Thursday, August 31, 2006

salt rocks..good for your soul.

i am kind of loving my new phone.. its very new and cool. i love to look at it and press buttons, but i still have an aversion to talking on it. :)

i need to get over to the one and only sprint store in the area to have my phone book transferred over to my new one so that i don't have to retype 100+ numbers... once i do that i decided that i will cancel my plan. it'll cost $150 to break my contract, but it will cost me $756 over the year to keep it.. its the better decision, plus i think they will just add the charge to my bill, and i can pay it little by little if i need to. :)

tomorrow i go to the fair for work. bill and hillary rodham are supposed to be going to the fair tomorrow too. maybe they will come on the show. :) i am looking forward to the following things at the fair...

  • possibly seeing "braeden", he has been spotted at other newscasts during the week. if he is there, he'll have to fight mike and cath for the front row on camera position.

  • having free dinosaur barbeque for dinner.

  • getting to wear a beautiful piss yellow golf shirt.

  • trying all the NYS wine in the wine tent.

  • getting fresh chocolate milk off the milk truck for 25 cents.

  • trying (or talking someone i'm with into trying) the deep fried spaghetti and meatballs.

  • riding the tram.

  • that's about all there is to look forward to..

    last night i delivered my artwork to the place its going to be shown. it'll be there all month... it was a very dirty hippy type of place. it smelled like incense. the woman talked in a very low voice. she told me all about these salt rocks that have lights in them and how they help balance the out the positive ions that come from your TV's and electronic equipment.. say a prayer something is sold. how kewl would that be? maybe then i could retire.. hahahaha...

    i've been hearing back from all kinds of people i haven't heard from in ages from the email i sent out with my new contact info... its kinda nice to catch up with everyone..

    tonight i must do some freelance work. i have been slacking...

    Tuesday, August 29, 2006

    new phone... and some catch up

    i have a new phone!! i'll probably send out an email with my new number, but if you want it and don't receive an email from me, email me.. i will be phasing out my old phone with the MA number. i will still be using it for an indetermined amt of time..

    i also failed to mention that i found a penny machine at a little crap store in NC. so i got a set, they also had a little book inside at the counter with little slots in it for said pennies. but i figured dan the man must have a bigger and better way to store his pennies.. plus it was $5. :) HEK remind me about them if i forget to give them to you on the beer tour.

    i got my new bathing suit in the mail. it probably came the saturday after we left for the NC... too bad i probably won't get to use it now the rest of the season...

    my coworker told me about this show called prison break... does anyone else watch it? i ordered the 1st season from netflix, i'll see if i like it. the 2 main characters are pretty hot... hopefully i can catch up in a timely manner and start watching it in real time...

    i get to work the "great new york state fair" on friday. i am pretty excited! i will be helping out with the 5 o'clock broadcast, keeping the crowd enthused... b*ll said it was easy... he had a great time doing it last week. i will get a coupon for dinosaur barbeque food for my troubles, plus i get to wear a station t-shirt.

    Sunday, August 27, 2006

    hmmm. maybe sprint is not so bad...

    completely unsatisfied with my phone, i went to the mall today with cath in tow to check out new phones. because i am not a new user i would have to pay $200 for the phone i want. :( not good. so the very helpful girl at the counter talks to my mom and i for about an hour to hatch a plan.

    i found out the following things.
    1. i pay about $70 a month for 700 anytime minutes of which last month i used 116. and that is a pretty typical usage.
    2. i am eligible for a 16% discount on my monthly bill from sprint just for being employed with my company.
    3. cath is eligible for a 15% discount with them for being a gov't employee (working for a school district)
    4. she gave me a new battery (free of charge) because i told her how unhappy i was with my current LG phone not holding a charge anymore.
    5. if my parents add me to their plan for $10 a month and i share their 800 minutes (of which they use a combined 67 a month typically) i would be considered a new subscription, be eligible for a $150 credit towards a new phone and i could get a new local number.

    i can get the phone i want, change my number, keep my old phone for one more year because the contract... and i could split the bill with cath and we'd both save. what a win-win situation... plus i have a new battery for my old crappy phone. i am soooo excited!

    we got back from the NC yesterday at about 9pm.. we left NC at 7am. that is a 14 hour drive for the mathematically challenged. grrr. not something i want to do again anytime soon. 14 hours is too long a time in the car.

    that phat house that HEK sent me one time with the hot tub in the backyard went down to 159,900 from 164,900...

    i was delighted to find that there are 6 new episodes of ali g on HBO demand. that is the damned funniest show ever. cath and i were crying and couldn't breath we were laughing so hard watching it.

    i need to frame all my stuff tonight.

    Friday, August 25, 2006

    our last day

    this is our last day.. its probably the hottest day we've been here yet. i'm undecided on whether or not i should go to the beach. i think i am ready to go home. it'll be nice to sleep in my own bed.

    janna came by yesterday with calan. we had a nice visit..

    there are more pic of our time her in the NC right here.

    i can't wait to pack up the car to go back!!!!

    Thursday, August 24, 2006

    an old college friend is coming to visit!

    an old college friend and roommate is coming to visit me here in the NC. apparently she only lives 1.5 hours away. janna is bringing her newborn baby calan (pronounced cal-in)! i am so excited to see this baby.. i've seen many drawings of him on her husbands myspace page, but i want to see him in person and take my own pics!

    i think its been since janna and kens wedding since i've seen her, so i am pretty excited.

    on the news front, there has been an arson possibly and now a murder in my hometown of manlius since we've been gone. what the hell?

    i have decided my cell phone is f'd! i am so mad i don't think i've had it that long, i would guess under a year. i'll never buy crappy LG again. too bad i can't get a razr like the rest of the world. :( that will be a priority for when i get back. i am having trouble finding artists statements online.. i have found lots of "how to's" but i would rather just take an existing one and edit it to be pertinent to me.

    ooooh. i wanted to mention i had nightmares last night about laguna beach, i've probably seen 75% of the 2nd season cause that is all that is ever on the TV upstairs.. i hate those kids, what spoiled brats. that jason is pretty hot though...

    alright, i'll post some pics later when i take some of janna and the baby.

    Wednesday, August 23, 2006

    i think its going to be sunny today...

    it looks like it might be sunny today, unlike yesterday and the day before. its been raining on and off for a couple of days now, and when its not raining its pretty overcast. i was actually cold yesterday.

    i spent most of yesterday recovering, my muscles are sore from vomiting. if you didn't read em's account of the other day i got a little carried away and had a few too many tumblers of chocolate martinis and threw up in the pool and actually passed out.. hopefully those pictures never surface.

    i've been busily working on some mail art. so the next couple of people on the list watch your mailboxes...

    i watched 'the machinist' this morning, very odd movie. i kept getting interrupted and people were talking so i couldn't dedicate 100% of my attention to it. christian bale lost something like 60 lbs for that role and he looked so gross.

    i just realized that i need to write up and artists statement and some labels and a price sheet for my artwork that is going to be hung in 7 days. shiiiiiit.

    i've been meaning to mention that i saw secret vanilla sparkle deodorant at the store and i bought the clear gel deodorant by mistake. but i think i love it... i think i am going to buy it again when i run out.

    looks like HEK and LK are coming to visit again for the brewery tour in september, jenny patterson is going to come too, and maybe even her husband. wooo who, good times!

    Sunday, August 20, 2006

    coming at you from the NC

    i took some pictures today of the house, they are here..

    i didn't think i was going to the beach today but after our little trip to scope it out and after a quick dip, i was convinced that i needed to come back to enjoy that cool wavy goodness.

    i think we are going to get lightning tonight. i'm looking forward to it.

    here are the pics of the property from the realtor.

    Saturday, August 19, 2006

    RIP Ollie

    to say the trip down to the NC, (i like 'the NC' better then the OBX, i feel like that stands for "obnoxious" like people that cover their cars in those oval stickers) was eventful would be an understatement. my roommates and i had booked a room at the fredricksberg Days Inn South for the night so when i got out of work we were going to hightail it to VA to meet up with the Hunts. on the way there mike told me about how he read all about our hotel ($56 a night) and read that people had bad things to say about it. my favorite was the patron that had found "turds" in the toilet, and beer bottles in the pool. i saw no pool, but i did have to step over a cockroach on my way to check in through the sliding drawer late night gas station style. i guess you get what you pay for. the ride there for us was excruciatingly long, we left the cny at 5pm and arrived to the hotel at 1230am. :(

    here are a couple of good shots from the hotel room, oh, adn the lights wouldn't all turn on, so it "looked" clean... upon further inspection in the daylight...

    here is a great shot of a gas station bathroom along the way. two for one!

    our trip was a cake walk though compared to em and ryans. when i spoke to emily at 530 she said "the bug is acting weird", when we checked in later we found out the bug had started smoking somewhere in pennslyvania and they pulled off and put 2 quarts of oil into it. the heat light was still on. about an hour later we get another phone call, "the bug is dead". em and ryan had to leave it with a tow truck guy and jump into the pickup with the rest of the hunts for the remainder of the 3 hour trip to the hotel. it is still pretty undetermined what is going to be the fate of "ollie" the 2000 turbo VW beetle. i'll keep you updated.

    today we had approx 300 miles left to go. we woke up and hit the "waffle house". they must not have a very good dental plan there because i think between the 6 waitresses there they still couldn't make a complete set of teeth. i am not even exaggerating, i wish i was. when i as giving my order i felt like i was talking to the boogey man from the nitemare before xmas. i think that diner was the first stop for convicts upon their release. there was a guy there that had one eye, a huge mean looking canadian.... we tipped her $10 even though she wouldn't let us order the signature dish of waffles.

    here is a good example of the clientele at this waffle house.

    we got about 30 minutes into the drive and traffic came to a screeching halt on 64. we found out 20 miles and 3 hours later that there was a car accident. i really kind of hope that 6 families died in that accident. once we got going again we were able to cruise on down. we left the waffle house at about 10am and arrived in the NC at 5pm.

    i was a little skeptical about the house we were renting, the pictures make this place look fantastic, and nothing is as nice as it looks in pictures. holy crap was i wrong. this place is like a palace, i feel like i am on the real world. there are 5 bedrooms, a pool in the backyward with lights in it for night swimming. a hot tub that will fit probably 7 or 8 people, an outdoor shower, two phat living rooms, a couple of outdoor porches, all the comforts of home, movies, books, stereos, televisions, dvd players, vcrs, a table big enough that the 11 of us can eat dinner/play games comfortably,a pool table, two refrigerators, a million places to sit, central air, fans... its like heaven...

    i look forward to relaxing like i've never relaxed before..

    Thursday, August 17, 2006

    i've been slacking..

    holy moly, i think this is the longest i've gone without a post. :( i've been rather busy though, and extremely tired, so that is going to be my excuse.

    i've just heard from Essential Kneads that the 8 pieces i have submitted for the month of September have been approved and i will hang them on the 30th. the opening/reception will coincide with their HolisticFair on Sept 23rd. that is a Saturday, so if anyone is in the area that day, you should come to my first art show. woooo who!

    other than that breaking news i saw ricky bobby last night with the fischers. it was decently funny. not hysterical laugh every minute funny, but every so often there was a really dry funny comment or joke thrown in that was very laughable. i liked sasha baron cohen's character, although it would have been funnier if he had played one of his ali-g characters. quite a few cameos.

    we (the browns and hunts) are preparing for a trip to North Carolina for a week tomorrow. we have rented a house and the 11 of us are going to have some fun in the sun! we are rumored to have internet access there, so i will surely update. the amenities i am looking forward to are:

    1. the "private" pool, i'm hoping that means private just to our house, cause i don't want to go in the ocean when there is a pool available.
    2. the outdoor shower
    3. the jacuzzi
    4. the internet

    i am going to bring my netflix movies and i am going to try to catch up on the 1st season of prison break. i heard its good. i might also put a hurting on the 5th Harry Potter book that i just can't seem to read.

    i think that is it for news. i've been going to bed early this week.

    Monday, August 14, 2006

    my muscles are sore.

    this weekend was jam packed with great times. the wait for LK and HEK to show up was unnerving especially because i kept calling LK and she wasn't returning my calls, and of course HEK doesn't have a phone. :) but quickly the house started filling up with the fischers, the kamerys and the hunts. we played battle of the sexes 2 when everyone got there and i must say this new version is way more balanced.

    saturday morning we arose early (some earlier than others due to loud animals) and headed out to the beautiful hideaway beach on lake ontario. after seeing the photos someone asked me if the white sand was imported, he didn't believe that such a beautiful lake could exist here in NY. tsk tsk.. silly boy. we had a slight issue on the way back. i should have known not to volunteer to ride with good for nothing paddler, cath. she is worthless. on the way back we had to split up the kayak paddle and both paddle like it was a canoe. linny (our boatmate), sensing our panic when cath let a piece of the paddle fall into the bottom of the lake, jumped ship about 60 feet from the shore. luckily she was wearing a lead so i was able to quickly hoist her back in.

    we ate at the dinosaur that evening. as we were pulling up HEK exclaimed that Dan would be so jealous because we were going to a place called the dinosaur and dan's favorite barbeque sauce is "dinosaur" brand. let me just mention right now that HEK blew off Dan's bday to come out to syracuse because she forgot what day it was. she had no idea that the favorite dinosaur sauce originated right here in this very same barbeque joint. happy birthday dan.

    there is a mechanical bull now in the bar called daisy dukes. i was hoping someone would ride it, but from dinner it was pretty evident that we were all tired from our canoeing/beaching expedition. however as soon as the country music floated into HEK's ears she was a changed girl, she almost sprinted for the bull and hopped on before the woman could even ask her to sign the waiver. while she didn't fall off, it was still great to see a familiar face up on the bull.. since we are all old now we ended our evening right before HEK turned into a pumpkin.

    sunday was our peek into the sunday ritual set forth by b*ll and the beers'. we enjoyed a hella cheap and tasty breakfast at stellas diner. when the girls and left after brunch the real fun began which was attending the moving party thrown by b*ll. it was a great time, the only recommendation i will make is that next time he moves, he moves to a first floor place.

    i finally got around to uploading some pics.

    see pics from the monks wedding here.

    see hek riding the bull, the beautiful lake ontario beach, and some more pics of b*lls new dewling here.

    Friday, August 11, 2006

    some interesting things lately..

    i've been experiencing some strange stuff lately, i have to wonder if its because of the full moon...

    wednesday was trivia at clark's, and when my roommates and i were getting ready to go i became really dizzy, other worldy dizzy. the last time i remember being that dizzy was back in like 2nd grade when i was at christy banke's parents apt in carriage house.. anyway.. the night got stranger.. first of all there was a woman who i remember from trivia nights past that does not shut up, she makes my blood boil, she is a loud talking captain of the softball team. grrrr. i'm moving next time she is there the same time as me. then about halfway through the night a bunch of guys in kilts showed up and started playing their bagpipes. i'll update with pics of this later...

    thursday magoo emailed me to ask why his digital camera was broken... apparently fatty had batted it off the buffet and broke the battery door. i saw the battery in the tv room, and magoo found the door in the living room and the actual camera in the front room. she was playing soccer with it apparently. good lord.

    this morning cath and came across a woman at the gym feeding a kitten smaller than the size of her palm with a tiny bottle and she told us that they had found the kitten in the garbage at the Y. wtf is wrong with people. now that is a "throw-away" cat if i've ever seen one! it had similar colorings to marcie, but it wasn't persian. that would have been like throwing away a lottery ticket!!

    well. hek and lk should be beginning their drive out here soon. i am estimating that i will be able to drink a whole bottle of wine waiting for everyone to arrive. just thinking about waiting reminds me of when we used to wait for our aunts and uncles to arrive from the airport and we'd sit on the porch with nanny and count all the cars that went by while papa watched his "home box" or stock ticker in peace in the backroom. that part of the backroom is now my office. woooo who, only i don't hide wild turkey on my shelfs.

    Wednesday, August 09, 2006

    no need to stress..

    this weekend, weather permitting, we are going to this secluded white sand beach on a cute little lake next to southwick beach. its called 'lakeview'. the coolest part about this beach is that you can't just drive up in your earth destroyer and drag out your cooler, you have to boat over to the beach, as you can imagine this cuts down on the riff raff and makes for an adventure within an adventure..

    apparently this is causing LK a great bit of stress, i can hear her back cramping up and her bowels shifting from here. so i have put together this extremely precise drawing to quell those nerves.

    as you can see, we have 7 people and 3 vessels. unfortunately not everyone is going to be able to paddle. lk and hek being the guests are going to have to take a ride. as you can also see by the diagram, the trip is less than a quarter of a mile in total. that is such a short distance that even the paddlers won't get tired.

    so see LK, no need to stress...

    Tuesday, August 08, 2006

    beer club august

    so tonight was my second beer club meeting. peg was supposed to meet me there but i didn't see her. tsk tsk... and no phone call. :)

    i was forced to meet new people. not on my own accord though, a group of guys (cause its all guys) that come from norwich offered me a seat at their table. they were nice...the best part though was "ruby begonia-guy" was there. i saw him down by the bar after the meeting and talked to him cause i had a few beers in me at that point. he remembered me, and he also remembered my friend he called the "pissed off looking whore". omg. i had totally forgotten that. i told him she was visiting this weekend so he'd better lay low. :) hahaha. he actually apologized.

    in any case, the brewclub meeting was fun. i think i am definitely going to go to the sept 16th saranac brewery tour and ommefest. mail me a check for $35 if you want to join me.

    tonights brewing topic was specialty grains, there was a handout and the guy passed around grains (malt) for everyone to taste, smell and learn about. i realized i LOVE the taste of malt, the lighter malts especially. i could totally pick out the taste of malt in a beer now. :)

    alright, i gotta hit the hay. good luck these next couple of days b*ll, you'll be fine and better than new on friday.

    Monday, August 07, 2006

    the dog whisperer...

    has anyone heard of this guy? his name is cesar millan. it's no secret that i am not a big fan of dogs. my roommates have been talking about this guy/show for weeks, and of course they have numerous episodes on tape. so since dinner we have been watching non stop dog whisperer. i am pretty much in awe of cesar millan. he can control and correct any type of bad dog behavior. i am so psyched to be around all the insane dogs this weekend so that i can try out some of these dog training techniques. it is seemingly very simple, you just need to be the dogs pack leader.

    SSRI's and messing with my body chemistry

    anyone that knows me well knows that i am a HUGE fan of anti-depressants. i went through a period of time where i was unknowingly depressed. well. unknowingly to me. i was prescribed an SSRI (selective seratonin reuptake inhibitor) and have never looked back. there really is no need to suffer or "walk off" depression or anything that can be treated. its unnecessary, and when i realized what i was missing all those years, i kick myself for being so ignorant about them, and not helping myself out sooner. not only was i able to sleep through the night, but i was able to drive around tear free, i stopped being anxious about going home... but the best cure to a symptom i didn't even know i had is that i seem to have a longer "buffer zone" if you will, in regards to stressful situations. for example, in the past when things started to "snowball" and hit the fan, it would affect me pretty badly. i would get into a cyclical pattern of worrying and become obsessed with it, and eventually it would become too much and i would panic and melt down. in the 3+ years i have been taking the SSRI i can safely say there has only been one incident of panic, and i know there were many an instance where i should have melted down, but didn't. i've learned that the unknown affliction has a name, anxiety...

    i've been reading lately about a withdrawl like syndrome that people go through if they quit taking their SSRI's cold turkey. mine is at the top of the list as far as side effects. i've also been reading all about anti-D's you can't be on when you are trying to get pregnant (i'm not trying, don't worry) and i've also been pretty preoccupied lately with fertility and the seemingly difficult process it is to get pregnant these days. so... with my head filling up with all that kind of stuff i started thinking about my love affair with paxil and wondered about the side effects, etc. this is what i am remembering about the last 4 years. 1. i've been very even emotion-wise. 2. i've been able to take a step back and see a situation before i am compelled to react. 3. i have gained 40lbs. 4. i have digestive problems.

    i am thinking that as soon as my insurance kicks in (8 days, yeah!) i am going to pick a doctor and then see about weening myself off of the SSRI that i love so much. and if i find myself crying in my car on the way to work or let little things eat away at me again, then i will need to go back on just an anti-anxiety medication. also this week i didn't make it to the pharmacy in time to start my latest set of BC pills, so maybe i'll go off of those too. i'm going to shock the hell out of my body and see what happens. :) fasten your seatbelts, i think we're in for a bumpy ride.

    Sunday, August 06, 2006

    wildlife here at the estate

    i got a couple pics of the wildlife i can see here from my office.

    the woodchuck... i believe this is the mother or father one, its pretty huge.

    here is the hummingbird. i think it's the female brown one because the green male one is even smaller.

    hummingbirds and inventing the abbotts

    i got a chance to work on my base yesterday at shan's pool. it was a heavenly day for lounging by the pool. i think the 50 spf banana sunscreen i bought really worked. i don't appear to have gotten any sunrash (fingers crossed).

    a bunch of us went out and hit the town last night. i didn't realize that one of the bars in armory square has a mechanical bull. (bring your cowboy boots LK and HEK). there was some sort of lesbian group there last night. there was a couple of women that got up and rode the horse together, facing each other, it was pretty gross. but the bull was a pretty main attraction at this place. it was only $2 a ride. :)

    as i sit here in my office there is a hummingbird that keeps frequenting the h-bird feeder on the window. i'm gonna try to get a picture, it's so cute and tiny. i just saw a woodchuck eating at the tomato plants. dad shot at it, but missed. that garden must be full of pellets by now, god knows the woodchucks aren't.

    this tuesday is beer club, i am joining this week. wooo who!

    i am watching inventing the abbotts. it's mostly joaquin phoenix and liv tyler, i like it alot. it's one of those stories that makes your heartache.

    i have work to do today and i am procrastinating by watching tv. tsk tsk.

    oh, i couldn't resist taking this one pic of fatty the other day. she is always laying on her back, and the other morning she lifted her left hind leg as if to wave goodbye. she's so weird.

    Wednesday, August 02, 2006

    dived or dove?

    i saw miami vice. what the critics have been saying was pretty dead on. the cinematography was pretty spectacular, but the characters needed some help. i didn't like colin farrells accent/voice. it was too low and gruff, it was not natural. i HATED pretty much everything about the asian girl. she had so little expression in her face and she didn't talk much, so it was really difficult to figure out what was going when she did speak, it was horribly broken english, but sometimes she spoke spanish. it was just bad.. jamie fox's character seemed like he was in a daze the whole movie. the two characters i did like were the spanish druglord from miami, and 'mel gibson', leader of the aryan nation.

    the movie was kinda long too, so there was little traffic when we got out, which makes driving on my new favorite road all that much better. syracuse's 690 is so much better than storrow drive. it's so race track like that it just might be my final resting place one of these days. my self fulfilling prophecy of dying in a car accident might be realized.

    here is a pic to give you out of towners an idea of this race track of which i speak.

    before the movie there were quite a few previews that i might have to go see.

    the new clive owen movie, for sure, i wonder if he can't do an american accent, cause i don't recall a movie he is in where he speaks without his british accent... i think this one is called, the children of men, or something like that.

    there is one with the 'transporter' it looks like every other movie he is in, but he has a sexy accent too.

    then...... dun dun dun... borat goes to the US and A. a whole movie based on one of ali g's characters. how ironic...

    hey good english speaking friends.... is the past tense of dive, dived? my ears tell me that sounds wrong and it should be dove, but i've seen dived all over the place lately and how can all those people be wrong?

    i just got the notification that b*ll blogged about MV, damn, he beat me!!

    holy moly...

    i know its cruel, but i can't help but smile a little.

    there is this story on cnn right now about rabies and china..

    SHANGHAI, China (AP) -- A county in southwestern China has killed as many as 50,000 dogs in a government-ordered campaign following the deaths of three local people from rabies, official media reported on Tuesday.

    The five-day massacre in Yunnan province's Mouding county spared only military guard dogs and police canine units, the Shanghai Daily reported, citing local media.

    Dogs being walked were taken from their owners and beaten to death on the spot, it said. Other killing teams entered villages at night creating noise to get dogs barking, then homing in on their prey.

    About 360 of the county's 200,000 residents suffered dog bites this year, with three reported deaths, including a 4-year-old girl, the report said.

    "With the aim to keep this horrible disease from people, we decided to kill the dogs," Li Haibo, a spokesman for the county government was quoted as saying by the official Xinhua News Agency.

    Calls to county government offices rang unanswered on Tuesday.

    China has suffered a major rise in the number of rabies cases in recent years, with 2,651 reported deaths from the disease in 2004, the last year for which data was available, according to the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention.

    Experts have tied the rise in cases in part to a major increase in dog ownership, particularly in rural areas where about 70 percent of households keep dogs. However, rates of rabies vaccination remain extremely low at only about 3 percent, according to the center.

    so.. be warned dog owners and lovers, don't move to china.

    in other news. i have decided to forgo trivia tonight cause it's prob not a good idea to be called into work and be all drunk.. i'm seeing miami vice instead.

    Tuesday, August 01, 2006

    check out "da ali g show" on HBO demand

    temperatures are soaring here, as they are all over the US i would imagine. i can't help but think the crazy heat, the bizzaro flooding, the tsunami and the warm winters isn't a result of global warming. the weather people here i've talked to say its not, but come on! we've all seen 'the day after tomorrow'.... i have a feeling that even weirder weather is going to start happening... maybe its worth looking into moving away from a coast (or shore, whatever you want to call it).

    on the recommendation of at least one friend cath and i watched a couple of episodes of Ali G on demand. omg. this guy has three characters he plays, 'ali g', an english gangsta, 'borat' from kazakhstan, and 'bruno' a fashion reporter from austria. omg, its so funny, if you have HBO on Demand totally check it out, you can see all 6 episodes of the 1st season. you will laugh, guaranteed.

    in other news i contacted someone from craigslist about showing some of my artwork in a "wellness center" for a month. she wants to see more of it, we'll see what pans out. also.. the latest piece of mailart reached its recipient, so i've posted the pictures of it to the art blog.

    perhaps tonight i will work on the next piece.