen to it till it turned off on saturday and sunday because i felt it punctuated the fact that i didn't have to get up. but now i think it just interrupts my sleep.

i kind of wish it was raining today, but instead its hot hot hot here and at least 100% humidity. ugh. horrible weather. i took a walk last night and cath asked me when i got back if i had been running. hahaha.. i can't remember the last time i ran. it was that humid out though, i looked like i had been swimming.

did anyone else LOOOOOVE the post today by the gluten free girl? i love onions.. they are my favorite food to chop in the kitchen. now i know how. i believe diego taught me something similar to that once. when i think about it, i learned a lot about cooking from those guys.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

i feel like i should update, but i am not sure i have much to say. :)

i think KT is coming to visit me labor day weekend. hopefully she can get a ticket to come see the american idols with us at the fair. speaking of the fair, it's here. things are buzzing at work. it's kind of exciting. i am going to go work there tuesday morning. i will be sure to take photos and notes so i can report back. :)

i have been planning in my head for a while now blogging about my ride to work, and the 4-5 points that my OCD self can't help but notice each and every day. now i just need to leave for the office a little early so i can pull over on the side of the road multiple times to take pics.

cath says we might be acquiring a little pom in a few weeks for an unspecified amount of time.

oooooo yeah!

we won again last night. we tied two other teams for 1st place! wooot!!

of course, there was more victory dancing..

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

morbid monday. late again.

this was a great week for morbid monday links...

Those crazy clothes though? that is what i don't understand..

I have to think this woman had it coming... why else would her name be "poorbear"?

i think this might be in store for cath if she doesn't kick her bingo habit..

what an ingenious use of GPS device.. this story appeals to the stalker in me, and has some juicy murder thrown in for good measure...

this story has it all. a criminal amount of children, a major non-denominational holiday, and an inexcusably short sentence..

this has to be my favorite link of the week.

this is a heartwarming tale about a pitbull, maybe it was some outraged michael vick fans showing their support. at least it has a happy ending..

until next week - Rebecca Autopsy signing off.

Monday, August 20, 2007

camping recap.

since i checked my stats when i got home and saw that i had a total of 6 hits while i was away, it leads me to realize that 90% of my blog audience was in saranac lake with me.

people keep asking me how the weekend was, and eventful would be an accurate description..

keeping the very long story brief (and since most of my readers were there) we were not treated very nicely by the "power rangers" as we called the park rangers. the boston crew arrived past check in time, so they were scolded and made to sleep on the beach in the "day use" area. one of them didn't bring a sleeping bag, tent or pillow. another one of them brought a wardrobe of mostly tank tops and shorts for the 50's high weather... it was pretty comical looking back.

two of us were stopped at 1am by the power rangers who made us turn on our dome lights to make sure we weren't smuggling the boston fugitives back to our campsites.

then there was the quick hospital visit..

a delicious meal at casa.

and saturday night the harassment by the power rangers continued on our campsites. we were visited twice by two total dicks, and the "good cop" caretaker.

did i mention that the temperatures were hovering above freezing?

here are some of my personal highlights:

1. yelling at the power rangers when they refused to let the bostonians come in to the park to our park and calling one of them a dick.

2. hearing about all the stops the boston kids made on their way to the campgrounds. i think that a centro bus would have made less stops.

3. seeing a huge owl swoop out of a tree, land right on front of our car, and then fly right back through our headlights.

4. being rendered speechless when finding out that someone came on a camping trip to the adirondacks without any sleeping apparatus, including a tent.

5. lazily drinking in the middle of the day.

6. having delicious, delicious mexican food at my favorite northeast mexican restaurant.

7. incessantly talking about cathy's inappropriate comments about chad.

8. listening to some very compelling arguments for clumping cat litter only to be rudely interrupted by the power rangers.

9. my absolute favorite part of the weekend had to be when those same power rangers come back to the site and listening to wFischer so eloquently put them in their place and call them demented.

10. just being in the company of so many of my friends and family.

i didn't take many photos, but here are the ones i did take.

i will have to post my morbid monday links tomorrow. i left half of them at work and i am too tired.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

morbid monday links. as promised.. a day late..

okay.. here are a collection of beauties that i collected today from various news sources...

with it being summer in most of the world i can understand why there are so many motorcycle stories.. there is a great one out of japan...

this guy must have had a pretty damn accurate shot, as i've seen many a movie where 3-4 shooters can't hit a single moving target..

this one had to hurt..

out of all the links, this one is the worst. what is wrong with people? her living room must have been covered with pine tree's like in the movie SEVEN. sarah, i think i speak for emily when i say, please, bury us!


Mike got his annual call from my uncle (his brother) this morning to wish him a happy birthday and i heard that both my cousins are pregnant.. wtf is in the water? sperm must be. :) so one is due in 10 days, and the other is due in december. i am still shocked about this news.

i had a request last week to resurrect the "morbid monday" links.. a couple of years back i was collecting the most horrific news stories i could find and entailing them out to a select few on monday. i stopped when one of my coworkers told me that they were making her cry.. i will se what good stuff i can dig up and post a belated morbid monday post.. don't read it if you think it might make you cry.

Monday, August 13, 2007

i'm going to mexico!!

so i took the plunge and made my reservations for my cousins destination wedding in cancun next february..

i'm kind of really excited about it... i plan on having a good time with my aunts and uncles and seeing my cousins that i haven't seen in YEARS. i wish my cousins kristina and eric were going though. my goal is to get theresa drunk. :)

in other happenings, camping is only 4 days away!! not really sure i'm going to be able to leave work early on friday, which sucks cause i could carpool if i could get out a reasonable time. but that might not be possible, and i might need to drive by myself at night. good thing i'll have moaning myrtle to tell me how to go.

my on call schedule has been posted for the remainder of this month and next month, put in your visit requests now. :)

Sunday, August 12, 2007

updated with more content.

i spoke about a friend of BDs and the other omicron girls in my BD wedding weekend posts.. well, apparently she has a blog in which she writes about tried and true beauty products. i urge everyone to check it out. i've also added it to the blogroll.

here is the video i took of us playing guitar hero II.

so much to update..

friday was a fun evening with T&S and the fischers. we chit chatted and then got to business (business being guitar hero II). great times were had by all.

saturday my defensive driving class was cancelled due to poor attendance, so i slept in. then cath and i ran some errands and i matted the drawing for todays birthday party. i can't wait to have a dedicated space for my art work/supplies when i have my own place. i think i'll have a whole room for it.

i received my celiac test results on friday. i don't have celiac.. so at least eating wheat (while uncomfortable at times) isn't doing permanent damage to my intestines. that is good to know.

we've entered the home stretch as far as countdown to camping goes. i am very excited. preliminary weather reports put the weekend with a high of 70, but we all know that you can't trust weather predictions. i'll be bringing my sleeping bag though for sure.. i think though that its late enough in the season that the water should be warm regardless.

today is our neighbors 80th b-day party. you would never know this woman was 80. she still drives, and maintains her yard, i think she even mows still. it's amazing.. i've been asked to take pictures of her and her lady friends...

speaking of taking pictures, i'm going to go back through my blogs and tag the ones that contain links to photo albums.. i don't really use the tag feature of my that much.

Thursday, August 09, 2007

kira the gelfling..

seriously, i apologize in advance if marie is insulted (i don't mean it to be insulting), but ever since HEK-D posted that pic of her friend eating lobster, i can't stop thinking of kira from the dark crystal. immediately i thought she looks like kiras human equivilent.. and thanks to the power of google, i can bring you the side by side..


i saw superbad tonight. it was hil-larious. i highly recommend everyone see it. i just love seth rogan and jonah hill, and michael cera is very funny too. it's a movie that i will definitely buy. it's like knocked up without the unwanted pregnancy. i have a feeling that we'll be seeing a lot more of jonah hill.

a weird thing happened though at the theater. KW said that she had been to a free preview before and had to put her cell phone in her car. i've been to a bunch of free previews, and have never had to do that, granted i usually go to the carousel.... but sure enough, the movie nazis made us forfeit our cell phones and they wanded us. however... they didn't catch my camera in my purse. i meant to take a video while i was in there just to spite them, but i was laughing too much.

is there anything cuter, really?

i couldn't resist taking this picture of the car parked ahead of me at wegmans today...

than muddy paw prints all over your car? i kinda wish fatty was allowed outside so she could make prints on my car. i also remember as a kid clamoring into the blue dodge van to find the cat had crawled in the open window over night and was still sleeping inside, like goldilocks.. i think if i get a cat when i have my own place i will let it go outside. for these reasons, but mainly because i hate cat litter.

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

wow, it's been a while.

since my last post i've seen Hairspray, submitted an application to be a tv/movie reviewer, finished the drawing. lost at trivia. gave a presentation for some impt people at my company, and in turn met someone else i work with, micromanaged camping (i can't help it... i have nightmares if i don't think out all the details) talked to a few people on the phone, watched my shows... that might be it...

i am going to see a preview of superbad tomorrow night. should be very funny. the KWs are joining me.

this saturday i have to attend "defensive driving", or "driver retraining" as it's called in MA. i heard i have to take a test at the end of it all. i hope i pass, more importantly i hope i have the details about where it is and when i need to go. i'm hoping i put it into my outlook calendar. :)

Sunday, August 05, 2007

bourne ultimatum

the fischers were gracious enough to go to the movies with me. we saw the new matt damon movie. it was great! i am not usually drawn to action movies, but i have really liked this series. my favorite part of the movie was when he almost killed someone with a book. :) PF had a good point though that during the extensive car chase/crashes not one airbag went off. :) the movie also made great use of surround sound. there were a couple of times where i looked to my left because i heard something coming from over there only to discover that it was the movie. i kind of wanted to crash into cars as i was leaving the theater on 690.. i wanted to gun it and just hit whatever was in my way.. however, seeing as the po po have it out for me right now, i restrained myself.

the neighbor across the street is turning 80 this month. her party is next weekend, so i have been doing a drawing of her house. it's going way quicker than i thought. it got me thinking too, maybe i could do some drawings/watercolors of some of the local areas that are meaningful to me and perhaps sell prints of them online as a side thing.. i've posted a photo of my progress on my art blog.

tomorrow for mike and caths 34th anniversary they are taking me to the movies and then out to dinner. woot.

Friday, August 03, 2007

procedure over.

i had my biopsy today. (or autopsy as EH referred to it as). it was no big deal. mike came with me, and was my chauffeur for the day. i was called into one of the rooms about 15 minutes after i arrived and filled out a bunch of paperwork and met the anesthesiologist. then i was told to put on the robe, and wait. so while i am waiting in the little room i hear a man screaming for martha in the next room i'm supposed to be going into. he shouts for her 2-3 more times, then he picks up the intercom and screams for her again. i started to get nervous that that is how the doctor acts..

the anesthesiologist peeked his head and said that they were almost ready for me, and "did i hear yelling?" i said yes.... and he said, "oh, don't worry, it's just us talking, not the patients".

when i finally get in there the anesthesiologist takes my left arm and immediately starts to put in my iv in. and there is a nurse that immediately starts taking my blood pressure. then the anesthesiologist (whom i am probably older than) and the nurse grill me in disbelief that i am 31. well. all the yelling and the impending procedure must have influenced my blood pressure, it was 169/100, she took it again, it went higher. it took until they shut off the lights and he put his hand on my forehead that my blood pressure fell to 117/69.

i had mild sedation, and he gave me the photos of what they saw.

this one isn't marked at all like the last one was. but it's cool none the less.

i'll hear about the results in a week or so.. i am not even sure i know what i want to hear. if i hear that i do have celiac, then i technically shouldn't eat gluten the rest of my life. if i don't have celiac, that's a little more comforting, but what is wrong with me?

i just watched "the devil wears prada". it was kind of good.

Thursday, August 02, 2007

having movie withdrawals...

the last movie i saw in the theater was transformers and i am going through withdrawals.. would anyone in my area be up for seeing either "the bourne ultimatum" or "the simpsons"? there are dozens more movies that i have not seen as well, so if those two movies don't do it for you, i'd be willing to see anything else. a highly air conditioned place is a perfect getaway too to the oppressive heat that is going on here in the CNY anyway.

in other news... i'm being talked into going to mexico for my cousins wedding in February. i'm considering it a birthday present to me. :) and i should be back just in time for the birth of my niece in portville...

while i'm looking into going to mexico i am getting death glares and mean comments from mike and cath about moving out of the house. apparently only SB is allowed to stay as long as she wants. i should have figured, she is the golden child.

so i started looking into what kind of mortgage i could qualify for.. with my debt to income ratio, preliminary web calculators say i could afford a 22K house if i put 1K down. hmm... looks like the inner city with the crack whores is where i might need to start calling home.

maybe eD would hire me back at a better salary and perhaps i could afford a place in the hood of dorchester..

but anyway.. if anyone reading this wants to go to a movie with me friday or saturday let me know..

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

long time no chat..

last night i had a long overdue conversation with KT. she is back in the states and pondering a move to my favorite boston suburb. i have my fingers crossed that she finds something in oak square. :) it was nice to catch up on her exciting life. never a dull moment there.

i also went to wegmans and bought a bunch of groceries. i very rarely go to wegmans unless its for a quick lunch or breakfast it was nice to go last night and buy everything and anything i needed. i found some of the cutest, tiniest mozzarella balls on the olive bar. looove.

tonight is trivia and we have $55 to spend. it'll be a reunion of the original team... plus my aunts boyfriend and KWs parents.. good times!! i'm guessing striped shirt boy will not be wearing stripes..

i kind of just realized that this is an extra short week for me. i was out monday, and i'll be out friday for my biopsy. woo who!!