Monday, August 20, 2007

camping recap.

since i checked my stats when i got home and saw that i had a total of 6 hits while i was away, it leads me to realize that 90% of my blog audience was in saranac lake with me.

people keep asking me how the weekend was, and eventful would be an accurate description..

keeping the very long story brief (and since most of my readers were there) we were not treated very nicely by the "power rangers" as we called the park rangers. the boston crew arrived past check in time, so they were scolded and made to sleep on the beach in the "day use" area. one of them didn't bring a sleeping bag, tent or pillow. another one of them brought a wardrobe of mostly tank tops and shorts for the 50's high weather... it was pretty comical looking back.

two of us were stopped at 1am by the power rangers who made us turn on our dome lights to make sure we weren't smuggling the boston fugitives back to our campsites.

then there was the quick hospital visit..

a delicious meal at casa.

and saturday night the harassment by the power rangers continued on our campsites. we were visited twice by two total dicks, and the "good cop" caretaker.

did i mention that the temperatures were hovering above freezing?

here are some of my personal highlights:

1. yelling at the power rangers when they refused to let the bostonians come in to the park to our park and calling one of them a dick.

2. hearing about all the stops the boston kids made on their way to the campgrounds. i think that a centro bus would have made less stops.

3. seeing a huge owl swoop out of a tree, land right on front of our car, and then fly right back through our headlights.

4. being rendered speechless when finding out that someone came on a camping trip to the adirondacks without any sleeping apparatus, including a tent.

5. lazily drinking in the middle of the day.

6. having delicious, delicious mexican food at my favorite northeast mexican restaurant.

7. incessantly talking about cathy's inappropriate comments about chad.

8. listening to some very compelling arguments for clumping cat litter only to be rudely interrupted by the power rangers.

9. my absolute favorite part of the weekend had to be when those same power rangers come back to the site and listening to wFischer so eloquently put them in their place and call them demented.

10. just being in the company of so many of my friends and family.

i didn't take many photos, but here are the ones i did take.

i will have to post my morbid monday links tomorrow. i left half of them at work and i am too tired.