Wednesday, August 29, 2007

working at the fair...

yesterday i worked at the fair... it was a nice departure from the usual workday. i rode there in a company sanctioned limo bus, and honestly that was the best part, 'cept the ride over, it was packed with kids. :) but door to door limo service can't be beat.

the highlights of the day for me besides the transportation were:

  1. seeing one of the kids that competed in the karaoke contest be absolutely pissed that the audio wasn't loud enough on his version of the song, and then have it work perfectly for the next contestant. they all ended up getting tickets to go though.. everyone's a winner!
  2. hearing that a senior citizen that won "Linkin Park: Projekt Revolution tour" concert tickets asked "what do i do with these?" LOL...
  3. watching the crowd go nuts for free anything. if we were giving away AIDS, i bet people would stand in line for it if it were free.
  4. one woman came up to me and asked how she could become a VIP (you had to call in at a certain time the week before the show and win the tickets) and i told her that, she asks, ooooh, i work during the week. hello.. it was a tuesday morning? why wasn't she working then?
  5. riding a station golf cart was kinda of fun too. i only had to drive it 100 feet or so, but i almost hit a police officer on a bike, and an old man asked me for a ride.. get a wheelchair buddy!

i made it into a segment of the show accidently and against my will.. i was handing out 99cent coupons for Dunkin Donuts, the way people were acting you'd think i was handing out hundred dollar bills. :)

click the picture to see the clip. but don't blink or you might miss me.

after the show AC and i toured around a little bit and ate our free lunches from the dinosaur barbecue.

here are the kids that i rode the bus with that intro'd the show lining up to read.

here are some shots of the limo..

mike and cath are going to the fair on friday, i'm going to see if they can intro the show. :)

and KT and i are making a day of it on sunday, so expect all kinds of good stories from that!

here are the complete pics from the day.. not very exciting, i must admit...