Thursday, June 07, 2007

poor fatty

well yesterday was D day for fatty. she had her yearly hair appointment. they did a much better job this year than they did last year. they seemed though to have nicked her tail though. but they did make her tail look like a lion too. :)

last night trivia was a huge success. we got 180 out of a possible 260. the winner had 250 and there was a 3rd place tie at 225. we didn't even come close. but we had a damn good time doing it! i also had some of saranacs pomegranate wheat beer. soooo good. if you see it at your local beverage center i highly recommend picking it up...

here are pretty much all the questions. if you want to know the answers, email me.

within 2 years how old does nicole kidman turn this year?

what was the first successful walt disney cartoon movie?

a tv picture is made up of what 3 colors, know as TV Primary Colors...

name the song from the following lyric, "lips as sweet as candy, their taste stays on my mind"

within 3, what number US President was martin van buren?

what is the master gland of the endocrine system?

who was the first woman to host the oscars?

what is the last name of the founder of wal-mart?

how many verses are there in the star spangled banner?

within 2, how many of the 48 contiguous states have an ocean coastline?

who was the first player to break babe ruths home run record?

greenwich mean time differs by how many hours from EST?

in the TV world what do emily deschanel and deforest kelley have in common?

within 2, the 2007/2008 season of the simpsons will be what season number?

what type of creature begins with gills and then develops lungs? (name the term)

what country uses the letter D on its car license plates?

what is the first word of the preamble of the constitution?

give the 1 800 number to alexander and catelano.