Tuesday, June 26, 2007

oh to work for a school or be retired.

as we all work today, mike and cath are lounging at the beach working on their tans. i need to get a job where i have summers off.

i went and talked to jennycraig today. interestingly if my celiac tests come back positive they cannot take my money.. how funny. i'll have to lie if they do come back positive. :) the program in case you are curious costs between $13-18 a day for food. averaging $15 a day, that would be $105 a week. shiiiiiit. if i were to commit to this, i wouldn't be able to afford to f around. :)

i'm meeting LD at the mall tonight to buy a shower gift for BD. her bachelorette party/shower is this weekend. should be a grand time! although, i don't think i've ever had as good a time at a bachelorette party as i did at EH's... something about stumbling from one dive bar to the next, sloshing our drinks from bar to bus to bar and back and witnessing the drama all night is a recipe for a fantastic time! maybe if i wear my hello kitty underpants i can bring the party good luck! :)