Sunday, May 08, 2005

fantasias here i come..

it has been WAYYYYY to long since i had to take my car to fantasias for body work, but as luck should have it, tomorrow is the day!

i was moving a car load of stuff over to the new place and ran to home depot, bought and set up a new shelf, giving myself just enough time to make it to harvard square to meet jon. well, in my effort to find a less traffic-y way to porter square, a woman hit me on central st. i might have rolled through the stop sign, and i'm pretty sure i didn't look for her. so this is the damage. mike fantasia will be so happy see me!

besides that little snafu, i have moved quite a bit of stuff over to the new place. and katie is on her way over tonight to help me move another carload. woo who!

i keep meaning to take pictures, but never remember.. i'll remind luanne tonight to take the pics off her camera.

i was fooling around with the settings on the blogger, and i can enter in email addresses to notify when i update my blog. drop me a line or a comment if you want this system to automatically notify you when i update my blog..

looking forward to being soooo sore tomorrow.