Friday, May 18, 2007

finally it's friday!

and as luck would have it i have plans this weekend! i must be doing something right! tonight i am going to have some cocktails and watch the red sox game in manlius. tomorrow i have drawing, then later on i'm attending my 3rd pampered chef party. i feel like a MV groupie. :)

sunday i am going to see a couple of my mommy friends in the southern tier. i think that is going to be so fun!their kids have never met each other.. should be cool.

it's like long lost friends weekend! each activity will be with either a college friend or a high school friend!

in and amongst all my visiting the roommates and i need to put the finishing touches on 150 programs! :(

i have a feeling next week is going to fly by..

this past week and next week are going to be great tv watching nights. this past week was the survivor and office season finales. and next week will be american idol finale, dancing with the stars and most importantly LOST... i am so glad btw that melinda is gone from AI. i am not sure though if i want blake or jordin to win. i love them both.