Monday, July 30, 2007

wedding weekend

well, it's over. BreeD is a married woman. i had a really great time this weekend. i didn't realize how nice it was going to be to see jeremy again. i honestly don't remember the last time i saw him, it had to be in either college or as long ago as high school. it was really nice to spend so much time with him. he's one of those people i know that i can go years without seeing and fall right into place with.

another great part of the weekend was hanging out with alitza and kate so much. alitza is hysterical, i never really knew her at all in college, but i sincerely see myself going down to NYC to visit. at one point in the night, i was laughing so hard i was crying.

going to NYC was fun, the wedding was as sick as breeD had described. the cocktail hour was so extensive that i was too full to eat my dinner. then there was a salad course, and a sorbet course, and then the meal, then the lights went dim and the music came on, it was like a professional basketball game, and 8 rolling carts full of every dessert imaginable came out.. i had the creme brulee. sooo good.

i am really looking forward to resting this week and sticking around town this coming weekend. i have some relaxing to do.. and some movies to watch. :)

here are the pics i took...