Wednesday, May 30, 2007

trivia bust again...

i can't for the life of me find people to play trivia with. :( how can i be the only person on earth that likes trivia?

i've been emailing with LD today about the weekend. good god that was fun! i got laughing about bird and his "hot military bod". ooo how i wish olean was closer. :)

i'm looking forward to this weekend though. we're renting a limo and having dinner at maggianos. yummmmmm.. my mouth is watering thinking about their salads. i'm hoping nooner is coming. i didn't see her name on the limo now that i think of it.. who's gonna get some action if nooner doesn't come. :(

i forgot to mention, but its been exactly a year since i moved from boston. seems like a lot has happened, and it also seems like nothing has happened. i am still significantly lacking in the friends department out here.. that is probably the most notable thing. but i'm seeing that there may be an end in sight to that tunnel. i have probably gained 20 lbs since moving home. hmm. my intentions were to weigh less by this time with my workout partner. i'm thinking maybe i need to go it alone to get serious. :) maybe i should set some goals for myself.. and then make steps towards those goals.