Monday, July 09, 2007


very rarely do i talk about music. [even less than i get the urge to call someone, if you can believe it]. i think because i've been painting so much i've become so inspired to seek out new music..

i caught some of the princess diana concert on vh1 last week and by chance i heard lily allen. i kind of love her right now. she has two songs released that i have been listening to ad nauseum. smile, and LDN. she is a british artist, and the way she sings, you can really hear her accent. i love that. there are so many bands that when they sing, you can't tell that they are not american. i've been finding that i paint best when i listen to songs over and over. the portrait i did of zouher was done entirely to a few violent femmes songs. and the painting i did of KB, my old roommate, i did entirely to american pie. god i love that song. i don't know how i've never downloaded that song.

another british artist i've been listening to a couple of songs from is amy winehouse. her songs are kind of catchy, even though i don't necessarily agree with what she is spewing.. from what i read about in the tabloids, and what i gather from listening to her songs, it reminds me of this trainwreck of a person i know. :(

the last song to round out my short playlist is "surrender" from cheap trick. i had never paid attention to that song till the 4th when i played guitar hero, even though its old and dated, its a nice tune.

i have a drive to MD coming up this weekend and i think i will make myself a new mixed cd for the trip. my making cds and my few and far between trips to MD always seem to coincide..

since we are talking about music... for years now my source for mp3s has been very rarely do they not have exactly what i am looking for... anyway, they have apparently been shut down. luckily i was able to deduce through some googling that my credit balance was transferred over to and i was able to grab a few songs from there last night. i'm bringing home my list of songs that catch my ear throughout the day when i listen to mikeFM over the internets so i can get those too before alltunes gets shut down. :( the gov't sucks.

if you haven't been by my art blog, i've been posting my painting progress over there.