Monday, May 02, 2005

drama queen

so, luanne has decided that she absolutely cannot live with matt anymore.

and the three of us have spent probablly the last 6 months discussing what a bad roommate matt is, and how we wish he'd move out. but noone wants to stand up to matt and tell him that we can't stand living with him or ask him to leave. so its come down to us looking for a matt free environment. we found a place that is cheaper and still in brighton, and has easier parking. and if carly is interested there is room for her too. anyway, if we want this place, we can't drag our feet. so i am not about to leave this place without at least asking matt to move out. we were all here first... and him leaving would solve our problems.

so i took one for the team and wrote a letter detailing all the reasons we want him to move out. it was pretty truthful, not at all sugar coated.

well, matt's response was "HA!". then when i inquired as to if that meant he'd be out at the end of may, he replied. " sorry. don't think so."

so apparently he'd like to interview for 2 possibly 3 new roommates.

luanne IM'd me tonight to tell me that he got home around 10:30 and was yelling in the kitchen to carly about me. he was most furious about his cd being used as a coaster to a vase of flowers carly gave me for my bday. it wasn't my cd... it was carly's. and i guess he was yelling about my comments about their bathroom and their living room. luanne thinks i should fear for my life. but i'm not afraid of matt. let him yell. oh another thing luanne said he said was "she's on this power trip because she kicked craig out". i'm still baffled that he thinks i am the only one in the house that doesn't like him.

after yelling at carly for prob 20 minutes he stormed out of the house slamming the door. i'm sure i'll hear him come home.

now the next step is to tell patrick. i wonder if he'll have anything to say.. although i am not to confident he will be any help, he backed down straight away when matt said he wasn't moving out after the cat incident.

stay tuned.