Wednesday, August 01, 2007

long time no chat..

last night i had a long overdue conversation with KT. she is back in the states and pondering a move to my favorite boston suburb. i have my fingers crossed that she finds something in oak square. :) it was nice to catch up on her exciting life. never a dull moment there.

i also went to wegmans and bought a bunch of groceries. i very rarely go to wegmans unless its for a quick lunch or breakfast it was nice to go last night and buy everything and anything i needed. i found some of the cutest, tiniest mozzarella balls on the olive bar. looove.

tonight is trivia and we have $55 to spend. it'll be a reunion of the original team... plus my aunts boyfriend and KWs parents.. good times!! i'm guessing striped shirt boy will not be wearing stripes..

i kind of just realized that this is an extra short week for me. i was out monday, and i'll be out friday for my biopsy. woo who!!