Thursday, July 19, 2007


tonight i am having dinner with the fischers, then SF and i are going to watch Happiness. PF can't handle it apparently. it's been so long since i first saw this movie, but i believe it was very disturbing in that Todd Solondz kind of way.. it's one of those movies that you watch in horror, wincing but with raised eyebrows... but i really believe that everyone should watch it at least once. SF's such a trooper, PF, not so much. :)

***addedum*** PF watched the movie too. i think it's one of his new favorites.

this weekend i am going out to the lovely portville to help E and RH clean the clutter out of their house so that it sells when they put it on the market.. i have a feeling that it's going to be a battle the whole way through like it was when i helped cath and mike clean out their basement.

this weekend is also the "italian fest".. last year it was fun but so hot!! if i recall correctly a certain "studley" was working the beer truck and hooking us up with free beers most of the night.. good times!!