Sunday, August 05, 2007

bourne ultimatum

the fischers were gracious enough to go to the movies with me. we saw the new matt damon movie. it was great! i am not usually drawn to action movies, but i have really liked this series. my favorite part of the movie was when he almost killed someone with a book. :) PF had a good point though that during the extensive car chase/crashes not one airbag went off. :) the movie also made great use of surround sound. there were a couple of times where i looked to my left because i heard something coming from over there only to discover that it was the movie. i kind of wanted to crash into cars as i was leaving the theater on 690.. i wanted to gun it and just hit whatever was in my way.. however, seeing as the po po have it out for me right now, i restrained myself.

the neighbor across the street is turning 80 this month. her party is next weekend, so i have been doing a drawing of her house. it's going way quicker than i thought. it got me thinking too, maybe i could do some drawings/watercolors of some of the local areas that are meaningful to me and perhaps sell prints of them online as a side thing.. i've posted a photo of my progress on my art blog.

tomorrow for mike and caths 34th anniversary they are taking me to the movies and then out to dinner. woot.