Wednesday, November 30, 2005

she's in her room

SB said she saw her in the hallway and catbrown said she was in a lot of pain.. :( SB said they would be giving her painkillers. i am going to try to call again in a half an hour to see how she's doing..

we got word.

catbrown is out of surgery. the dr said it took longer then expected, but there were no complications. as of 315 she was in the recovery room, expecting to be there for 1-2 hours, waking up.

i am going to call again at 430 to get a status update from my peeps on the inside.

catbrown update

i spoke very briefly to SB. cath is still in the OR. she went into surgery at 11am, so hopefully she will be out soon. i would imagine that i will hear from someone, but if i don't hear anything within the hour i will call them again..

keep checking back..

i passed!!

finally, my car passed inspection! i have a valid sticker on it now! i can't help wondering if i waited till tomorrow i could get a 12 sticker instead of an 11. oh well..

cath should be at the hospital right now. they wanted her there for 930, and she was scheduled to have the surgery at 12. supposedly dad and SB are going to the dinosaur barbeque for lunch while she is being gutted. it's going to take 3-4 hours. might as well have a pulled pork swich. shiiiiiiit.

i'll update on this topic after i talk to dad this afternoon.

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

i can get a job in japan!

finally i figured out emilys little puzzle... i don't know if i could do it again... :)

tonight hope is coming over to make lasagna for us. should be good! i realized when i got home from this weekend that i have a magnum of the swedish hills chardonnay that is so good that i brought to the hunts. wooo who. drinks tonight. i should have put it in the fridge last night. shiiiiit

i am going to get either some garlic bread, or make my own for tonights dinner too. i love "family" dinners. too bad kt and pep keep dropping the ball on the dinner they are supposed to be hosting.

tonight i am supposed to give keith a list of things i want to work on. that's a long list. :)

tomorrow is cathy's surgery. everyone think good thoughts. hopefully the hospital will let her out on friday.

Sunday, November 27, 2005


here are the pics from this weekend in case you are interested. there are not many.


i've had some strange nightmares lately.

one was that my car was towed from the street, i was parked somewhere and on my way to T&L's engagement party. i had to go in and use their phone to call and find out where my car was. while i was inside at the party brian fieldz showed up, it was strange, he swore at me i think. then i found out that my car was in some lot and a tree had fallen there, and i wouldn't be able to get my car out till 1am at the earliest. i needed it cause i had to go to work the next day. i was also concerned because when your car gets towed they only take cash, and its always more then 100 dollars..

the second nightmare i had this weekend i woke up in the middle of, but i was at like GB's house or something, cause LK was there and other men i didn't know. i happened to be walking by a window in the upstairs and saw that there were 2 men with big shotgun like guns aiming at the house. they were casing the place. then they started firing, so i ran into the room where everyone was and told them, so one guy got up and got a gun and
started firing back at the men, so as i was crawling around in the upstairs and saw FBI agents searching for the shooters. then i saw out the window that they had gone onto the porch across the street. then a huge pipe bomb came sailing towards the house. i crawled into the other room where everyone else seemed unconcerned. then i woke up before i got to see what happened. i was breathing really heavy, it was strange.

record time

i made my best time ever yesterday. i pulled out of the fayetteville mobil at 9pm. i had to get gas, red bull and windshield wiper fluid. and you'll be glad to know i checked my oil. i walked into my house in the 'ville at
115. that is 4 hours and 15 minutes. shiiiiiiit.

only 1 car passed me the entire way, i stopped once to go to the bathroom, and i cruised at 80mph pretty much the entire way. driving at night is really the way to go.

there was even a detour through boston at the end, so had 93N been available from the pike i prob could have done it in exactly 4 hours. wooot!

saturday i saw lori, marisa, kevin and baby riley. she is so little.

i feel like sleeping all day today. :)

Thursday, November 24, 2005

random collection of thoughts

its thanksgiving!! i don't know what i was thinking, (or not) there is a foot or two of snow here. i didn't bring boots, a hat, gloves, or a winter coat.

dinner is at 4pm. i can't wait for the stuffing. we are having a turkey and a ham.

last night we went out on the town. sarah got some good pics i think. emily had too much to drink and threw up before bed.

my laundry is almost done. working from home yesterday was good. i got a lot done. i am exhausted, i didn't sleep well on the couch last night.

Sunday, November 20, 2005


:( grrr. i have been sitting on disc 3 season 2 of six feet under for weeks now thinking i had more episodes to watch.. well i didn't. i had seen them all. i hate that!

i watched boondock saints tonight. its supposedly based in boston. only the overhead sweeping shots from the beginning were really boston. willen dafoe was in this one. i like him. the two "irish guys" in the film. are not irish. at some points they have a decent irish accent. sometimes they don't. too bad they could not have used real irish actors. i noticed that there was a "boodock saints II, all saints day" in production.

lazy sunday

so i slept till 2pm today. :) it was so nice.

so my date went well. i got a little nervous before i met him, i even considered not going. but i'm glad i did.

he is a little taller then me, cute, smells nice, dressed nice, was intelligent, has a car, a college education, works with the internet, looks like he lifts weights. overall i was impressed. he paid for dinner, walked me to my car, and expressed interest in hanging out again. :) the conversation didn't lull, but it usually doesn't, i can be very chatty when i want to. he listened and had relevant stories, he also had cute teeth. they have a little bit of a space in them, but cute none the less. i think he might have been a little self conscious about them cause he tended to kind of cover his mouth when he talked. oh, and he had really nice fingers and fingernails. i have nothing negative to report about him or the date, so i am looking forward to hanging out with him again, should that happen.

Saturday, November 19, 2005

so warm in bed!

my bed is so warm. it makes me want to stay in it all day. i think i am going to go out to brighton and take that picture of boston that i really want.  maybe while i am at it i will go to JP and take some pictures of the pond too.

yesterday was t-giving at work. they had a catered lunch for the whole co. it was alright. it was fun to sit down and eat with my coworkers, usually i just eat at my desk. later that day we had a party for someone who was leaving. they bought only "boston" beers cause she is moving to san diego. it was cool.

tonight i am having dinner with DG and his sister. i haven't seen him in years. then i'm going dancing with the ladies. should be a great time.

tomorrow i have a date.. and monday a date with a different person. :) hee hee.

i gotta figure out when to drive back this coming weekend. i am kind of thinking about pulling an all nighter on saturday and driving back then, in the night. traffic is going to be horrible on sunday, and wed for that matter. gotta see what cath thinks.

if these are the movie choices for thanksgiving, i say we see walk the line..

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

a big fat R

LK took me to get my car this morning. thank you LK. jack reprimanded me again. and i have a big fat R on the windshield. apparently after they reset the "check engine light" the car needs time to adjust and reset itself. so i have to go back within 60 days for a reinspection. :( will any of my cars ever pass an inspection on the first try? i doubt it.

so far so good, the engine light has not gone back on.. someones prayers are working. keep em coming. it appears that all the car needed was an oil change. the bad news is i just got the most expensive oil change ever. $176. shiiiit. i am flying to vegas for that much!

oh, cath and mike, can you pick up my prescriptions? i should have 2 waiting at 1pm.

i saw jarhead last night. rrrrrrrrrrrrr.

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

car update...

i got a stern talking to by my mechanic. he was really pissed that i waited 13K miles to do an oil change. he thinks i might have done some damage to my motor. if the check engine light goes on again soon, that will be bad news... so all of you readers, please say a prayer for my car. i'm not even half way done paying it off. so it looks like that was the problem..

the car will pass inspection since its just mechanical this year. they are replacing the windshield. it'll be ready today at 430, but its not feasible for me to get it tonight, so LK will take me tomorrow. so nice!

i didn't even ask what it was going to cost me.

tonight is the beer tasting, but i don't think i'm going. i am carless for 1, and 2, its from 6-8. so to leave here at 6 is a rarity for one person, and damned near impossible for 2 people.

tomorrow night i am going to see naked jake. woot!

thursday night i might as well not sleep. i have a party after work with fjk, and then i'm going with JB at 12 to see harry potter in downtown boston. that is a "go to bed at 4am" kind of night.

but friday is our "thanksgiving" here at work. should be pretty awesome.. we are having a catered lunch. LK said last year they gave out apple pies to everyone.

Monday, November 14, 2005

all kinds of big news.

my car is most likely "misfiring". that means i will be lucky to have it back by the weekend in my estimation. i am glad i am having it fixed though, its been a long time coming. its been more then 5 months that i have been driving around with an expired inspection sticker. i got my first ticket for that this weekend. :)

big news, breeD is getting married. i have 2 years to get ready for that one. :) in other big news cath told me breeD's old b-f just had a baby with his wife. the old b-f happens to be jennyb's cousin. shiiiiiiiiit.

i got my results back from the doctor. i have a cholesterol of either 144 or 177. whichever one is considered "good". no diseases, and my thyroid tested negative, or normal. whatever it tests for.

i learned that there are at least 28 people going to be at thanksgiving dinner. 28.... i think that is pretty insane.. we have never really had big holidays in the brown family. esp since all the grandparents are dead. this should be a thanksgiving to remember. i just hope there is a boy doing flips at half time.

i am going to miss survivor this week. :( i'll have to tape it. i have a party to go to, then i told JB that i would go with her to see harry potter at midnight. i don't know what i was thinking.. i have a feeling that i am
going to fall asleep again this movie..

Sunday, November 13, 2005

good weekend

friday night i did not paint like i intended to... i had some drinks with the girls, and jasper whites summer shack has oyster shooters.

Saturday i went to the isabella stewart gardner museum, the movies (chicken little) and dinner at sabur. good times. sat night i made pulled pork for sundays tailgate. sunday was fun. tim and jimmy were there, as were lees dad and brother. good times.. jen and mike and i sang all the way home...

i got my laundry done this weekend, and i'm taking my car in to the shop tomorrow morning. KT is taking me. shiiiiit. kt's the best.

Friday, November 11, 2005

its christmas in my car!

so my dashboard looks like a xmas tree. the oil light has now come on and is blinking at me. so, when i don't wear my seatbelt, it seriously looks like xmas..

in other news, the "stew" did not dissipate like i imagines overnight, its still there. so on my way to work i called bob the landlord. Supposedly, he's on his way over. LK was able to scoot out of the house before he arrived. i'm crossing my fingers that he can fix the problem, and not blow chunks in the meantime.

i think i'm going to paint tonight. how fun will that be?

Thursday, November 10, 2005

week in review...

its been an up and down kinda week...

the week started out okay, till monday night. when eagle eye wanted to talk to me. i've been given detention. call me if you want to know what this means.

so tuesday was not so good a day. i was up very late, the italian family was eliminated from amazing race. and i could only stay awake for 1/2 of adam corolla project. and my brownshu email account got shut down.

wednesday morning the toilet started backing up.. i didn't really think much about it, we have a plunger, i half heartedly tried to unclog it.. no luck.. off to work. while at work KT asked me to go to the movies with her and Mel. the catch was the wanted to see "in her shoes". eh.. not on my list. i am working on this really phat project at work, so i was working late, and KT always works late, so she stopped by at the end of the day and coerced me into going to see IHS. it was a good movie, and i'm glad i saw it. i wouldn't have gone if they hadn't made me. between work and the movie time i needed to run over to the craft store to get some "titanium white" paint. well, i walked out of michael's with two tubes of paint and a candle. i parked near the bath and body works so i could run in and see if they have any fresh new vanilla smells, they don't. so i had a few minutes, and i checked the famous footwear real quick. well. real quickly i picked up 2 new pair of shoes. :) wednesday=good day.

today we are up to our eyeballs in shit. i bought a new plunger cause the $2 one from target doesn't work at all. so i got the $4 one. say a prayer for us that this works. we have a big ole pot of diahreah stew in the toilet bowl right now. i almost puked trying to plunge it..

i am out of the survivor pool. :( bobby jon got the boot. gary found the idol. shiiiiiiiit.

i lost .5 lb this week. sweet!

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

catbrown challenge report

tuesday morning here, and catbrown reporting in......i was so good this week, journaling, drinking more water...everything in order, and i thought i hadnt lost an ounce. so discouraged when i went to my WW meeting. WELL.....i lost 4 pounds!!!!! i was instantly happy again :). now i am more encouraged to continue my good habits. i will work on more exercise, and keep journaling. that was the key. good luck everyone, i am now moving toward the circle

Monday, November 07, 2005

cars and dating link

this is funny, i totally feel this is true.

in my opnion the car, or lack thereof makes a huge impression. i can think of 2 instances where i was totally unimpressed with the cleanliness of a dates car, or their lack of a car.. it seems superficial, but in reality i think it can be a very real factor.

dum dum dum....

so next monday my car goes in for work. i need a new windshield, an oil change, an inspection, and my check engine light did not go away with the lifting of the rainy weather (cath)... so i am taking bets as to how much it will cost. i'm hoping for $100.

i can't believe this, but i am still sore from this weekend. :( god damn i am out of shape. raking shouldn't put you in traction. shiiiiiit.

i have 16 songs collected for my new mix cd... if i could just get sixteen military wives i would be so happy. there is a $1 reward for anyone that can find me that song by the decemberists..

Sunday, November 06, 2005

i love

when people either commit to doing something, or "maybe" commit, and then just don't show up. and of course not calling to confirm they are not coming is great too. people are awesome.

i'm at the bar.. hee hee.

i'm at the sports depot right now, they have wifi. wooot!

i saw elizabethtown this weekend. it was pretty inspiring. not only was i inspired to take a road trip, there was a scene where there was a great painting of martin luther king that makes me want to do a painting to do it that way.

i am so sore from doing yardwork at angela's house yesterday. more sore then i should be. :(

while angela and i did some yardwork rich cut a wall out of the porch. he had to take the windows out and everything. it was so exciting! angela took some pictures, and even a video. they also had this phat portable fire pit.. it was so neat, i need one of those!

alright, i need to socialize..

Friday, November 04, 2005

catbrown challenge update.

I lost 3lbs this week. Woo who! Then we got Chinese food last night. :) a little impromptu girls night, complete with csi and survivor…

I am looking forward to tonight. I think I am going to dinner at this Moroccan restaurant in Inman square, then hopefully to the MFA 1st Friday event. I’ve wanted to go to 1st Friday since I moved here. Shiiiiit…

keep on keeping on.

Thursday, November 03, 2005

blood pressure...

i was very dissapointed by my shows last night. 1st, that 70's show sucks now. the acting is bad. when did that happen? plus the actors are getting to old to be playing such kids. 2nd, the trading spouses show is a TBC. wtf?!!! so mad. the woman is insane though. makes me reject religion even more then i already do... the family from the "dark side" as the crazy lady refers to them, is from boxboro. the crazy lady is from louisiana.

so my blood pressure is 114/84, is that good sarah?

my dr doesn't seem to think i have anything wrong with my face. so looks like no broken cheekbones. i am having my cholesterol and thyroid tested. and i told her to test the full gamut of stds.. so she said they can test for gonorrhea, chlamydia, and syphilis. ;) cross your fingers. he he.

as i was driving on the jamaicaway today i realized how much i miss that jamaica pond, and JP in general. :( i gotta get out and take some pics.

i forgot till i checked my mail this AM, this saturday is help out at angela and rich's house. i am so excited!!! i can't wait! i've always wanted to rennovate. now i have a chance to. angela mentioned pulling wires. wooooooot! bring it on!

Wednesday, November 02, 2005


i finally got around to uploading some pictures.

here are the ones from frans wedding, and the ones from this halloween.

good good dinner...

i am so excited for dinner tonight! i really couldn't think of anything this morning for dinner, so i looked and looked in my cupboards. i realized i have all the fixin's for a fabulous breakfast dinner.

this is what is on my menu...

pancakes 4 to 6
strawberries 1/2 cup
sausage links 2
eggs 1/4 cup

i have plenty of these ingredients, so if anyone who happens to read this would care to join me you are more then welcome. usually its just me on wed nights!

i saw that tonight is the episode of "trading spouses" that they have been advertising with that woman on it who is screaming like she's the busdriver from southpark. i think i'm gonna watch that at 9, and that 70's show at 8. shiiiiit.

wow. look at the difference

check out the difference between the first day and today. its a miracle. i am a fast healer. shiiiit.

i've got the phatest purple/blood eyeshadow in the world though..

this morning at 7am i was awoken by pounding on a door. at first i thought it was my door. or the house front door. then i woke up a little more and looked out my window, the police were back looking for jeremy. they banged on that door for a good 20 minutes. right before i took my shower i think i heard the mothers voice. so hopefully they got him.

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

kinda sad

i have been kinda sad lately.. i think it started when LK asked me if i was moving back to syracuse this summer. it has since consumed my almost every waking thought. i have always known that as much as i love MA, and everyone that makes up my life here, i will ultimately end up back in NY, more specifically when the sisters start popping out babies. when i was a child i used to fantasize about moving to colorado, but cath is lucky that the last few times i've been out there there has been a terrible drought.

as i told LK, i feel like i am treading water here in MA right now. i am making enough money to live, but not enough to really pay off my debt or save any. i am at an age right now where i'm anxious to settle down more, and be in a relationship, and make a life plan for the next 5-10 years. i really don't think i can do that here. i would imagine that nieces and nephews are coming sooner then later, and i'd like to meet someone and have some children myself.

i think a lot of this is being brought on by my turning 30 soon. i also think some of it is because everywhere i look my friends are pairing off, squirrelling away with each other, having children, moving on with their lives. i feel stuck. like candy land. :)

looking to syracuse as a possible destination is a little frightening right now. would i be able to work? my instincts say no.... unless i could change professions.. or work remotely for my current job.

ugh, its all so overwhelming... i think i need to draw out a plan and
tackle each little part bit by bit.. make a list of sorts.

well, i started thinking about this, and thinking about timelines, work makes me think in terms of quarters. so we are at the beginning of 4th quarter now, my lease isn't up until the end of 2nd quarter... so i've got 75 cents to figure this all out...

ugh, my head is swimming...

onto other news, i saw a ferrari today. a kind i've never seen before.. it was sweet.

looking better!

so i think my eye is looking much better today..

the concerts last night were fun. the BEP were great, although i didn't think fergie looked as glamourous as she usually does. she looked kinda puffy. i kinda kept wondering through each show if i was rally at a dance recital. i'd say the focus of the shoes were about 75% dancing, 25% singing.

gwen's show was strange. she only performed her new album, no "no doubt". the harajuku girls were definitely worth seeing, great dancers. gwen had like 6-7 costume changes.

the best part of the evening was sitting next to katie who slept through half of gwen, easily. and when she wasn't sleeping she was telling stories about peeing in a tupperware container in the back of her parents car as a kid, then pouring it out the family car's window...

big news... last night and this morning i nailclipped the chunks of flappy skin off my palm. let the healing begin!

also big news. as of this AM with my jeans on i am 4 lbs down from last thursday night. wooo who!

how'd you do cath?