Monday, May 21, 2007

jam packed weekend.

so much was accomplished this weekend!
programs - check.
table names - check.
design/layed out place settings - check.
gift bags - done.
necklace - bought!

this week i just have printing the place settings. i'm crossing my fingers for no last minute changes. i have a facial and lash tinting (it was part of the package) tomorrow. tanning each day if i can stand it. present wrapping and packing. we are heading out thursday after i get out of work. i can't wait. it'll be such a relief when its over! :)

then it's just smooth sailing till HEKs wedding.

friday night i went out with the ESM ladies. we played darts and had beers at the ugly duckling. i think it was lesbian night there, or a softball convention. one or the other. we got talking with this guy (red shirt) called pirate. for the longest time we couldn't figure out where "the smell" was coming from.. then we realized it was sloppy joe, eminating from pirate. oh, many laughs were had about that... he was not the smartest cookie. he was telling us how his dad was in vietnam when he was a boy (he's 28, btw). so i had to ask him when he thought vietnam was.... oh the 80's give or take was his response. good grief! at least he was entertaining.

yesterday i saw AR and AF and their little boys, i don't know why i didn't take any pictures... they were so cute. AR has a phone that has all sorts of animal calls as its ring. right now its set to "turkey call" since its turkey season. :) and its cammo. so you could hypothetically take it with you hunting... :)