Friday, July 20, 2007

so mad!!

***UPDATE*** i returned that cup of iced coffee and watched him pour an iced tea, but it still has coffee taste in it. and, it must be coffee because i have not drunk even half of the cup and i am physically jittery. i feel like bevis and butthead. i strongly discourage anyone from getting a dinkin donuts iced tea, they suck.

i stopped by dunkin donuts this morning to get an iced tea that i keep seeing advertised all over the place. how good does a raspberry iced tea with vanilla flavoring sound? i ordered a large, which btw, it WAAAAAY to big. and i have been so busy this morning that i'm just getting to take a sip of it right now 1.5 hours into my workday.. well.... it's iced coffee.. i am so mad that i think i am going to take it back at lunch. i HATE coffee. ugh.