Monday, October 31, 2005

hi ho hi ho

its off to work i go.

it looks so oozing! cause of the neosporin.

does anyone know where my tiara thing is? i distinctly remember telling
hope and keith (i think) to make sure to get it. it fell off my head, adn
it was on the ground while i was trying to stand up...

Sunday, October 30, 2005

arnica is my friend

i am kind of loving this arnica. i had to brave the outside world today to go to wild oats and get the arnica. i have been taking the little sugar like pills like a junkie and the gel is very soothing, it has some sort of alcohol in it, so it cools when it goes on.

i just remembered that i have a concert to go to tomorrow night. then i stopped and thought about it and i have a pretty busy schedule this coming week. yay!

monday - concert at the banknorth garden
tuesday - meeting with keith in harvard square
wednesday - hmm. nothing i don't think, thank god
thursday - dr appt with my primary care, then WW.
friday - meeting with keith

and work all week. :)

day 2. still, not so good...

at least i was able to get my contact in... i knew my left knee was aching, but i couldn't bring myself to look why. well, its scratched to shit... yay! and my right palm is losing chunks of flesh. i had to use the nail clipper this morning to get some of the flaps of skin off.

let this be a lesson, say no to alcohol! can't wait for work tomorrow.

Saturday, October 29, 2005

not so good. al.

yay i have a black eye! my first one...

Friday, October 28, 2005

oh, i forgot..

i forgot to mention to everyone that i got a cat.. here she is with my friend gertrude..

i call her tinkerbell.


grrrrr. my weekend is off to a bad start.

first off, my costume is not going to work. should i return all the stuff i bought at modells? i kinda feel like i should. esp after what happened this morning.. so i don't really have a costume for tonight. that's okay. i'll be more comfortable anyway.

then, this morning i go out to my car, and there is a ticket. i'm thinking, it for parking too close to an intersection, or something like that. its for street cleaning! street cleaning on the other street. i am so pissed. there were no spots on my street last night, so i parked around the corner. i hate my neighborhood. the best part is, i walked out of the house at 851. the ticket time is 846. $50.... F-somerville.

also. noone wants to go to the beer festival with me on saturday. everyone i know sucks.

but i did lose a pound this week. despite all the halloween candy i ate yesterday, before weigh in.

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

a kewl discovery....

my friend at work showed me this excel spreadsheet she has that calculates all the WW info you could want to know. its so awesome, it even keeps track of the flex points on the latest version of the plan. let me know if you want me to send it to you.. it's making me want to eat all kinds of stuff, just so i can enter it into my sheet and have it calculate the points, etc. it'll figure out points for you even!

another thing i found today was the santa fe farms chocolate mint cookies that i used to eat back in the day. they are in a new package. 4 mini cookies for 1 point. delicious!

i'm going to try my hand at making polenta bruschetta for dinner tonight. :) yum! i've had this polenta forever now, time to do something with it.

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

movies, movies, movies.

lately i have been looking at my netflix membership and figuring out how many movies i watch per month, etc. i have decided that i don't watch enough movies. i am not getting my money's worth out of netflix. so, i have seen a bunch of movies lately.
here are some thoughts on the movies i've seen.

The Motorcycle Diaries
i liked this movie a lot. it was about che guevara and his friend riding a motorcycle/hitchhiking all across south america. it was in subtitles and spanish. it really humanized che guevara..  plus the lead guy, gael garcia bernal is very hot... :)

Moonlight Mile
this was a decent movie, the beginning was slow, but jake gyllenhaal was in it. i really liked the main actress, Ellen Pompeo, i found out she is from everett, ma. then while i am at IMDB i realize she is "dr gray" of gray's anatomy....

Igby Goes Down
i wrote abt this one already. sooooo good.

Six Feet Under: Season 2: Disc 1
i'm rewatching this series, cause catbrowns taping isn't always consistent... and i'm not sure how many episodes i've missed along the way, and its nice to watch them in order. so far this season, rico and his wife bought a house, nate and brenda are getting along fine. david is not dating keith yet. claire is still dating gabe, but he's doing bad things, stealing embalming fluid, etc... ruth is going to these cult meetings to "take back her house".

harpoon beer forum...

seeing as i didn't go to work i shouldn't have gone to the beer forum, but i did. :)

the premise: give feeback on a new beer. harpoon recently had made a beer as part of their 100 barrels series that was insanely popular. it was a framboise. a Belgian-style fruit lambic. they are flirting with the idea of releasing a line of beer based on their UFO that has rasberry overtones.

the overtones were completely lost on me. actually the whole taste was lost on me really. i couldn't smell or taste much. we sampled 4 different kinds. it was cool. there were about 13-14 people there. more men then women, but i'd say 6 women..after we sampled the beer and recorded our thoughts they gave us more beer (i had their new 100 barrel series "imperial stout") and asked us about beer in general, what we liked, what we had in our fridges, what types of cars would we compare harpoon to and some of the other "favorite" beers we came up with. then we talked about the FOH program. very interesting stuff.

they have tours and tastings at the brewery on saturdays at 3. or you can set up a private tour if you can get 15 people together. that would be fun i think...

i learned of some new beer i want to try. Pyramid apricot-weizen, and Lindemanns peach ale...

let me know if you see those two beers!

Monday, October 24, 2005

catbrown challenge report

good evening, as you know i had to weigh in tonight and i lost 3 pounds!!!!!! i am so excited, and have a renewed enthusiasm to be good this week too. i do think that the journaling helped me so much. my day is monday, but yours may be a different day so be sure to share with our fellow supporters so we can help each other. i will post a new strategy to work on for the week on saturday. keep up the good work, it's worth it.

Sunday, October 23, 2005

so much learning this weekend.

wow, i learned so much this weekend.

1. i learned that my therapist is not good with friday afternoon appointments. for the 2nd week in a row she was unable to make it on time or even 45 minutes late for my 330 appt. last friday i rescheduled for later that night, this friday i just told her to forget it. so mad! i waited in her hallway (the reception room door was locked) for 30 minutes with no phone call, nor did she show up. so i called her VM and left at 4. ugh.

2. i learned that the vegetarian festival is pretty much the same year after year.. and that instead of beet salad and fake shrimp, they should be giving away free deodorant. damn those hippies don't seem to care about personal hygiene.. it's downright gross. fjk and i watched a sushi demonstration. holy comedy. first of all the "olympic gold medal" winning chef was very slow. it took him an hour to make 4 rolls. someone in the audience asked "what kind of fish are you putting in these rolls?" wtf? did she not know where she was? we were at a vegetarian festival. jesus christ, try to follow along.

3. i learned that 'from justin to kelly' is a horrible movie. but making fun of it the whole way through makes it tolerable. along that same note, i learned that "sleepovers" when you are in your late 20's just aren't the same as when you are in your late teens/early 20's. much more tame.

4. i learned a lot of things at the ballet today. first, everyone and their grandmother (literally) goes on sunday afternoons. second, i learned that at a ballet, there is no talking or singing by the characters. its silent, the orchestra makes all the sound that you hear. the dancers just dance.
that's it. third, you're expected to dress up when you go. jeans, new balance sneakers and a fleece pullover don't really cut it.. i don't know why i didn't think to wear something more dressy. oops. fourth, children can't sit still. there were three girls sitting next to me in their winter tights and pink and furry skirts, and they wiggled and giggled and talked and ate candy the entire 2.5 hours. i felt like pinching them and stealing their twizzlers.

5. i learned that my allergies are slowly killing me. i am going to pass out from dehydration from the amount of fluids that have poured out of my nose today.

Saturday, October 22, 2005

it's me catbrown!!!!!!!!!

ok, i am proposing a challenge. weigh in today, and put your goal at a 10% weight loss. i am using the Weight watcher method, but you can choose your plan. weigh in the same day and post your progress. remember we can support each other and share ideas and recipes, and encouragement. try real hard to make this happen. Just think of how good it will feel to enjoy the holidays and not feel overstuffed in our clothes. I think if we all get control now, the holidays can be an enjoyable friends and family share time, instead of a food-fest. my one tip for the week is to journal everything you eat. do this for one week, and we will work on another segment of a healthy lifestyle next week. remember to take this one week at a time (or one meal at a time). each successful choice makes us stronger. one thing i keep in mind when saying no to something not on program, is that i can always have that another time, just not now. for now i will say no. be strong, good luck and healthy eating.

Friday, October 21, 2005

i won!

there are a couple of things worth mentioning from yesterday that i failed to blog.

1. i knew i had to wake up early yesterday, but i could not remember why. so as the minutes ticked by i racked my brain. 7:35 nothing. 7:45 nope. 7:55, i remember that its street cleaning. i have to have my car off the street by 8am or i will get another $50 ticket. shit. i jumped up, took a shower, washing the hair dye out of my hair and dressed in record time. i was walking out of the house at 8:20. and an angel must be watching over me because unless someone stole it, NO TICKET! yay! $50 richer!

2. as i was sitting in the "interview" with the lawyer guy yesterday he stops and asks me if he can ask me a question. i really hate that "can i ask you a question?" question. its never anything good... he says, "are you wicca?", i'm like, "noooooo". he's like, "oh, you have that look about you... my wife is wicca.". wtf! a new kind of insult. now i look like a witch! jesus...

3. i answered a survey for the FOH (friends of harpoon), and i was chosen to participate in a focus group on monday. sooo exciting! i'll tell ya all about it on tuesday.

thank you to all of you that answered my homework for keith today. i am meeting with her in a little over an hour. i kinda wish i didn't have to come back to work today, cause i think its going to be a tough session. i'm going to come back to work looking like someone punched me in the face. yay!

i gained 2.8 lbs at WW last night. so i weigh almost more then i did when i started about 2 mos ago. go me!!! paying all this money to gain weight! i think i need to start actually counting points and not eating like i am on death row and its my last meal ever. i bet exercise would help too. :(

who wants to see a movie tonight?

Thursday, October 20, 2005

weekend plans...

so the weekend is almost upon us. this weekend the pats have a bye, not
that i've watched them in weeks. but i am going to the ballet on sunday
with fjk. woot. i've never been to a ballet. very exciting.

saturday i am going to the vegetarian festival. fjk and i are going to try
to catch the demonstration on vegi-nori. i think that means vegetarian sushi.

saturday night is girls night. it has been down graded from the go all
out,have a blast in boston night we planned MONTHS ago, to a low key, braid
each others hair, eat ice cream and watch bad movies kind of night in the
'ville. i kinda wish we were at least going out to dinner. i've had this
night penned into my calendar all summer practically. :(

friday i have no plans. maybe i'll go see a movie.

best news ever!

i can't believe i forgot to mention this in my earlier post.

i finished the debt management program that i entered way back when in feb of 2001. i successfully paid off 3 maxed out credit cards, my old car loan, and my apple computer loan from college. i should look at my records as to how much the total debt was. it was monumental at the time. i truly felt like i was drowning.

the bad news is i have racked up about 10K more in new credit cards since i went to ireland 2 years ago... i am however going to take the newly freed up cash i was using to pay the debt company and put it systematically towards these two new credit cards. :) i'm so thrilled! happy days!

i also forgot to mention that i'm loving the facial hair on the astros... i didn't think andy pettitte could look any better, and even the rocket looks good. those yankees and their stupid dress codes suck.

more stunning news, my stitches came out sometime during lunch today.... omigod!!!! i must have eaten them. i'll have to check my stool..

wine for dinner

i just had wine for dinner last night. :) hee hee. love.

i have all my ducks in a row right now. i took off the days i needed to in
december, (2nd and 27-30th) i arranged for a dr's appt in oneida on the
2nd. i called my dr. in west roxbury and am going to have a fasting
cholesterol test taken (think i need anything else cath?) when i go in

i have that meeting with the insurance guy for my old company in 30
minutes. i hear he's sweaty and gross. can't wait! i've also been advised
not to shake his hand. how do you do that? that's rude. i'm gonna get an
iced tea while i am there. yippeee skippeee!

survivor is on tonight. woot! and i am going to WW tonight. i have skipped
the last 2 times and now cath is proposing a contest. does anyone want to
join back up with me? WW=good.

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

igby goes down

i just watched igby goes down. great fucking movie. very funny and very tragic. just what i like, i highly recommend it to everyone. :) so many actors are in it, and i think i am in love with keiran culkin, very talented.

something else that is great is long point winery's 2003 sangiovese. very buttery and dry.

my allergies are killing me lately. really killing me.

so i dyed my hair tonight. i kind of ran out of dye, and i am kind of concerned that i missed some spots in the back center of my head.. crossing my fingers that i didn't. i would imagine that if i did i will look like emily when she dyed a spot in the middle of her hair when she was a teenager.

i meant to write that i had another vivid strange dream. this time, i dreamt i was waiting for a train and i ran across a girl from college we used to call dakoda. she looked identically the same as she used to. we chit chatted, she's still in rochester, i asked her if she was taking the train out that way. she said no, she's going to allston when she parked her ferrari. i was like, "wow,you're doing really well then".... she said "well, chad and i don't have any college loans to pay back, so all the money we have made since then has just been profit". and she confirmed to me that her son was 3 years old. then her train came and we waved goodbye. after that i saw a friend i knew in high school named prachi. she was going the same way as i was. i got on the train with her, and realized that while i was talking to dakoda i had let a bunch of trains go by me, and i was at least an hour late to where i had to go...

did i mention that this is really really great wine?

updated to do list..

i'm so much more productive when i have a list... :) for those of you keeping track...

laundry - probably tonight
vaccuum the living room, its gross
clean the bathroom, i can't remember the last time i cleaned it. its even grosser.

dye my hair purple
watch my shows - tue, thurs
figure out what to do about my car and its numerous repairs, maybe try another autozone.
start xmas cards
i am going to attempt to hand do them this year, after a 2 year hiatus.

animal carnage everywhere....

this morning on my ride into work i saw two dead raccoons and one dead
squirrel. shiiiiiiiit.

so i had a very interesting session with keith last night. she is so
positive and insightful its amazing. i guess it goes hand in hand with her
line of work, but i've never talked to anyone this good. she always ends
the session with what i like to think of as a "glimmer of hope".. this
probably makes no sense... oh well. i am working right now on analyzing
what i have to offer as far as friendships and relationships go, and what i
get from my friendships and relationships. i am kinda stumped on what i
have to offer, and what my "marketable" qualities are, so in order to get a
better idea i am going to be polling a few of you. :) lucky you.

when i got home from work yesterday LK had already taken out the trash and recycling. soooo exciting!

i just love that adam corolla show. i just realized too he has an interview
type show on at midnight on comedy central. if only i had dvr, or tivo.

Tuesday, October 18, 2005


i want that dam to break in taunton so bad! LK and i were talking last
night about how dumb it is that people try to hold back water, and then
build houses right there. DUMB! just like the levees in NO. water carved
out the grand canyon, people. do the engineers really think that some
wooden age old damn in southern massachusetts is going to keep it at bay?

i talked to this lawyer today that has been calling me for months about a lawsuit against my former employers in JP. i am going to have to meet with him on thursday to give him a statement about what i didn't see. grrrr. if i have to go to court over this i am going to be so mad! i've been avoiding this guys calls for at least 5 months.. :)

gas heater is fixed.

so the landlord came by last night and got it going, he played around with the thermo-coupling, apparently it has to be "real close" to the gas line to keep the pilot going.. there was a point in there that he thought we were going to need a new one.

because of the massive amounts of heat this thing is supposed to give off we had to move the TV and the beetle car collection. i love to rearrange! i decided to use one of my boat anchors (dead cpus) to prop up my television a little higher on top of my refrigerator. its a little higher now, i could see the astros blow it when they were 1 strike away from being in the world series last night.

i didn't get to my laundry so i have to do it tonight, but last night wasn't a complete waste, i cleaned the bathroom and LK and i vacuumed the living room.

revised to do list:
laundry - probably tonight
vaccuum the living room, its gross
clean the bathroom, i can't remember the last time i cleaned it. its even grosser.
dye my hair purple
watch my shows - tue, thurs
figure out what to do about my car and its numerous repairs, maybe try another autozone.
start xmas cards. i am going to attempt to hand do them this year, after a 2 year hiatus.

Monday, October 17, 2005

warming up the house.

the house was very warm last night after i got the kitchen heater working. there was at least a 5-7 degree difference between my bedroom (open window) and the rest of the house. i asked chuck if the gas heaters were expensive, and he said no, less then the electric. so that is good, although, ours is already more then the electric... and its not even winter yet... i don't know.

i also turned up the temperature on our hot water heater in the basement, i was unimpressed by the lack of really hot water in the shower before. now its smokin'! yeah!

i am kind of glad the white sox won the pennant. one more game of freddy garcia! rrrrrrrr. not to mention, andy pettitte tonight. rrrrrrr. pettitte vs garcia possibly? what a game that would be. :)

to do list for this week:
laundry - probably tonight
vaccuum the living room, its gross
clean the bathroom, i can't remember the last time i cleaned it. its even grosser.
dye my hair purple
watch my shows - tue, thurs
figure out what to do about my car and its numerous repairs, maybe try another autozone.
start xmas cards. i am going to attempt to hand do them this year, after a 2 year hiatus.

Sunday, October 16, 2005

so cold!!!

it got really cold here all of a sudden...

so cold that i have been researching for two movies now how to start up the ancient heating system that has been doubling as a table here in my living room. its a "duo-therm" something, and all i find when i type that in is RV/camper related things. . i checked the basement even, thinking maybe i needed to turn the gas on. nope. so i resorted to ringing chuck and sarah's doorbell and begging for help. chuck came down (smelling like pot) and showed me how to light it, but we couldn't get it to light. i used the same technique though and got the furnace in the kitchen to light though.

its actually giving off quite a bit of heat so far.

the apple pie was delicious. very apple-y.

i am renting six feet under season 2. the first disk has only 2 episodes on it. wtf??? its gonna take me forever to watch this season. they should put at least 4 episodes on each disk, shiiiiiiiit.

apple pie

making apple pie is harder then i thought. i didn't realize that i had to peel the apples. i don't have a peeler or a pie pan or nutmeg. i hope the nutmeg doesn't matter, it was only half a teaspoon. i bought disposable pans for the pie. also, i'm not sure if i did the crust right, it said to fold it and flute it, not so sure was fluting is...

i am watching hotel rwanda right now. i have heard it is very depressing and hard to watch, very bloody. its about african genocide, the sleeve compares it to schindlers list. don cheadle is in it. after this i am going to watch "the woodsman", that is about a child molester. i'm having an uplifting sunday afternoon.

i went to autozone to have my "check engine light" problem diagnosed. actually i went to 2 autozones. the first one refused because they were understaffed, they couldn't afford to have someone come outside and check my car. the 2nd place had 2 people come out to look for the plug that they needed to plug into their machine to see what the problem was. . so i still have no idea what is wrong with my car. but it does need an oil change, a new windshield, an inspection and whatever is ailing the engine.

damn this pie smells good.

last night i helped out at mikes poker tournament. it was fun. then we played some ourselves, i lost 3 times, but a bunch of our beers got drunk! wooo who!

my cheek is still sore. the tooth part, not so much, but the cheek is very sore. it must be bruised really bad. i am still taking ibuprofens 4 days later.

Thursday, October 13, 2005


Darn… I wonder if there is a way around this…

Dear Rebecca, thank you for writing and inquiring about the Haudenosaunee Promise. The Promise is for entering or transfer students in pursuit of their first bachelor's degree. There are several other criteria and if you send me your address I will mail information to you. We don't have our website up quite yet in this information.

Also, you will need to be admitted to Syracuse University under the normal admissions requirements. To learn more about these and programs at Syracuse and to get an application, please go to and review the information there as well as fill out a request for information form.

PS. Can you tell I am loving this “email the blog” thing?

strangest dream

This is the dream I had last night. I’m thinking it was because I woke up at 3:30 needing to take some ibuprofen, but who knows…


I go to FK’s house to pick her up and give her a ride to work. I don’t know how to drive to her work, so she is giving me directions as we go. We end up back at my house (which happens to be in the stop and shop). Oh, I should mention that I was early to FK’s house, so I decide to park in the metered lot across the street from her house and use that extra time to clean out my car. So we’re at the S&S, and its 720, we don’t have time to be at my house that late. But since we are there I decide to run in and grab my ibuprofens. I see FK, and we get distracted by the cute Charlie Brown Halloween decorations, and I remember that while I am there I should pick up some diet cherry pepsi. I’m running through the aisles looking for my apartment aisle, but the merchandisers are there putting out all the Christmas merchandise, like tv’s and stereos, and there are cords everywhere, and I can’t get through. So I stop one of them and ask which aisle are the apartments? He shrugs, and I keep going, then I realize that I am not at stop and shop, I’m at Shaws.


Wednesday, October 12, 2005

i'm alive!

the good news is my tooth is gone, it didn't hurt, and it took about 6 minutes, start to finish, from novacaine to gauze.. i could hear the roots ripping out. :( but i didn't really feel it.

the better news is he didn't break my jaw.

the bad news is i had to have a stitch, he said they had to cut the gums a little bit. :( i am not stitch free anymore!

the worse news is it cost $83. shiiiiiit.

i saw the tooth, it was pretty cool. all in one piece. he told me i could have it, but then i forgot it.

girl dinner was cancelled, so sad. pep is too sick. i think we should all go out to dinner instead. el guapo is calling!

london is a no-go

I got the word today that going to London this quarter is a no-go. Maybe next quarter.. that is actually a relief, cause I can’t really afford it right now. Phew. I’ll be sure to let you know if I am goig next quarter, maybe someone will join me.. I hear London is fun.


i added pics...

I added pictures to the weekend posting. Check it out!

Today I am having my only wisdom tooth pulled. I wasn't nervous until last night when I started thinking about how they are going to do it. My dad said they stick a tool that looks like the one you use to get nuts out of their shells down into your gums and pull it out. :( I just hope I can't feel it. I think I might rather have a root canal at this point...

I watched some of the amazing race last night. It was pretty good. I was talking to LK so I missed the last 15 min or so. L who got kicked off? I think my favorite team this season is the team with the two little kids. I also think that the team with the step mom is pretty humorous. She thinks they all get along swimmingly, but the boy thinks "she's a bitch!"

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

bake sale

we are having a bake sale at work tomorrow. however, i will be having my
wisdom tooth ripped out of my jaw at the same time, so i will not be able
to participate in the festivities. :( how sad. i think that peanut butter
chews would have been a hit too. oh well.

i finally got some pictures of my friends new baby. she was born Friday,
Sept. 16th at 11:52am and she weighed in at 7 pounds 9 ounces and is 22
inches long. she was a little jaundiced so they had her dressed up like a
glow worm.

riley elizabeth burns

i am aiming to download the weekends pics to my camera and get them up tonight, after my appt with keith. then i will finish updating deannas
website. shiiiiit. i will be hella busy.

email test

damn you people with your car problems! you're rubbing off on me. this
morning on my way to work my check engine light went on! wtf!!! i don't
think i've ever seen a check engine light, ever!

i can't wait to get paid on thursday. i am in the red this pay period. :(

Sunday, October 09, 2005


what a nice fun outdoorsy weekend i had!

friday after my meetng with keith LK and i drank wine and watched tv and talked about cars.. after the red sox were swept. :(

saturday morning i went to floras house and ate breakfast with her and her 3 visiting friends. then we went to the king richards faire. it was rainy/drizzly the whole day. i bought a headband of sorts. its kinda cool. not sure when i'll wear it, but it was something i had to have at the time... afterwards we went to moody street to the skellig and had a couple of drinks, then went to the indian place up the street to have dinner. it was so exciting to go to an ethnic restaurant with so many people who were excited about that type of food.

click on the picture for the whole album...

saturday night was the first time in a while that i didn't get lost coming home from floras.

did anyone see SNL last night? jon heder was on, (napolean dynomite). i fell asleep during the news.

today i went apple picking with flora and her friends (molly, tank and bruce). i bought 7-8 cortland apples. i even ate a couple and my gums didn't swell up. very exciting. i'm hoping to make a pie out of them.

we went out for thai in arlington after the apple picking, again, so good.

i will upload some pics to this post once i download them from my camera. flora, dont' forget to send me mollys address.. actually, do tank and bruce have them too? i would imagine so..

Friday, October 07, 2005

new and improved friend gauge

when my sisters and i were kids we used to gauge how important a friend was by asking the question, "would you invite them to your birthday party?" and to this day to some degree i still gauge friends that way. but when i was talking to my mom last night she suggested another measure. probably a more fitting version since we aren't so inclined to have birthday parties anymore..

"would you visit them if they were in the hospital? would they visit you?"

this is something that is kind of telling, i've been going through different scenarios in my head about this since...

Thursday, October 06, 2005

dinner and drinks...

Dinner with kitty and her friends was nice. We went to the border café. Then we went to a couple of bars. Kitty is so funny, she was asking for roofies, literally!

Tonight is WW. I will be highly surprised if I have lost an ounce. I’ll probably gain. Then its survivor and csi, woot! I want to get to bed early tonight too, if possible. Maybe I’ll watch csi from bed.

Wow. Not much to report today.

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

dinner with kitty

Kitty is coming into town tonight. I’m going to have dinner with her and her friend and her friend’s daughter. I think they are even staying in Somerville. We are supposed to have Mexican. Yum..

my tooth will be pulled next wednesday, one week from today. yay!

the joke about me cutting my hair has become quite a passionate thing. i've had more then one person pretty much forbid me to cut my hair... how funny. i might have to do it just cause i'm being threatened not to.

did anyone else watch the "adam corolla project" last night? i love AC. i can't get enough. i'm also surprised that he is married, and that she has some weird leg thing going on...

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

best day ever!!!

So today was dentist appt part 2. he told me that he thought he saw a cavity during the cleaning, and today I was to go back for a checkup on my bleeding gums and he was going to look at the x-rays and see if there were more cavities.

Well, the gums are much better he said, and there is only one cavity, but it’s in my wisdom tooth, and he referred me to an oral surgeon to have the whole tooth removed.

So at the end of the day, no cavities, only one wisdom tooth in my whole head, and I don’t need to go back for 6 mths… and he said that since the wisdom tooth is so grown in it should be no problem to pull, and I might not even need stitches.

Woo who. What If I didn’t need stitches? Then I will have lived for almost 30 years with no stitches. Shiiiiiit. But what if he breaks my jaw? Not good. :) I’ll pray that doesn’t happen.

I have the best dentist in the world!!

On a side note, in case you are hella confused cath wrote that last post abt the purple hair.. but I have my own funny hair story. I was telling KT yesterday that I might cut my hair, her instinctual question was “how short?” and I pointed to my cheekbones. She makes a face and says matter of factly, “oh, you would look soooo ugly”… thanks KT…

The chili I made yesterday was sooo good. I brought some for lunch even. Yum…I love crock pots.

Girls dinner is coming up in a couple thursdays. I’m psyched! mexican this time!

Sox play today at 4:09. get your work done!

Monday, October 03, 2005

purple hair

i just had to share what happened to me last night!!!!!! SB insists i need to "cover that gray" hair. sooooooo i buy some semi-permanent (thank GOD!!!!!!) dark brown auburn color. come home ,slap it on (should have known there would be trouble when it goes on PURPLE!!!!!!!!!), leave it on the recommended 10 minutes, rinse it off and my hair is Boston Red SOX red. sarah and mike convince me it's not "that bad".
i went to work, and every one in school looked at me and said "oh, you changed your hair????? The gym teacher (he's quite the character) yells across the entire playground, blacktop area "hey Mrs. Brown", and points to his hair. I yell back across the entire playground , "I did it for the team!!!!!!"
One little 4th grade boy asked me why my hair is red?!?!?! i said oh i changed my color, do you like it? he said "oh no, it's disgusting!!!!!" So i treck to Eckerd's after school and get the mediom brown coloring. Now it's better, a toned down Purplish/Red. Luckily it should wash out in 28 washings. HMMMMMMMMMMM how many washings could i get in before work on Wednesday??????? without my hair falling out!

huge sigh of relief

well the weekend is over!! i made it thru with no tears, no puking, nor did i die of disentary... phew!

friday night after my nails, i went and watched the sox beat the yankees at pj ryans in the 'ville with a couple of coworkers. good times, good times. mcgouns should hire that bartender/waitress. the place was pretty packed, yet she still managed to tend bar, and deliver food, and bus empty dishes back to the kitchen. she was like superwoman!

saturday was the wedding i've been nervous abt for a month solid. i saw all the alphabet people, including NS and his new gf. thankfully he didn't look that good, that was easier to take. :) i didn't talk to him though.. he was the only one i didn't at least say hi to. oh well. franny looked so good. her dress was beautiful. she threw her bouquet only to jen up on the stage, after she thanked her for setting her and tim up at the red sox/seahawks game. it was cute. i stayed until about 430, then i headed home to prepare for the wine party. there was a "post wedding" party at the hotel that i did not attend.

the wine party was fun. angela came over early so LK could dye her hair while i cleaned the backyard and went grocery shopping for the finger foods. we set the new "party table" up in the backyard and brought out my torch lamp. it was cozy. cyarleigh and and her man came. it was nice, i haven't seen her since brackett st. it was really nice to catch up with her/them. apparently she had a really hard time getting her deposit back from our old landlord. some crazy stories, i'm glad i'm outta there..

this is a good story from sat.. LK and her bf leave early. so its hoper, dan and angela and i just hanging out. everyone decides that its time to go, but angela can't find her bag or purse. turns out george of the jungle mistakingly put it in their car, and they took it out to framingham. so they had to turn around and bring it back, so we decide to play catchphrase while we wait, and hope goes to lay down in LK's bed. lk shows up drops of the bag, leaves, and angela and dan get ready to leave. dan decides to play a little joke on hope and busts into the room yelling that there is a fire.. i think hope leapt straight from the bed into the living room. beating the shit out of dan on her way. it was one of the meanest and funniest things i have ever seen. i still get hysterical thinking about it. :) sorry hope..

yesterday i swept and mopped the kitchen before i went to the theater in woburn to watch the sox games with a coworker. it was neat to watch the game on the big screen and drink beers in the theater.

so who's in for trivia on tuesday?