Sunday, May 01, 2005 sex show.

so its 11pm, i'm trying to finish up my weekly status report, and my phone rings. its luanne. she tells me that our neighbor (a very attractive black man.. think taye diggs) is naked in his bedroom and he's rubbing some lotion on himself. over and over if you catch my drift.

so i go downstairs, and all the lights are off, carly and luanne are in the dark and we can see the guy completely naked in his room on the phone and watching tv jerking off. he must have known we were there cause luanne and carly were first watching him with the lights on in our kitchen... it was so bizarrely fascinating.. i hope he does it again.

the funniest moment was when luanne was like, "this is what they do when we call them!!!!". hahahaha

i can't wait to see this guy on the street now.