Sunday, July 01, 2007

bree's last night out.

this weekend was BDs shower and bachelorette party. in true RB fashion, i overdid it the night before and it was very much up in the air if i could make it to the shower. :( some things never change i guess..... but i made it. the food was gourmet prepared for weeks by ASs mom. she had a bunch of colorful chinese takeout boxes to package up leftovers and cookies. what a stellar idea! the next "party" i have or go to that will have leftovers, i am bringing some.

our original plan was to have the shower, then immediately head to armory and start the festivities. since most of us had a rough (or long) night, we decided to break for naps. when we reconvened we were all ready to go.

some of the highlights of the night were:
1. making each other name tags. i lucked out with "the pornographer" for my constant camera action and directing skills. some of the more memorable ones and not necessarily used ones were, "roast beef lips", "back door, please", "the rug matches the drapes", and "titty titty bang bang". oh, we laughed and laughed.
2. AS told us all about her oral skills and the video she watched by jenna jameson.
3. AS bought a bunch of beads that we decided to give to guys. the "balls for beads" campaign was born. i didn't really partake in that one, but i think BD and LD saw some.
4. there was a bunch of other bachelorette parties out last night. one of which the bride was dancing on the bar at daisy dukes. how proud her husband to be must have been.
5. predictably BDs evening was cut short by the spins. :) and the familiar toilet sleeping happened. i remember that from freshman year of college. :)

here are the comprehensive photos.

i finished the 2 paintings i had started this weekend. i will post the pics on my art blog tomorrow. i also bought a mattress pad that was the correct size for my bed, and a new bed skirt.