Friday, June 22, 2007

i love the dentist CNY style..

this morning i finally got around to finding a dentist and going in for a cleaning and have my broken crown looked it..

those of you that are new to this blog probably don't realize how much i love the dentist. i kinda feel like i grew up in the dentist chair, maybe that is why i love it so much.. i've had more cavities than anyone you know i bet. i have two crowns, i've had a root canal, i've had braces, someday i might even whiten my teeth.

anyway.. i love when the hygienist rips into my gums so much that i feel like i've been punched in the mouth for 2 days. this hygienist was too kind. i felt like telling her that she didn't have to be so gentle. i had xrays taken, and i love those lead jackets they put on you. i wonder if i could get one to wear around the house.

the best part of the visit though was the 9 minutes i saw the dr. i swear he didn't look at my xrays at all. but because he didn't look, i don't have any cavities. :) and the really best part was that he took out his high pitched zip needle and "polished" the rough edge of my broken crown and told me i was good to go!! woo who!! no charge, no need to replace the crown, and its smooth now! win win win!

cath hates my dentist though. apparently they are aggressive with their confirmation process...