Sunday, May 06, 2007

full weekend.

ryan wins with the completely dysfunctional eric and danielle!! i can't believe it! i would have never guessed they would have won, i thought danielle was going to quit so many times this season. ryan is the proud winner of $5 IOUs from everyone!! haha. jk. HEK is the only one whose money i don't have. get it at the wedding.

cath and i signed up to go tanning.. its the stand up kind of booth. it's kind of cool. i'll take pictures of it next time i think of it.

so tomorrow is ride cath's bike to work day. i need to get up early. **edit** it was too cold this morning to ride. :( hopefully by the end of the week i will have ridden in at least once.

i got called in twice this weekend. :( being on call is not fun.

spiderman has run its course i think. the third one was entertaining, but i think they should stop. i had two favorite moments in the movie. the part where MJ kisses harry someone yells out "whore!" the whole theater burst out laughing... and then in the middle where peter parker went bad and broke out in a dance sequence like a jimmy fallon pepsi commercial. i loved his awkward hip swiveling. :)

time for bed. i'm going to have a big day tomorrow i can tell.