Thursday, May 31, 2007

in the 11th hour

at the very last minute the trivia team changed their mind and decided to go last night! woot! i was so excited! we did okay. it was hard as it always is..

here are some of the questions.

Mythology was the theme for the last 10...
who was King Arthurs son?
who was Lancelot's son?
who was the king of Norse gods?
what island is guarded by the Statue of Hercules?

then in other randomness there were questions like these,

who holds the record for longest hitting streak in consecutive games? pete rose, ty cobb, or joe dimaggio?
what does the A in AIDS stand for?
which glands are found right on top of the kidneys?
what japanese capital cities of old and new have the same letters?

tomorrow i will meet MK in albany and have drinks with her at a schenectady area bar. i have ben to very few capital city bars, so i am excited!