Friday, June 08, 2007

the weekend is upon us

this weekend is festival mania here in the 'cuse!! there is a balloon festival, a greek festival, and a polish festival. i've never been to the balloon or polish festivals, and that probably wont' change again this year. the only festival that i go out of my way to attend each year is the greek festival. sooooo delicious food!

if possible this weekend i'd like to attend the farmers market. reading about how the "gluten-free girl" goes to the market all the time is inspiring me to go.

then there is drawing saturday morning. i should go to that too.

i had lunch with SF at the dark horse tavern today, very delicious black and blue salad. i love steak on my salads!

i think i am going to see a movie tonight with my roommates. either "knocked up" or "ocean's 13".

anyone besides me heard of "flight of the conchords"? its a new 30 min show on HBO. its about a couple of folk parody singers from new zealand trying to make it in NYC. pretty funny stuff. the accent alone makes me fall in love with them.