Tuesday, May 31, 2005

getting my ducks in a row

i am finally feeling somewhat settled in. i had a bunch of time yesterday, and i am not really doing anything tonight, yeah!

for the longest time i couldn't send mail from home. and i wrote to my isp and they said rcn blocks port 25 and they gave me a new smtp server to use and voila! it works now.. so i caught up on some emails tonight.

i also emailed daewoo to see where i can take my tv and get a new one, or get the picture fixed.

wooo who.

we had a taco night this weekend. it was so simple and easy. this place is much more friendly for things like that. we have enough fixings for 3 more taco nights.

this weekend i am volunteering to help out with the harpoon 5 miler. jen and i are going to be working the registration table. then we get free admission to the harpoonfest. woot.

tomorrow night i am going to see born into brothels with jon. i am meeting him there. i might even make him take the bus back home. :) hahahaha.

i sent out a bunch of pics of the new place and my weekend in portville, let me know if you haven't received them, and want to and i'll send them to you.

i also watched all 3 of my netflix movies this past weekend. i had had hell boy since march. :) he heee

i was just watching the britney spears show. so sucky.

Monday, May 30, 2005

comcast account.

i have failed to mention the best thing...

i asked is any o my former roommates would take over the cable bill. matt stepped up and said he would. so i contacted the cable company and the guy on the phone said he would send me the paper to fill out to send in. both matt and i needed to fill it out... this was a thursday, i figured that since comcast is a local company that i would get the paper by saturday, the last day i had planned to go to brackett st. well, it didn't come, the next week i emailed matt to see if it came, it didn't. he gave me attitude saying that i would be the first to know if it came. so 12 days later i call the cable company and they say, "well some times it takes some time to get there." right.... so they email me one.

i contact matt to see when he'll be around. i want to get this over with, the bill is 125 a month. and the future of matt and chris's tenancy is unsure... i am nervous about this trade.. plus since we've waited so long, i am sure the next bill is going to come to me and i will have to hunt the old roommates down for the money.

its wednesday, i ask matt if he will be around that night because i am stopping by after work.. he has band practice.. so i offer to stop by friday on my day off at 845 am so that he can fill it out and i'll drop it off. this was his response:

"I'm not going to be there Friday morning. I have a job you know. I can fax it from here too so no worries. "

he has never once in the 10 months i lived with him left for work before 9. he's usually not even done smoking his first cigarette before then.

so i agree to drop the form off if he'll fax me a copy of it so that worst case i can fax it to comcast myself.

so thursday morning comes, i email him the fax numbers at 1015.

1pm, no response, so i write him,

"hey matt, have you faxed this yet? rebecca"

315pm, no response. another email from me..

"matt, what is going on with this? rebecca"

540, he responds:

"I faxed it. Now for the love of god will you please fuck off?"

6pm, i have to call. i'm so pissed.

- hi matt, this is rebecca, i just checked our fax machine and i didn't see the fax...

- that's because i didn't fax it.

- why not?

- i'm not going to fax it to you, i took care of it.

- uhm, matt, i really want a copy of the paper to ensure that you did this, the bill is in my name --

- not anymore it's not...

- matt, why is it so hard for you to fax me that paper?

- you want me to fax it to you? fine, i'll do it right now, is you fax number? xxx-xxx-xxxx? fine i'm doing it right now.

- okay thank you, bye.

so at 630 i still have not received the fax. 4th email..

"matt, as far as i'm concerned, if i don't receive the fax from you today i'm going to assume it hasn't been done and i will have the cable shut off and i will return the boxes and cable modem and as they are my responsibility. - rebecca"

his response...

"I figured youÂ’d try to pull a dumbass move like that. But itÂ’s too bad. You canÂ’t have it shut off because IÂ’ve already called to confirm and there is a note on the account to NOT shut off the cable if you DO call. If you go to the apartment to take the boxes and modem, I will file a theft report with the police. Your name is NOT on the account. The paperwork has been filed. You do NOT live there anymore. Got it? "

so friday morning on my way to the airport to pick up the girls i call comcast. i'm the name on the account, if the fax was received, it would be changed they tell me.

over breakfast i re-tell the story to alecia and missy. they say, you need to get those boxes, we'll go with you.

so i call LK again to make sure matt didn't fax the paper. he didn't. i call comcast again to make sure that i am within my rights and that the account hasn't been changed. i am still the only name on the account, and the woman tells me that it could take up to two billing cycles before the name change actually takes place.

so the three of us go over to brackett st. we can't locate the 2nd box. i turn in what i have and the women tells me that if i don't turn in the box by june 1st i will owe them $175. time to call chris.. i get his number from carly and he tells me he has the box. i arrange to meet him in somerville. when i get the box from him he tells me that matt had told him that he was "fucking with me", and mentioned to chris that i might be by to take the boxes and not to let me.

i'll let you know if i hear from matt on tuesday. he can't contact me over the weekend because he doesn't have internet. :)

Saturday, May 28, 2005


hey there..

i just went to rockport with missy and alecia. we walked all over the palce there and went out on these rocks. it was pretty. the yankees are losing to the red so right now 14-0. hahahhaha. dan and hope are at that game, what a good game to see. esp after their loss last night.

i am pretty tired. maybe i'll take a nap before we go to fanuiel hall tonight. but i am getting pretty hungry. we went to a psychic in rockport. missy had her tarot cards read and alecia and i had our palms read.

its so beautiful here. like 70 degrees. shiiiiit.

ruh row, the yankees are picking it up. bernie williams just had an RBI, and johnson just got a hit.

alright, i'll write more as the weekend goes on..

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

rain rain rain...

so its been raining now since sunday and there is no end in sight! not till tuesday. perfect timing for my friends to visit. we are thinking of inviting some people over for tacos and maybe games sunday night. let me know if you'd be interested. noone is not invited.

there is a pow wow on monday that i might go to with flora. that will be fun i think..

i just finally got the cable company to email me the form i need to change the cable at the last place over to MK. phew...

thursday is the U2 concert whoooopie! i'm kind of looking forward to that!

oh also. i added links to allisons blog to my blog list. check out her stuff.

coming together...

so the house is coming together. LK and i went to Home Depot tonight and bought out the dishwasher/faucet section, only to find that we didn't' need any of them, and the piece LK bought yesterday works just fine. but... now the dishwasher leaks all over the floor when we run it. not too bad, but enough. grrrrr.

but i got a shelf for the kitchen, and a spice rack for the cupboard and some groceries. i made my lunch already, so tomorrow i will just be able to shower and get dressed. whoo who.

jon is coming over tomorrow. good. its trash day on wed. he can help bring out the trash tomorrow after work. then i have a laundry list of things he can do/fix in my room. i might even have him put in my a/c.. hee hee.

i think wednesday i am going to have to scrub the bathroom tub. tomorrow or wednesday. it feels like sandpaper in there..

LK got strongly recommended to remove our companies name from her blog by someone we work with. hee hee.. i had 2 mentions of the company in here, but i removed those mentions tonight.

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

two fridays off in a row.

yay! i have this friday, and next friday off. yippee! i am going out to em's house this weekend for a graduation party, and next weekend some oswego friends are coming to visit..

i called abt my car and the guy said it is coming together, but its doubtful that it will be ready for me to pick up on friday. :(. oh well. i should have it back next week at least. yay!!!

if you haven't done so already you should read LK's blog entry abt the letter from the old landlords. :)

tonight jon is coming over and we're all gonna watch episode 2. episode 2 is my favorite.. i asked him to cut his hair and not shave, so today after work he is getting a haircut, and he said he didn't shave... hee hee.. :) i love when people do what i say.

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

episode 1...

so tonight starts the star wars marathon. a few months ago i watched episodes 4, 5 and 6 for the first time. and tonight is episode 1, tomorrow is episode 2 (my favorite episode thus far!) and thursday is episode 3, and princess leia buns for work. :) ** news flash, when i was looking up how to spell leia, i just saw that natalie portman shaved her head!!!!!**

i wish i could call in sick this week. i am starting to stress about the amt of settling in i am not going to be able to do because i am so busy all these nights after work, then syracuse this weekend. aaaaaahhhhh, i'll have to come back really early on sunday.

also, i need to contact my ins agency, and fantasia's because i hate the kia rio that they gave me. when i floor it i max out at 60 MPH. ick... and with my luck, its just a matter of time till i get in an accident with it.. :)

Monday, May 16, 2005

moved in!

yesterday LK and i and Katie made a final trip to brackett st to get all the odds and ends that were left. 2 carloads later, we are all moved in. and the house is coming together nicely. i am really loving the kitchen in the new place. its very cute. its got fake exposed brick behind the sink and the stove. we were able to use a corner shelf of luannes as a china cabinet/bar shelf. so exciting! i can't wait to bring all our garbage out to the curb tonight! i need a stud finder to find the dang studs in my walls so i can hang my tall skinny bookshelf on the wall. i might need to just buy one. :( if you know anyone that has one that i can borrow in the next day or so, please speak up...

it's been pretty cold lately.. i had to shut my window in the middle of the night last night cause my feet wouldn't get warm.

we are going to have to sew the velcro we got to the cushions on the couch to keep them from slipping off. that will be fun too!

when jon came over friday night to help me unpack and set up some stuff i asked him if he had ever used a screw gun. of course he hadn't. how can someone (a boy no less) be so not-handy? i feel like "tim the tool guy" in comparison to jon.. it's bizarre, and kind of a turn off. i had him put together luannes bed frame while i put away some books on my bookshelf, it took him about an hour. maybe more. it involved 7 bolts that needed to be fastened with nuts. 1+ hours! good god...

one really nice thing about the apt is when i come home and there is a parking spot right in front of the house i get soooo excited! and i can leave and go to the store, or brighton or something and come back, and it's still there... sooo nice!

i found all these dishes/pots and pans that i haven't used since middlesex ave, its so exciting to see them again, i had forgotten that i even had them!

oh that ian on survivor! what an Idiot! but he did win that corvette, even though corvettes are cheesy. :)

Thursday, May 12, 2005

bad things happen in threes right?

not fours or fives?

well, hopefully now that we've hit 3, we're in the clear. this first thing to happen was when wee were checking out the place with katie, we went to dinner and left luannes car on the street, well, none of us noticed the "fire lane" sign, so she got a $25 ticket. this past weekend we all know i got in a car accident on a run over to the house. now the grandmother of bad things... luanne backed the truck into a parked car tonight. that dented and scratched the immaculate trucks bumper, and scratched the RAV4's bumper as well. not to mention setting off the cars alarm and drawing the entire neighborhood to the street for our debut. of course the lady at 23 henderson wants my license and registration so she can put in a claim and i'll be charged my $300 deductible regardless of fault as they so clearly explained to me as i acknowledged that i didn't want their overpriced insurance because who gets into accidents with a rent a car? now i can just hope that my insurance goes up so that i can continue to pay for this for the next 6 years till it rolls off my record.

i am so looking forward to being done with all this moving tomorrow. i have so much putting away to do.

Sunday, May 08, 2005

so much accomplished.

so i made three trips over to the new place today. i wouldn't be surprised if patrick is suspicious. he walked out onto the porch at one point when katie and i were trying to jam my black chair into the backseat of my car. we finally made it fit. katie is one of the best movers ever! she's like hercules!!!

so i've moved so much of my stuff. i have mostly just big items left. too bad my car will be out of commision. mabe i'll get a rent a car.

fantasias here i come..

it has been WAYYYYY to long since i had to take my car to fantasias for body work, but as luck should have it, tomorrow is the day!

i was moving a car load of stuff over to the new place and ran to home depot, bought and set up a new shelf, giving myself just enough time to make it to harvard square to meet jon. well, in my effort to find a less traffic-y way to porter square, a woman hit me on central st. i might have rolled through the stop sign, and i'm pretty sure i didn't look for her. so this is the damage. mike fantasia will be so happy see me!

besides that little snafu, i have moved quite a bit of stuff over to the new place. and katie is on her way over tonight to help me move another carload. woo who!

i keep meaning to take pictures, but never remember.. i'll remind luanne tonight to take the pics off her camera.

i was fooling around with the settings on the blogger, and i can enter in email addresses to notify when i update my blog. drop me a line or a comment if you want this system to automatically notify you when i update my blog..

looking forward to being soooo sore tomorrow.

i love to pack...

ahhh, i love packing! tonight i packed all kids of crap. and i brought it down stairs to the "1st floor". tomorrow i will get up relatively early and bring it out to my car so i can bring it to the new house. awww yeah! then pivk up more boxes at the liquor store.

i am having lunch with jon tomorrow at 1230 in harvard square. we'll see if he pays.

i found my tv receipt today, so i can see if i can take it back to the daewoo store. woot!

Friday, May 06, 2005

big news!!!

i haven't written in a while... so the biggest news is that keeping or options open, luAnne and i looked at a couple 2 bedrooms in somerville and medford, both with rent 500 a month each or less.. the one in somerville was nice. 2 large bedrooms, spotlessly clean, big kitchen, decent sized living room. the landlord seemed really nice, the former tenants raved about the place, its on the 1st floor, front and back door and easier street parking. well, we were instantly taken by the place, its location, and the price. we filled out the landlords application and he said he'd get back to us in a day or two. he got back to us yesterday. we got it! we are signing the lease (june-june) tonight and giving him our last months rent as a deposit. sooo exciting! we are actually going to ask if we can move in earlier since the place is empty right now. it'll be easier to get a moving company not on the first too.

i can't wait to start packing!

yesterday was cinco de mayo. about 10 of us from work and friends decided to meet at a mexican restaurant in woburn after work. the line to talk to the hostess was insane. we decided to do tgi fridays instead. then a bunch of us went to jim's house. jims house is amazing. he's an artist, so you can just imagine the creativity that is behind all the furnishings. and they have a beiruit table in one of the rooms in the attic. jim and i lost to blair and katie.. :( katie and i didn't leave until 1am... then i had to drive home, and finding a parking spot took longer than it did to drive home. i ended up giving up and parking in the bus stop. but htat means i had to get up and move my car by 8am, or else get a $50 parking ticket. today is going to be a redbull kind of morning i think.

i didn't watch survivor, but i taped it, so dont' tell me who won...

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

bus stations are cleaner THAN this apt...

so i went to jon's house last night. he was cute. he had "already prepared the burgers". i asked him to make burgers with blue cheese inside them, he made some with blue cheese, and some with goat cheese. we had bag salad, and he had pudding cups. i brought wine, which i had to take back to the liquor store upon opening because the cork was wet, and the wine smelled and tasted like vinegar.

it took him about 10 minutes to find salt and pepper in the cupboard area...

while i was getting the tour of the house i saw that the toilet seat was up. ewww. then later on after i looked in the refrigerator and saw what looked like crumbly blue cheese but realized it was prob rice at one point, and saw that it prob has never been cleaned, EVER, i had to go to the bathroom.

you'd think they would keep the toilet seat DOWN to hide the CREATURES that are growing on the toilet rim. i'm not talking stains, these things were like little statues made out of poop or something. i really had to pee, otherwise, i think i might have tried to hold it. then, i went to wash my hands. the sink is COVERED in toothpaste. you'd think the water didn't work or the sink and knobs, and mirror were actually MADE of toohtpaste. pretty freaking gross.

i told him that i would rather pee on the front lawn in the future then use that bathroom again.. :) and i also asked him if he loses his appetite when he looks in the fridge..

i did look at some of his pictures from europe and washington dc, and the anime convention.

if we watch amazing race together next week, we're watching it at my house.

Monday, May 02, 2005

drama queen

so, luanne has decided that she absolutely cannot live with matt anymore.

and the three of us have spent probablly the last 6 months discussing what a bad roommate matt is, and how we wish he'd move out. but noone wants to stand up to matt and tell him that we can't stand living with him or ask him to leave. so its come down to us looking for a matt free environment. we found a place that is cheaper and still in brighton, and has easier parking. and if carly is interested there is room for her too. anyway, if we want this place, we can't drag our feet. so i am not about to leave this place without at least asking matt to move out. we were all here first... and him leaving would solve our problems.

so i took one for the team and wrote a letter detailing all the reasons we want him to move out. it was pretty truthful, not at all sugar coated.

well, matt's response was "HA!". then when i inquired as to if that meant he'd be out at the end of may, he replied. " sorry. don't think so."

so apparently he'd like to interview for 2 possibly 3 new roommates.

luanne IM'd me tonight to tell me that he got home around 10:30 and was yelling in the kitchen to carly about me. he was most furious about his cd being used as a coaster to a vase of flowers carly gave me for my bday. it wasn't my cd... it was carly's. and i guess he was yelling about my comments about their bathroom and their living room. luanne thinks i should fear for my life. but i'm not afraid of matt. let him yell. oh another thing luanne said he said was "she's on this power trip because she kicked craig out". i'm still baffled that he thinks i am the only one in the house that doesn't like him.

after yelling at carly for prob 20 minutes he stormed out of the house slamming the door. i'm sure i'll hear him come home.

now the next step is to tell patrick. i wonder if he'll have anything to say.. although i am not to confident he will be any help, he backed down straight away when matt said he wasn't moving out after the cat incident.

stay tuned.

Sunday, May 01, 2005

oh, i forgot..

i was going to write a regular post when i got so excited about the neighbor...

today was such a productive day. first i did my laundry, then i went to see some artists studios in somerville at their open studios. it made me want to rent a studio and start painting again. just be in an environment with other artists, smelling that paint smell, getting feedback and inspiration from your peers..... *sigh*..

then i met luanne and katie in harvard square. there was some sort of festival going on. luanne and katie both got sucked into buying some crap. hahahaha. i only bought kettle corn. soooo goood.

then after the harvard square thing luanne and i went to the grocery store. i bought some "buffalo chicken" lunch meat. i hope its good and doesn't have any clear stridations in it, or tendony looking things.

whilst at the store i bought microwavable wax. and i bought some gauze and cut it into strips. works like a charm. sooo exciting. i dont know why for so many years cathy waxed without the strips... insane. get some gauze cathy.

wow.....live sex show.

so its 11pm, i'm trying to finish up my weekly status report, and my phone rings. its luanne. she tells me that our neighbor (a very attractive black man.. think taye diggs) is naked in his bedroom and he's rubbing some lotion on himself. over and over if you catch my drift.

so i go downstairs, and all the lights are off, carly and luanne are in the dark and we can see the guy completely naked in his room on the phone and watching tv jerking off. he must have known we were there cause luanne and carly were first watching him with the lights on in our kitchen... it was so bizarrely fascinating.. i hope he does it again.

the funniest moment was when luanne was like, "this is what they do when we call them!!!!". hahahaha

i can't wait to see this guy on the street now.

$15. wooot!

so today was mikey-p's bday party. luanne and i got him a couple scratch tickets (the texas hold-em ones of course) and he won $100 on one of them. yippee!

i won 2nd place in the 2nd game of poker. $15. so fun. i love poker.

tim and fran were there and so was rosemary. rosemary is so nice. mikes mom is pretty nice too. actually i really like both his parents. tim left early cause he was tired. he didn't talk much. :)

so luanne and i looked at two places today. one in watertown that was really nice, but little farther away then we want to live. and the girl there is a recovering alcoholic. not that we have drinking problems, but we'd need to keep alll alcohol in our rooms..

the 2nd place was right down the street from the irish village. the wood floors are not nearly as nice as the ones were in the watertown house, but its 2 floors, 4 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, did i mention walking distance from the irish village? carly could move in too. there is a third bedroom available.

i just wanted to say that i just saw 50 cent on SNL. holy moly, i never realized how good looking he was.