Sunday, June 03, 2007

the weekend was a blast. MK and i had a nice dinner/beers at "malt river" in Latham and watched a few minutes of the game while we caught up. we phoned AL who happened to be partying with MV and MG. i wish i could somehow get a VM from my phone to my computer, cause MG left me a bizarre as ever VM.

next up was lunch with the kell(e)ys in the old neighborhood. nothing has changed. it was nice to hear about JKs trip to Europe. many interesting stories.

the night out with the ladies was a lot of fun. dinner was delicious as always... i think all of us were very full afterwards.

lk should have the pics up at some point. hopefully the edited version. ;)

i am looking really forward to HEKs wedding. it's going to be an interesting time to say the least, and i'm glad i can be a part of it.

funny tidbit...
this morning i had brunch with those of us that were sober enough to attend. we met at the pour house and as always there was little to no parking. i spied a small meter spot on newbury st and am always up for a challenge. not to mention i was already 15-20 minutes late meeting JN. so in RB fashion, i started squeezing into the spot. let me also mention that the spot was so tight that if i could have picked up my car and placed it in the spot i would have had literally 2 inches in front, and 2 inches behind between the 2 cars. but if you've ever been to boston you know that you sometimes need to bump the car or cars around you to fit in.. so i start bumping the one behind me, and the one ahead of me, and i start to grow a small audience on the curb.. well, about 4 more bumps to the front later the driver side door opens up and the driver leans out and glares at me. i immediately think, oh shit... i was already so late, and not about to give up the spot, so i acted like i knew what i was doing and leaned out of my door and rolled down my window and asked the guy to move his car forward an inch. :) he shook his head and started up the car and pulled it forward a foot or so. :) so i finished parking (still about 2 feet from the curb) gathered up my purse, grabbed some quarters for the meter and thanked the guy (who was still hanging out the car door) and went on my way. :) it was priceless. i think he was too in shock that i would hit his car repeatedly then ask him to move to be an a-hole about it. damn i'm a lucky girl.