Sunday, May 01, 2005

oh, i forgot..

i was going to write a regular post when i got so excited about the neighbor...

today was such a productive day. first i did my laundry, then i went to see some artists studios in somerville at their open studios. it made me want to rent a studio and start painting again. just be in an environment with other artists, smelling that paint smell, getting feedback and inspiration from your peers..... *sigh*..

then i met luanne and katie in harvard square. there was some sort of festival going on. luanne and katie both got sucked into buying some crap. hahahaha. i only bought kettle corn. soooo goood.

then after the harvard square thing luanne and i went to the grocery store. i bought some "buffalo chicken" lunch meat. i hope its good and doesn't have any clear stridations in it, or tendony looking things.

whilst at the store i bought microwavable wax. and i bought some gauze and cut it into strips. works like a charm. sooo exciting. i dont know why for so many years cathy waxed without the strips... insane. get some gauze cathy.