Thursday, May 12, 2005

bad things happen in threes right?

not fours or fives?

well, hopefully now that we've hit 3, we're in the clear. this first thing to happen was when wee were checking out the place with katie, we went to dinner and left luannes car on the street, well, none of us noticed the "fire lane" sign, so she got a $25 ticket. this past weekend we all know i got in a car accident on a run over to the house. now the grandmother of bad things... luanne backed the truck into a parked car tonight. that dented and scratched the immaculate trucks bumper, and scratched the RAV4's bumper as well. not to mention setting off the cars alarm and drawing the entire neighborhood to the street for our debut. of course the lady at 23 henderson wants my license and registration so she can put in a claim and i'll be charged my $300 deductible regardless of fault as they so clearly explained to me as i acknowledged that i didn't want their overpriced insurance because who gets into accidents with a rent a car? now i can just hope that my insurance goes up so that i can continue to pay for this for the next 6 years till it rolls off my record.

i am so looking forward to being done with all this moving tomorrow. i have so much putting away to do.