Friday, June 29, 2007

walters canal cafe

ever since BJs stopped carrying my fresh mozzarella balls, i've been craving it. yesterday my coworker SLI asked me to go to lunch after the fact, and i immediately thought maybe they had gone to this cafe i've had my eye on... so today at lunch i went to this place. it's been catching my eye for quite some time now.. it is an establishment that is alongside the canal on my way to work, and recently seems to always have a parking lot full of cars. the inside is kind of nice. you can sit down, or take out like i did. i ordered a grilled portabello/fresh mozzarella panini. (i know, bring on the upset stomach) as i was ordering it the man (walter perhaps) told me he was making a new fresh focaccia and if i wanted to wait a little bit i could have the best sandwich i've ever had. i decided i had time. well. wait i did! it had to have been 30 minutes. maybe because i am such a patient waiter they forgot about me.. i had thought about taking my s'wich to the canal park across the street and eating it in the sun, but i didn't have a lot of extra lunch time, and there was a bus full of kids having a big picnic, so i thought better of it.. maybe next time when i go back with SLI we can venture to the park, hopefully it will be teenager free. he was pretty offended that i went without him. i tried to give him the "i had to make sure it wasn't poison" line, but i don't think he bought it.