Friday, June 01, 2007

thank god for air conditioning..

last night i went to bed early again (9pm) and laid in bed for about an hour and a half sweating profusely. it was time to get out the air conditioner. luckily cath the ever so helpful lent me a hand (and some choice advice) and we got it in my window. i love to sleep with my down comforter all year long. :)

today is equally as sweltering. i hate hot weather. give me a *dusting* anyday!

i'm really looking forward to meeting missy the great for drinks tonight. it'll also be sweet to watch the yankees lose again!

tomorrow is shaping up to be a monumental night. nooner wrote me to say that she "called" the kissing bandit, and she will be joining us too. good thing i charged up my camera battery! woooooooo who!!